Interactive Stories

This page was built as a sort of experiment, and to have a little fun. The stories that will appear on this page will have interactive points in them, at which time the reader may choose where the plot may go. Now, lest you think I'm talented enough to read your mind, let me disabuse you of that up front. The stories will have multiple plot lines, with different outcomes, but you won't actually be able to affect either. You only get to choose which one appeals to your own favorite fantasy.

We'll start with just one story for now, just to see how things go. While it's great fun to write a story like this, it's also a LOT of work.

The Passion of Art

Summary : Valerie is tired of painting landscapes, so she asks her son to pose for her... nude. But Valerie has a daughter too ... and a sister ... and a brother. Who gets involved, and what they do, is up to you.

Potential Codes : MF, Mf, mf, mF, inc, preg, oral