Tumblr Sister

by Lubrican

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Chapter Two

All movement stopped again. Voices died down. Phoenix said, "Really?" sounding surprised, and a smidgeon happier, so I thought I had eked out at least a partial victory.

"Absolutely," I said. "All your friends are ... um ... inspiring." Don't ask me why I chose that word.

Then things got weird again.

"But not me," said Phoenix.


"I'm not ... inspiring," she said. Her voice was flat.

In case any of you readers out there are males in your early teens ... this is the kind of thing waiting for you when you get involved with girls. They do not do what they are expected to do, or act like they are expected to act. And what they do do and how they do act, is incomprehensible to the average guy. And I'm fully aware that I'm not the expert. I'm just sayin'.

Not being stupid, I heard a clue that I had hurt my sister's feelings.

"Not at all," I said, naysaying her suggestion. The girls stiffened as one, though, and I realized they had interpreted what I'd said completely wrong. "You're not inspiring. You're smokin' hot," I said in a panic.

It was Frankie who put the last nail in my coffin. She had gotten hold of those prints I had made, and she walked up to me. She held up the one of Phoenix, right in front of my face.

"I've licked your sister's pussy," she said softly. "She's delicious, Tut."

"Frankie!" gasped at least three girls, one of whom was my sister.

Frankie stepped to one side, and I thought she'd just decided to fuck with me or something, but then I realized what she'd done.

My cock was hard again.

There is something that parents, school counselors, and just about every other adult tell kids. They usually say something like this: "Just tell the truth. It always works out better if you just tell the truth." And kids, of course, know better, because if you tell the truth, it usually gets you in big trouble.

The operative word there is "usually."

I was in a world of hurt, socially speaking. I had (probably) offended everyone. I was on everybody's shit list. My lust for my own sister had just been exposed. What had started out to be a fairly normal night had somehow gotten all fucked up. And trying to extricate myself from the fucked-upedness of it all hadn't worked out. If anything it had made things worse.

So, as a last resort, I told the truth.

"Yes," I said, trying to make my voice sound confident. "I have a great appreciation for my sister's beauty. Part of me looks at her as any male would look at any female." I glanced at each of them in turn. "As any male might look at each of you. And all of you have qualities that appeal to me. I think all of you are pretty hot, for that matter. And yes, when I saw your pictures on that site, I saved them because I intended to look at them in the future." I looked at Phee. "Including yours. I'm not proud of it, but I admit it. I'll delete all the pictures. I won't go looking for more. I'm sorry that I disappointed you ... all of you. I know there never would have been anything between any of us, but I'm sorry I lost your respect."

"You never had our respect!" Frankie's voice was higher than usual and she actually giggled, which didn't go with her words at all. Danni, who was standing right next to her, elbowed her so hard that she had to take a step sideways to recover. Frankie's face suddenly got very red and she turned away from me.

"Go on," said Danni.

Go on? What else was there to say? I had said my piece ... bared my inner thoughts.

"That's it," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"So you're hot for all of us," said Danni.

I decided they weren't finished punishing me yet. I also decided to let them finish, so I could get on with what was left of my miserable life. It turned out to be a pivotal decision in my ... miserable life.

"Yeah," I said. "I guess so."

Danni looked at Phee, who had another strange, incomprehensible look on her face.

"See? I told you so."

I was lost again. My sister had come to me and taken my hand. She pulled me to her bed and pushed me until I sat on it. The girls lined up facing me ... between me and the bathroom door.

"Would somebody please tell me what's going on?" I asked, finally realizing something a lot of men never learn at all: Women sometimes have the answer that a man just can't find.

"I need to ask you some questions," said Phee. "Will you answer them?"

I blinked. It was a very simple question. But the way she asked it made my teenaged male radar light up like crazy. There was danger here.

"Maybe," I said.

She considered that. I mean she actually thought about my answer. It was weird.

"Will you promise that whatever we talk about right now will be a secret ... between just us?"

"What does that mean?" I asked. "You act like we're talking about national security." I tried a grin. Things were entirely too heavy at the moment.

"What that means is I want you to promise you'll never tease us about it ... never tell anybody else what was said. You could hurt us."

