Getting Ready For Prom

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

There are two kinds of birth control pills, generally speaking. One has three weeks of active drug in it that prevents ovulation, and then a week of placebo pills that allow the body to have what appears to be a menstrual period. Why this was done goes back to 1958, when the pill was first invented, and isn't important to this story. The other kind prevents ovulation for the entire month and women taking them don't have periods at all.

It was this second type that Cindy was taking, so "skipping" a period was now normal, in her mind.

The first symptom that something had changed was when Bob squeezed her right breast while he kissed her and she jerked.

"Ow," she complained.

"What?" asked Bob.

"My breast hurts," she said. "When you squeezed it."

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't think I squeezed it that hard."

"It's okay," she said.

But both breasts were tender after that.

Neither of them thought much about that. Bob figured it was growing pains. He knew that some girls experienced that problem, but didn't dig into it enough to learn that that usually happens during early puberty, rather than at the stage Cindy was in.

It was, a month and a half after Bob unknowingly knocked his daughter up, that she began to have morning sickness.

Even then, it didn't alert them right away. For one thing, it didn't happen in the morning. She got nauseous at school, just before lunch. She skipped lunch that day. The next day it happened on the way home from school, and she told her father she might be getting sick.

He took her temperature, which was within the normal range.

"I feel better now," she said.

Two weeks later, though, they both knew something was up. Normally Cindy used the bathroom facilities at school once a day. Now she had to go three times at school and her trips to the bathroom at home increased, too. She felt tired all the time now, too.

Bob got her an appointment with her doctor.

He was sitting in the waiting room, leafing through a magazine, when his white-faced daughter came out to tell him the news.

It was surreal, walking across the stage, wearing her purple robe and graduation cap, hearing her name read. People were clapping and her friends were hooting. Everything seemed normal on the outside. But inside she knew her daddy's baby was growing in her womb. She was taking vitamins now, which helped with the fatigue. Her morning sickness had faded to happening only a couple of times a week. She felt normal in most senses.

Except that she was pregnant and only she, her father, and her doctor knew that.

When she stood in front of a mirror, naked, turning this way and that, only the fact that her abdomen wasn't board-flat anymore gave any hint that something had changed. Even that slight swell didn't make her look "pregnant" in her own mind.

She'd been ambivalent at first, worrying but not able to articulate what she was worrying about. Never once did she wish she wasn't pregnant, or think of what had happened as a terrible mistake. At the same time she couldn't imagine being a mother, or how that would affect her future.

There had been an awkward few nights, immediately after the doctor told her the results of the pregnancy test he'd done. For the first time in a year she thought about sleeping in her own bed. That didn't feel right either, though, and she never seriously contemplated it. Getting in bed with her father, that first night, had resulted in one of the few times they didn't make love. They lay there, side by side, each distracted by their own thoughts.

Bob's situation was a little different. His primary issue was that he felt guilty. He didn't know what to say to his lover. In a more normal coupling this might not have been such an issue. The normal couple who experiences an unplanned pregnancy approach it from a different perspective.

And yet, both types of couples are still faced with the same primary decision: What do we do now?

Eventually Bob rolled to face his daughter.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"I know," she sighed.

"So you're unhappy about this?"

"I don't know. It's all so new."

"I love you," he said.

"I know that," she said. "I love you, too. More than anything."

"We'll get through this," he said.

"I know that," she replied. "I just don't know how."

Bob didn't either, to be honest. He just knew he'd do anything to make his baby girl as happy as possible.

Then they rolled together, to cuddle naked, until both eventually fell asleep.

The second night had been easier. She'd gone to school, knowing she was pregnant, and was amazed all day that nobody could tell. When she got home she talked about that and then they talked about things in general. Her due date was, as it turned out, Thanksgiving Day that year. That meant, if she tried to go to college, she'd be heavily gravid for most of the first semester and then miss classes just before finals. She wasn't excited about that.

Eventually, though, it weighed less and less on her mind. The fact that she didn't hate her father for doing this to her made Bob's daily existence easier, too. Like most people faced with a difficult situation, both adapted and tried to keep on living as normally as possible.

In their case, that meant sleeping together.

Under these conditions, it was inevitable that, one night, Cindy lifted her head from Bob's shoulder and said, "I'm horny."

