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Bewitched! (Preview Only) (Oct 2015)

Summary : It was a normal Halloween when two little zombies started up my sidewalk while their mother, dressed as a witch waited outside the gate. Then a mob came around the corner raising hell, no pun intended, and I had to take them inside my house for their own safety. That was supposed to be a temporary situation, until things calmed down outside. But it didn't turn out to be temporary at all.

Codes: MF, het, reluct/cons, rom, mast, oral, preg

Dick and Jane Go To College - A Randy Reader (Jul 2015)

Summary : It's time for another visit with Dick and Jane as they go off to college and learn all sorts of intreresting things. Some professors teach Jane all about biology. Dick meets some cheerleaders. Rah, Rah, Rah! And there's much, much more, boys and girls. So let's go and see what college might be like when you get there!

Codes : MF, humor, petting, oral, preg

Alien Exchange Program (Preview Only) (May 2015)

Note: This book was previously published under the title: "Switch Hitting".
Summary : While on a camping trip a brother and sister are bathed in a bright light and wake up to find their minds have been switched into each other's bodies. Now the boy must learn how to think and act like a girl, while she is faced with being a boy. It's hard to do ... but maybe they can help each other with the transition. Say, for example, she wants to masturbate. Who better to help her learn how to manipulate her new penis than her brother ... in her old body! And when they can't keep all this a secret, their world starts running amok.

Codes: mf, het, sci fi, reluct/cons, rom, mast, oral, preg

Can You See Me Now? (Preview only) (Jan 2015)

Summary : Riley read an article about how much privacy we've lost, and how much satellites could see. She was sure nobody would ever actually spy on her as she lay out in her yard, catching some rays in her bikini. But the whole satellite thing made her mad so she protested. That protest was in the form of a sheet stapled to her roof that said "Hey NSA. Can you see me now?" It was a joke, really. But that joke changed her life, because somebody DID see it. And it was one of the kind of people she was protesting about. And he took action.

Codes : MF, humor, petting, oral, preg

Beating Off Bob's Guide To Writing Really Bad Erotica

Summary : The master of smut makes a rare return to share his wisdom about how to become one of the throng who can proudly claim they have authored an erotic story on the internet. So grab a pencil and an old grocery receipt. All of Bob's wisdom ought to about fit on the back of something like that.

Codes : Drugs (author was on while writing)