"Don't be silly," I scoffed. And I really scoffed, because the idea of hurting any of them was ridiculous. But, just in case they didn't know that, I told them. "I'd never hurt any of you. That's just ridiculous."

"What if we embarrassed you?"

This had gone from something bizarre and incomprehensible to something I thought I might actually be able to understand. I could tell people about the pictures. I could show people where to find them. If they embarrassed me ... whatever that meant ... I might embarrass them. What could be more embarrassing than having other people seeing those pictures?

"I'd find some other way to get even," I said. "I promise I will never, ever tell anybody about the pictures."

"I'm not talking about the pictures!" she snapped.

I blinked again while I thought. "Okay," I said, trying to make it sound like I understood.

"Just promise me!" she insisted.

Now that voice I knew. It was the voice of a juvenile conspirator. We had done lots of things together that could have gotten us in trouble, but that voice said the trouble wasn't intended to catch me up in it. We had sworn oaths to each other in the past. They were silly oaths, but we took them seriously.

"Okay!" I said. "But don't make me sorry I promised."

She relaxed. That made me feel better. I still didn't know what was going on, but she was acting more normal.

She delayed a long time before speaking again. Finally, Denise poked her and she looked at me.

"What would you say if we ... us girls ... wanted to ask you some questions ... questions about ... um ... guys."

"Questions about guys," I repeated, wondering what she was talking about. I knew girls had arcane secrets they passed on only to those with two X chromosomes. These were the homogametic secrets that males could not know, lest the universe dissolve. But guys didn't have that kind of knowledge, so I didn't know what she meant.

"Yes," she said. "Stuff guys won't usually talk about."

"Like what?" I asked.

I guess Danni thought I was being coy or something, because she stepped up beside Phee.

"Like how a guy jerks off. Would you talk about that?"

Phee pushed her aside with a hiss that sounded something like "You impatient slut!" but it might have been "Don't act like a duck!" I went for the duck thing, even though it didn't make any sense. The concept of Danni being a slut just didn't compute.

It was very quiet. I later found out Phee was trying to think of something to say, but I thought they were waiting for an answer.

"What good would it do for me to tell you that?" I asked. "You don't have the right equipment to do that with."

It was quiet again, and Beth said something under her breath that sounded a lot like "What a dumb fuck," but might have been "We're in luck!"

"It's possible," said Frankie, "that we might have a need to do that to a guy some time in the future. Not that I am all that eager to try it, but some day I might need to know how that works. Right?"

"Oh!" I said, genuinely surprised. No girl had ever offered to do that for me, and I'd never even think of asking one to. That could lead to being grounded for life.

"There are things boys don't like to talk about to girls," said Phee. "We don't understand why. We were hoping you'd be willing to talk about them with us. That's why we came to your room tonight ... to ask you."

I thought about that. It wasn't threatening at all, save for the fact that I might not know half the answers they were looking for, myself. Phee and I had both led a fairly sheltered youth. At least I had. Looking at those pictures, I realized Phee had done a heck of a lot more experimenting than I had. And I was the big brother!

At last, I began connecting some dots. Bits and pieces of what had already happened that night started popping into my head. It started with some of the things Danni had said.

She had said I would have seen the pictures sooner or later.

She had said she waited in the bathroom for a long time before I "barged in on her."

She had been insistent in asking me why I had an erection ... or who I had an erection because of.

When I said it was all of them ... not one squealed in horror.

Not even my sister.

Danni had said, "See? I told you so!" as if they had discussed this very concept before.

And now they wanted to ask me intimate questions ... apparently about relationships between boys and girls.

The not stupid part of me tried to convince the rest of me that there was the potential for terrible things to happen if I said yes. I could say the wrong thing. It could be revealed that I was as uninformed as they claimed to be. And maybe I was! That part of me whispered, "Say no right now, and get back to your room!"

But there was another part of me that said, "Did she say you'd have seen those pictures anyway? What else might you get to see? What kind of questions? Will there be hands-on instruction?" There could be happy things in all this ... somehow. Just the idea of them being willing to show me pictures of themselves naked sent a shot of stiff to my groin. I'd be an idiot not to offer them whatever they wanted, on the chance that I might get something kind of fun in return. Right?