"I'm amazed," he said, honestly.

"So you're not horny?"

"I didn't say that. I confess you make me horny on a regular basis."

"Even though I'm pregnant?"

"Sweetheart, you being pregnant doesn't have anything to do with it. I love you and that's why I find you irresistible."

"So you are horny," she said, insisting that he answer her question.

He simply moved her hand to his penis.

Ten minutes later he was deep in her, straining to get deeper, while her hips thrust upwards, trying to get him deeper, and the lovers had negotiated another bump in the road of their unconventional relationship.

It wasn't the last bump in the road for this couple. Every relationship has potholes that cause trouble on the trip. But the bond between father and daughter was strong, which helped the bond between lovers be strong as well.

She was four months along when she did her graduation walk and, thanks to baggy clothes and a body that somehow managed to mute, rather than announce it was with child, none of her friends knew she was pregnant. That didn't last past June, but because she wasn't in school, it wasn't a topic of general conversation among her peers. The news did get around, but to anyone who didn't actually see her, it was just information. There were comments like, "Wow, I didn't expect that!", and "I didn't think she was the type," and "Well it wasn't me! She wouldn't let me even get to second base!"

Her friends didn't abandon her, but most of them felt uncomfortable being around her because they didn't know what to say to her. Only two asked her who the father was and to both, she said, "It doesn't matter. Getting married to him is out of the question."

Eventually, as happens with many recent graduates, her social relationships fell off and she spent most of her time at home with her father.

Nobody thought that was strange. Most people thought she was probably embarrassed to be seen in public with a swollen belly. It never occurred to them that she was acting just like a young, pregnant wife, who spent most of her time with the father of her child than with people outside the family.

Cindy had a healthy eight pound boy who she fell hopelessly in love with the second the nurse laid him on her chest. She named him Christopher, after her paternal grandfather. His arrival changed everything, and yet, somehow, life still seemed normal. Such is the adaptability Mother Nature has worked into the DNA of all species.

Cindy would have loved nothing more than living at home acting "married" to her father and having more of his babies. But Bob knew there was no real future for her in that scenario. Nobody noticed much that a teenager got pregnant out of wedlock and that her single father took care of her in the initial months after she gave birth. But if more babies came along people who knew she didn't have a boyfriend or go out on dates would become suspicious if she kept getting pregnant.

In the end Bob basically forced her to "move on" with her life. Because he was self-employed, he had the flexibility to move. The real estate market in a university town is always fluid so finding someplace for them to live there was no problem. They chose a university with a well-respected elementary education program and Cindy became a teacher. It was a difficult four years, but she was proud when she donned another graduation cap and gown and walked across another stage to receive her degree.

That wasn't the only improvement in her life, though. During her senior year she met a man and the chemistry she felt was familiar. That was because being around him made her have some of the same feelings she had when she was around her daddy/lover.

They talked about it in bed and Bob encouraged her to explore those feelings. That led to Cindy going on her first date since high school.

His name was Paul and he was in two of her classes. They had coffee, and then decided to study together. He had roommates, so studying at her house was preferred. Christopher was no problem because "Grandpa" took care of him while the students applied themselves to their lessons.

Cindy, not having been through the emotional wringer that is the result of multiple failed teenaged crushes, wasn't jaded about men. Paul was delighted to be around a woman who didn't play games, was intelligent, and had a good sense of humor. She never talked about Christopher's father and he didn't ask any questions. Furthermore, the little boy was fun to be around and well-behaved. Eventually, the idea of "inheriting" another man's child didn't seem like such a big deal to the farm boy from Iowa.

Their first kiss was electric, for both of them. It happened, as such kisses sometimes do, without being planned.

Christopher had come running to his mother for his good night hug and kiss one night. Bob stood in the opening of the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

"Good night my prince," said Cindy, scooping the little boy up in a hug that crushed him to breasts that had remained full after she stopped breast feeding. She kissed him soundly on the lips and said, "I love you to pieces. I hope you have only wonderful dreams." It was her standard good night speech.

"Good night, Mommy," he piped. "I will."

Then he was off, running to Bob's arms to be carried off to bed, and Paul sighed.

"He's a lucky boy," he said.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"I'd love to be sent to bed like that." He grinned.

