Serial Stories

The Making of a Gigolo

A series of stories about Bobby Dalton, who didn't set out to be sought out by women, or become the father of a dozen or more children, but who had a special knack at understanding women, and making them happy. Each story adds to the description of his experiences with different women, but previous partners are carried forward too. The stories must be read in order.

The Making Of A Gigolo (1) - Tilly Johnson

Summary : Bobby just went to return a book he had borrowed. The drain in the kitchen was plugged, and her husband was no plumber. So Bobby fixed that while he was there. Tilly's husband couldn't meet some of her other needs either, and Bobby saw to them too.

Codes : MF, 1st, teen, cons, het, cheat, oral, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (2) - Martha Thompson

Summary : Martha's husband was a worthless drunk, and everybody knew it. She wasn't used to attention from a man, and when Bobby gave it to her, it caused her to do some things she hadn't intended to.

Codes : MF, cons, reluc, het, cheat, oral, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (3) - Sherry Winston

Summary : Sherry was married to a man who was gone all the time. There were some troublesome indications that Sam, her husband, was fooling around on her too. She heard about Bobby from a friend, who described him as being capable of fixing anything - including a lonely heart. Meanwhile Bobby's mother is getting suspicious, and his oldest sister is worried about not knowing what to do on dates. Bobby's sexual world expands.

Codes : MF, cons, reluc, inc, cheat, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making Of A Gigolo (4) - Prudence Harris

Summary : Prudence had believed for fifteen years that she was responsible for her husband's death, because she had flirted with his brother. She'd punished herself for fifteen years, and the darkness in her life had infected her daughter too. Then she met Bobby.

Codes : MF, Mf, teen, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (5) - Jill Trimble

Summary : Jill was divorced, and angry at men in general. Her ex was a bastard, and she expected other men to be the same. When things break, though, you usually have to find a man to repair them. A friend told her Bobby Dalton could fix anything. Her friend was right. He fixed much more than her washing machine.

Codes : MF, Mf, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (6) - Christy Brown

Summary : Christy lived with her parents, while her husband was off jumping out of airplanes in Vietnam. She could live with that, except he kept asking to go back, instead of coming home. And, when he did come home, he didn't seem interested in her. She was lonely and bored. She thought redecorating her room would help. It did.

Codes : MF, Mf, harem, rom, teen, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (7) - Rhonda Wilson

Summary : Rhonda's husband had no interest in her. Well, actually, he did want her to stay married to him ... but not for the reasons most men wanted a wife. When Bobby found out about that, he solved her problem.

Codes : MF, Mf, rom, cons, reluc, inc, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (8) - Felicity Chumley

Summary : Felicity married an older man - a MUCH older man. She loved him, but her 10 year High School reunion was coming up, and he wouldn't go with her. He suggested she hire a younger man to take her, and impress her friends. Her friends were impressed, but not as much as Felicity.

Codes : MF, Mf, harem, teen, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (9) - Amanda Griggs

Summary : After Amanda's father had a stroke, she had to take up the reins of running his radio station. Her type A personality didn't work well with radio, though, and the station was slowly tanking. Then she met Bobby, and things got shaken up. Could Bobby teach her how to release control, so that others could shine and make the station shine too?

Codes : MF, Mf, harem, teen, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, light bondage, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (10) - Elizabeth Sinderson

Summary : Elizabeth married a man with strange desires. She knew that, and didn't think it would be a problem. His delight when other men find her attractive has been fun, but she's nervous about what he may want next. When she gets a chance to rekindle a friendship with an old school mate, she feels like that might be the answer to her problem. Little did she know ... it was just the beginning of her problems, because that old school mate was Bobby Dalton.

Codes : MF, Mf, harem, cheat, teen, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, voy, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (11) - Renee Zimmerman

Summary : Renee came from a high class family, and had married a rich man. They moved to Granger, Kansas so his import export buisiness would make them even richer. She thought she had it all. Then she found out what her husband was really like, and her world fell apart. And then... she ran into Bobby Dalton.

Codes : MF, rom, cons, reluc, inc, het, cheat, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (12) - Janet Griswold

Summary : Janet put up a good front about being a confident woman, who didn't have a man in her life because she didn't need a man in her life. After two failed marriages, her mantra was that men were usually more trouble than they were worth. Her bravado convinced almost everybody that it would take a very special man to get her attention. But the truth was that Janet was afraid of men. One man, in particular, made her very nervous. Then, one night, that man knocked on her door.

Codes : MF, cons, reluc, inc, light, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (13) - Misty Compton

Summary : Misty was an up and coming music star when a series of unforeseen circumstances landed her in Kansas for a series of concerts. It started badly, and seemed to be getting worse, particularly when she met an infuriating man named Bobby Dalton. Before the first concert was even close she almost got on a plane and went back home. Almost.

Codes : MF, harem, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (14) - Erica Bradford

Summary : Erica was proud to support the women's liberation movement, and proud that she didn't need a man to make her life complete. When she moved to Granger to teach Social Studies, though, she was given another task along with it, one she had no experience in. Now, suddenly, she needed help, and the only person who seemed to be willing to help her was Bobby Dalton. He was everything she hated in a man...wasn't he?

Codes : MF, harem, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (15) - Agatha Roberts

Summary : Agatha Roberts set out to unmask Bobby Dalton as the pervert she and others were sure he was. The Dalton Bed and Breakfast was already changing the lives of Mirriam Dalton and her infamous son, and would now become the scene of crisis. Are Bobby's days as a purveyor of physical delight to dozens of women over? In this, the last full book in the series, we find out how Bobby feels about all this.