Then the half-grown part of my prefrontal cortex that had started to work out rational thought put in its two cents worth.

It would probably be imprudent to act too eager. I'd already tried that on dates, and that tack didn't work for shit. It was supposed to convince a girl you thought she was unbelievably hot and that was why you couldn't control your desires. All it ever got me was slugged. Plus those girls never went out with you again.

"It's possible I don't have all the answers," I said.

"Awwww," said Beth. "He's got humility!"

I wasn't sure whether she was serious or making fun of me.

"You guys have to promise you won't use any of this to embarrass me either," I said firmly.

"Deal!" said Danni. The other girls looked at her like she had just kicked a puppy. She was looking at me, though, and didn't notice.

"Just like that?" Frankie sounded troubled.

"I told you he'd do it," said Danni.

It had gotten quiet again. I stood up, and somehow the girls all ended up huddled together on Phee's bed. It was like nobody knew where to start. And I didn't know what to say, so I stood there, looking at them.

"You've seen us naked," Danni finally ventured.

That seemed obvious, so I just nodded.

"So we should get to see you naked."

I took a deep breath. What the heck was that all about? Since when did girls want to see guys naked? I'd never heard of that one before.

"I mean it only seems fair," said Danni.

"I thought you just wanted to ask questions," I said.

"So the first question is: What do you look like naked?"

Instead of saying, "Who put you in charge?!" I decided to go with something that might get me out of it.

"So who else wants to see me naked besides Danni?" I figured that would solve that problem, because there was no way the others would vote for that.

Frankie, of all people, raised her hand first. When Beth saw that her hand shot up, too. Denise was right with her. Danni raised both of her hands.

"You already voted," I said, giving her a sour look. "And you sure don't get two votes."

"I had to vote for Phee because she's too chicken to put her own hand up," said Danni, smoothly.

"I am not!" yipped my sister. "I just don't want to see him ... that way."

"Yes you do," said Danni, again smoothly. She looked at me. "We voted. Strip, Tut."

This wasn't working out like I had thought it would. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of undeniable thrill that goes along with four hot girls all agreeing they want to see you naked. On the third hand ... there was that pesky boner that would, no doubt, screw things up royally. No pun intended.

"You might not like what you see," I suggested.

"You're not the buffest guy in the world," said Denise, "but you're not ugly either."

"He's talking about his manhood," said Danni. "He's still hard. Or hard again. Thutmose has an eee-rec-shun, ladies, and it's all for us." She grinned. She was having a good time, and that was the hardest part of all for me to understand. I trusted her, which meant I didn't believe this was all some charade to get me into a compromising position, whereupon they would yell "Surprise!" and invite the neighbors in to join the fun. I think it was instinct that made me realize she was covering for being nervous ... maybe even a little scared.

"It's not all for you," I said. "It's because of all of you."

My sister licked her lips, but she didn't scold me.

So I reached for the waistband of my shorts and bent over while I shoved them to my ankles. I stepped out of them as I stood up. I could feel the heat suffuse my face as I blushed. I was nervous, but not worried, exactly. My penis was as long and straight as I'd ever seen it, pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle, and I doubted they'd seen all that many they could compare it to.

Beth confirmed that, as she sighed. "Knowing about it is one thing," she said softly. "Actually seeing it is another."

"Are you ... normal?" That was Frankie.

"As far as I know," I answered. "It's frowned upon to stare at the other guys in the showers after gym, so I don't actually know for sure."

"It looks like it hurts," said Denise. "Does it?"

"Nope," I said. I was amazed that this wasn't really all that bad.

"Can I feel it?" asked Beth.

"No, you can not feel it!" snapped my sister.

"Why not?" complained Beth. "I distinctly remember everyone agreeing they wished they could feel one."

"That was in theory," said Phee. "And we didn't all agree we wanted to feel Tut's!"

"I do," said Denise.

"Me too," said Danni, her voice barely a whisper.

"Not me," said Frankie. "I'm with Phee on this one, regardless of what I might have said at a previous sleepover."