Cindy said nothing and went back to reviewing the questions they expected to be on an upcoming test.

But, when he left for the night, something made her pull him into an embrace. She kissed him, a bit longer than she'd kissed Christopher, and said, "Good night my other prince. I like you to pieces. I hope you have only wonderful dreams."

He leaned back, but left his hands on her lower back.

"I don't think there will be any problems with that," he said. "They might get a little personal. I'll just apologize for that ahead of time."

"Hmmmm," was all she said. She felt a familiar fluttery feeling and knew she'd be hurrying to join her father in bed as soon as this disturbing man left.

There was an obvious attraction between them. At the same time, there was restraint in both of them that each recognized. On Cindy's part, it was because she felt like she was cheating on the only lover she'd ever had, the man she loved more than any other, with the possible exception of her son.

His reluctance was because he, too, had a secret that bound him to his past, one he felt like he could not discuss with this new woman in his life.

As a result, neither was eager to move things farther. But moving things farther is a biological urge that cannot be suppressed forever.

There were more good night kisses. Oddly, neither thought about going out on a date. Their relationship was based on being study partners and friends, or perhaps extra special friends. Eventually their feelings for each other demanded that decisions be made about the future.

And all this time, Cindy talked about everything with her father. As they lay in bed together, cuddling before or after having sex, she'd offer up something she was thinking about, or concerned about. Bob consistently encouraged her to pursue a life that he knew would eventually separate her from him, at least in the sense they now enjoyed. That made it easier for Cindy to feel like she was not cheating on him.

One example of this was on a night when she was sitting on top of Bob, his prick firmly buried in her belly. He was lightly pinching her nipples, which had also remained large and well-formed after Christopher spent six months sucking on them. Bob was partly responsible for that, too.

"He kissed me again tonight," she said, thrusting her hips languidly.

"Was it a good kiss?" asked Bob.

"Yeah. It made me tingly."

"That's good," he said.

"It made me think about doing this," she said, clenching her internal muscles to squeeze the penis that had impregnated her.

"That's normal," he said.

"I can't imagine doing this with anyone else," she said.

"Millions of women do it every night," he responded.

"You know what I mean," she said.

"Sweetheart, you know you can't live at home your whole life."

"I know. I wish I could, though."

"Paul seems like a good guy," said Bob. He hadn't had all that much interaction with the man on an interpersonal level.

"He is. And he likes me. I can tell."

"I can tell you like him, too."

There were other conversations like that, and they allowed Cindy to loosen the leash on her emotions towards Paul.

Their kisses moved from being "good night" kisses to something more. Eventually those kisses lasted for five or ten minutes. Eventually when their studies were finished one night, she sat on the couch and patted the seat beside her.

"Let's talk," she said.

"Talk?" He grinned.

"Among other things," she said, her face calm.

That was one of the things Paul liked about her so much. She didn't tease or play the social games other women he knew did.

So he sat and, fifteen minutes later, as their welded lips nipped at each other, she brought his hand to her breast. He squeezed it once, but then sat back, breaking their embrace.

"Your father," he said.

"He's fine with this," she responded. "He and Christopher are already in bed."

His frown remained.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sensing some turmoil in him.

"I can't," he said.

"Why not?"

"It wouldn't be fair to you."

Something bloomed in Cindy's mind, popping into it from nowhere.

"There's another woman," she said. That made her gut clench.

"Sort of," he said, uncomfortably.

"Sort of? What does that mean?" she probed. "You and I spend four nights a week studying. Are you dating somebody?"

"No," he said, and then bit his lip. It was almost as if he wished he hadn't denied it.

"Just tell me," she said.

"I can't," he moaned. "You wouldn't understand."

It was Cindy's own past, with her unorthodox familial relationship that made her say, "Perhaps I would." She didn't explain that, of course, but that's what came out of her mouth.

"No you wouldn't," he said, firmly. "Nobody would."

"What an interesting thing to say," said Cindy, who understood that perspective completely.

"I should just leave," he said.

"I think you should just stay," she responded.

"Cindy, this will never work out," he groaned.

"Are you gay?"

He looked genuinely surprised.

"Of course not!" he blurted.

"Then what?" she insisted.

"If I tell you, you'll be disgusted. You'll never want to see me again."