Codes : MF, slow, rom, cons, reluc, inc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, lac, preg

The Making of a Gigolo (16) - Epilogue

Summary : Bobby Dalton got married. But was that the end of his story? The women he didn't marry pledged to his bride that they'd leave him alone. Did they honor that pledge? What about his prodigious sex drive? And just how many babies did he father after all? Loose ends are tied up...and created.

Codes : MF

The Masters Project

Bob got this bright idea that people who were married for a long time looked alike. There could be two reasons for it, so he set up a Masters project in which he interviewed a whole passel of married people. Some supported his theory. Some didn't. Then there were these interviews where odd things happened ... things he didn't plan ... sexy things ... and Bob found himself in roles he hadn't imagined he would ever be in. Follow his exploits as he describes these odd interviews, one in each "book" of the series. The ending will be a surprise, especially for Bob.

The first "book" in this series is available as a free preview, the rest are available for $1.99/book via

Nominated for Best Series in the 2006 Golden Clitorides Awards.

The Masters Project (1) - Ralph And Tanya (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob had to do something for his Masters project, and interviewing married couples seemed to be the thing that would work. He asked some personal questions and sometimes things got very... personal. Ralph and Tanya ask Bob for a very special favor.

Codes : MF, rom, cons, preg

The Masters Project (2) - Todd And Lizzie

Summary : Todd didn't know he was a voyeur, and Lizzie didn't know she was an exhibitionist. Neither of them knew they'd be attracted to their own daughter. Then Bob interviewed them for his project and everything changed.

Codes : MF, Mf, Ff, slow, 1st, teen, cons, inc, mother, fath, dau, exhib, voy, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Masters Project (3) - Kent And Lisa

Summary : Kent and Lisa looked as normal as apple pie, but when Bob interviewed them he found out why you can't judge a book by its cover. Not only was their lifestyle different than that of most people, what kept their marriage together was...cheating!

Codes : MF, oral

The Masters Project (4) - Hiram And Mildred

Summary : Hiram and Mildred were stuck in the 1920's, captives of a tradition that would make the Puritans proud. When they asked Bob to help save their marriage, they had no idea what they were going to get. Who'd have thought that you could introduce the concept of marital pleasure by watching Walt Disney movies?

Codes : MF, slow, reluc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

The Masters Project (5) - John And Jane

Summary : Some people have the "good life", with money, and power and even fame. But that doesn't mean they're happy. Bob delves into the world of a couple on the fast track in politics. There's noting sexy about politics, though. Right?

Codes : MF

The Masters Project (6) - Micky And Susan

Summary : Bob has managed to get himself into some pretty weird situations during his interviews of married couples for the project. Now he finds out that sometimes, people who are in love, and who stay together for years and years, and who look almost identical, just can't get married. Micky and Susan rock Bob's world, in more ways than one.

Codes : MF, FF, slow, cons, les, group, oral, mastrb, preg

The Masters Project (7) - Randy and Kathy

Summary : Bob met Randy and Kathy by accident - literally. As happens sometimes, that led to a relationship that got closer... and closer... and closer, until it was absolutely incredible how close they got. The project had made an amazing difference in Bob's life, but he wasn't prepared for this.

Codes : MF, cons, reluc, inc, bro, sis, het, oral, mastrb, preg

The Masters Project (8) - Sabrina

Summary : Bob had one more interview to do before he could write up his project, get it published, graduate, and move on to ... well something. This interview was a favor to another couple he'd interviewed. It wouldn't take long. It probably wouldn't even be in the paper. It couldn't possibly affect him like some of the other interviews. Yeah. Right.

Potential Codes : MF, slow, rom, cons, het, oral, pett, preg

The Tumblr Stories

Tumblr Daughter

Summary : Have you ever been to, and seen the really interesting photo sites they host? There are pictures of everything you could think of there. Including naked people. I always liked the ones of naked girls. Until, one night, I saw my teenaged daughter's picture at one of those sites. Her friends were there too. It might not have been so bad if all it was was the girls, naked. But there was a guy in some of the pictures. And he wasn't just standing around watching them eat pussy.

Codes : Mfff, rom, cons, preg


Summary : Remember when you were a teenager and there was that gorgeous neighbor lady you wished you could see naked? What if you found pictures of her naked, online? Maybe participating in an orgy even? Wouldn't that pretty much fill the bill? But then what if she found those pictures on your computer? Say, on New Year's Eve, while drinking? Something like that could get a guy laid! But we all know life just isn't that simple. Something like that could also land you in the Army!

Codes : MF, rom, cons, preg

Tumblr Niece

Summary : I got an email from my niece. She enclosed pictures of her, barrel racing. But there was an extra one. Of her, naked, in her room. It had to be a mistake, right? I had to know, so I snooped on her computer. There were more pictures of her naked, but I got caught snooping. Turned out the pictures weren't for me. They were for Tumblr. Except they WERE for me, sort of. It was complicated. But then life usually is, right?

Codes : Mf, rom, cons, preg

Tumblr Sister (PREVIEW)

Summary : My sister had a posse of cheerleader friends who slept over at our house frequently. I saw the flashes of light under her door as cameras were used. Then I found some of those pictures online. Pictures of them naked. Doing things with each other. I was going to confront them. I was getting ready to do that when they snuck into my room. My sister's naked picture was right there on the screen. I knew I was screwed. I didn't realize I would be screwed literally!

Codes : Mfff, rom, cons, preg