"Just ask him how he does it, and get this over with!" growled my sister. "This is a stupid idea!"

"No it's not," said Beth. "You don't have to touch it. Neither does Frankie."

All this banter actually made me feel calmer. They were arguing, which meant they were not a united front. For some reason that gave me a feeling that I still had some power.

"Ahem," I said, theatrically. "Shouldn't someone ask the model if he cares if people grope him?"

"You've got a boner because of us," said Danni. "And you probably have pathetic dreams that we touch you."

I stared at her, suddenly angry. I bent over, retrieved my shorts and stepped into them, pulling them up. "You're not always right," I said.

"Now see what you did?!" accused Beth, pushing at Danni. "You always have to try to be on top, and I know why, Danni. It's because you're scared of him!"

"You're insane," snorted Danni. "He's just a boy, like all the others. He probably wants what all the others want too. That's a very short jump to an obvious conclusion."

"You're scared," insisted Beth. "You're scared because you like him, and you know you'd be helpless if he tried to do you!"

I thought I was going to get to see a cat fight, but Phee interrupted them loudly.

"Shut up, you two. You're both acting like sluts." She turned to me. "Tut, please take your shorts off and show us how a guy jerks off. Then you can go to bed."

You could have heard a pin drop, and all the girls looked like statues. Surprised statues.

I thought about it. I could drop my shorts. And I could flog my log. And despite the fact that I had never masturbated in front of anybody before, I already knew there was no way I was going to be able to cum with five girls, including my sister, watching me. Of course they might not know the difference. I could just fake it and get the heck out. And it was getting awfully weird.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Phee looked down.

"Are you all sure?"

There was a very soft chorus of assenting-like sounds. I wanted to make sure nobody would scream or get all goofy.

"Does anybody object? Because if anybody objects, I won't do it."

They all just looked at me. Well, all of them except Phee, who was still looking down. What I could see of her face looked pretty pink.

So I shoved my shorts back down and started stroking my rod.

I was right. There wasn't anything very sexy about jerking off in front of five girls, especially when you're supposed to deliver a lecture on what you're doing while you do it. On the other hand, I'm an expert at beating off and, believe it or not, sometimes guys do compare notes about things like that. So I knew the differences between what I did, being uncircumcised, and what guys do who have been cut.

So I told them about that, and said that as long as the guy has all his parts, it's easy, because the foreskin does the actual work of stimulating the head. I admit I got a little bit carried away when I said that one way to get lubrication for the hand to deal with the other kind of penis was to get it wet ... with saliva. There were a bunch of gasps at that point, and Frankie plainly stated, "No fucking way in hell!"

But I was right about not being able to cum. So after stroking it for maybe three minutes, I decided trying to fake it was probably a stupid idea, so I just stopped and said, "That's about it."

"No it's not," said Danni, almost instantly. "You didn't squirt."

"I can't squirt right now," I said.

"Why not?"

"Because this isn't the right atmosphere in which to do that," I said, hoping they'd just take my word for it.

"Wait!" said Beth. "Guys look at pictures of naked women when they do it ... don't they."

"I guess some do," I said. "But if they're doing that, then they don't need your help, now do they?"

"Like the pictures you found tonight," insisted Beth. "Of us."

I wasn't about to dig myself into that hole. But their ... thirst for knowledge ... had not been quenched.

"Would you, or would you not have looked at those pictures while you jerked off, at some future point in time?" That was Danni again. I was beginning to think she didn't actually like me.

"Yes," I admitted dully. There was no avoiding it.

"Why?" asked Beth. "Why do guys look at pictures of naked women when they do that?"

Danni snorted. "Because they fantasize they're doing it with them, of course."

"Really?" That was Phee. "Is that true, Tut? Do you fantasize about having sex when you ... jerk off?"

I was really in trouble here, and I did not want to have to apologize to my sister again for being the pervert I so clearly was. But I got an idea.

"Guys are human, just like girls. I suspect that what I think about when I ... um, do that ... is the same kind of thing you guys think about when you ... do that."

It was fascinating to see them all go still. There wasn't a pink face among them at first. They all looked so pale they looked ill. But then their faces got bright red and I knew I'd hit a nerve. I also knew I was out of the woods, at least for a few minutes.

"See why it's not the best ... um ... atmosphere for me to try to, uh, squirt?" I hoped that would close the door on this weird and somewhat disastrous evening.

But feminine curiosity is strong, and I was not to be let off that quickly.

"We could give him the pictures back," whispered Beth.

"You've got to be shitting me," I groaned.

"Not my picture!" yipped Frankie. "I don't want him thinking stuff like that about me while he does that!"

"I guess it would be a little weird," Beth said, backpedaling.

Phee just covered her eyes. That left Denise and Danni, but it didn't really matter, because any pictures they were in, had the others in them too.

"Look," I said. "If and when you need to do it, the atmosphere will be there. You'll be with a guy you like, and he'll like you too." I remembered Ricky Simpson complaining that when his girlfriend jerked him off, he got too excited and it was over too fast. I tried to communicate that. "In a situation like that you won't have to worry if he'll spurt. He won't be able to stop himself. He'll spurt like crazy."

I guess it sounded like I was speaking from experience.

"Has a girl ever done it for you?" asked Danni. Her voice had an edge to it, suddenly.

"No," I admitted. "But from what I'm told, if a girl ever did, she'd be successful." I was pretty sure we were finished, so I got a little cocky. "Any volunteers to find out if I'm right?"

I bent over and picked up my shorts again. I didn't put them on. I was just going to go back to my room and finish what I'd started here. The atmosphere over there would be just fine, especially since the tumblr site was probably still open. I doubted Phee had closed it after she finished examining it.

Danni had been sitting between Phee and Beth on the edge of the bed. She stood up and approached me. She was wearing flannel pajamas. They all were. It was the official sleepover uniform. She came closer to me than I would have believed, her eyes level with mine.

"Is that true? No girl has ever touched you?" Her eyes were intense.

"I guess so," I said. I swallowed.

"You guess so?" I sensed storm clouds gathering.

"Okay, no. I admit it. I'm a virgin, okay?"

She seemed to think about that, and then she said "We want to see it spurt. I guess maybe I could ... help a little."

"Danni!" hissed my sister.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Meanwhile, I felt a drip of precum ooze out of the tip of my cock.

Danni was still staring into my eyes, but when she spoke it was obviously to Phee.

"We talked about this too, Phee. We all knew it would come to this sooner or later."

"We never agreed about it!" argued Phee.

"Does the model agree?" she asked, looking into my eyes.

My mouth opened and closed several times. I probably looked like a fish.

"He said yes," lied Danni, and I swear she actually winked at me!

There was a hubbub in the room as girls left the bed. All except Phee, as it turned out. She was still sitting there when Danni went down to her knees in front of me, which allowed me to see the half circle of cheerleaders all gathered around. It seemed that there was, in fact, going to be a hands-on demonstration portion of the lecture.

Danni reached for my cock like she'd done it a hundred times before. Her grip was firm, and her hand felt hot. But as she stroked it, I could tell she'd never done this before, because she was hesitant, and her movements were experimental.

"It feels weird," she said softly. And then she started giving them all her description of what she was experiencing. Which was good, because I couldn't have talked if my life had depended on it. Suddenly, the atmosphere was juuuust fine for spurting. In fact, she probably only got maybe five full strokes in before I got this awful feeling that Danni was going to be really mad at me. And that's because I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak.

I couldn't warn her.

On stroke number seven, a thick, healthy line of pearl white fluid leapt from the tip of my cock. Luckily it struck her right under her chin, instead of in the face. Her surprise caused her to jerk downwards on it long enough for two more spurts to soil the top of her PJs. Then she let go and it bounced wildly as the remaining two spurts arced up into the air, trying to find more victims. They were short, though, and landed with wet splats on the floor, right beside the toes of Beth and ... you guessed it ... Frankie.

They reacted as expected, jumping backwards, yelling, "Ewwww," and being totally stupid about it. I mean they hadn't even been touched. It was Danni I was horrified about. I looked down, to find her looking up at me, her hand already at her throat, wiping away the mess I'd made there.

"Sorry!" I blurted.

And then I bolted for my room.

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