"Do you have a sexually transmitted disease?" she asked.

"No, it's nothing like that." Again he seemed genuinely surprised at the question.

"Okay," said Cindy, even more curious, now. "You may as well just tell me. I'm not letting you leave until I find out."

"Why!" he groaned.

"Because I like you," said Cindy. "I like you a lot. I'm not ready for you to disappear out of my life."

"If I tell you, then you'll throw me out," he said, his voice intense. "I'm going to disappear from your life one way or another!"

"Well," said Cindy calmly, "if you're going to disappear, then at least I'd like to know why that happened."

"You won't give up," he groaned.

"Nope. It's just the way I am."

He sat, mute. Cindy let him think, also sitting silently. Eventually she reached to take his hand in hers, but said nothing.

The range of emotions that crossed his face were evidence of the tumult raging through his mind, but his hand squeezed hers lightly. Finally he sighed, looking defeated, and turned to face her.

"I have a sister," he said, softly.

When he didn't go on, Cindy said, "I know. Susan? You've mentioned her before."

"Yes," he said. "We're ..." He looked away. "Close."

"Okay," said Cindy.

"Very close," he said, still looking away.

Understanding blossomed in Cindy's mind. Rather than the disgust he expected her to arrive at, she felt something like elation.

"Closer than people would approve of," she said. It was a statement, rather than a question.

He glanced at her and the fact that her face wasn't twisted in judgment let him turn to stare at her face.

"Yes," he said.

She made her decision in a split second. Later she would marvel at the audacity of exposing herself to all manner of problems, and be very thankful that those problems never materialized.

"I do understand," she said, softly. "Christopher is Daddy's baby."

The range of emotions that the young couple experienced that night would fill a book by itself. To boil it down to its most elemental level, the relief in sharing a secret that neither thought they could ever share without bringing destruction down upon them was palpable.

Nothing was discussed about their personal histories then. That would come later. Suffice it to say that their acceptance of each other's "perversions" opened the door to allow their feelings for each other to finally come out and play. The natural urges each had felt before this were unleashed and, perhaps twenty minutes later, Cindy was naked, splayed out on the couch while Paul loomed over her, equally nude.

Cindy looked with unabashed interest at the second penis that would penetrate her, while Paul looked at the same penis, which had never entered any woman other than his "little" sister.

That first coupling was less than ideal. Paul was too excited to last and Cindy liked a lot more foreplay than they had engaged in. But accepting this man as another lover made her finally feel as if she did - or at least could - have a future that might be, at least on the surface that others would see, normal.

For that reason, when he sagged on top of her, groaning, "I'm sorry," she let her hands play on his back and used those internal muscles that drove her father crazy, to milk Paul of his manly nectar.

"It's okay," she whispered, kissing his forehead.

And it was okay. His shame at his premature ejaculation made him anxious to ensure she remembered this night as something good. And, being young and strong, it wasn't long before his penis was firm again. Cindy, sensing that it was "her turn" sat him on a straight-backed chair and sank down on his firmness, instructing him to suck her nipples while she gyrated. She'd done this enough with her other lover that she reached an orgasm quickly, kissing Paul while that happened.

Then they rested, back on the couch, comfortable in their nudity ... and talked about everything.

Bob's response was mixed. She told him, of course. They had no secrets and never would.

On the one hand he was jealous that, while he slept the night before, his baby girl's pussy was plundered by another man. On the other he knew this was a necessary and good thing. On the one hand he was delighted and amazed that Paul had the same kind of secret Cindy did. On the other he was nervous about the fact that Paul would want Susan to live with them. That had been the obvious solution to Paul and Cindy. They'd get a house big enough for Daddy and Susan to join them in wedded bliss. Neither could leave sister or father behind in the dust.

Assuming, of course, that father and sister were willing to live that way.

Father and sister, as it turned out, were willing to live that way.

It meant moving again, but both graduates would have had to do that anyway, seeking jobs, and Bob decided if that was the worst that happened then he was a very fortunate man indeed. And it couldn't happen right away. Paul and Cindy had to graduate first, and then find jobs in the same town somewhere. Susan had to be brought into the circle and Paul had no idea how she'd react to all this.

That was, in fact, the first order of business. Paul called Susan and asked her to come visit him, something that had happened on many other occasions. Their parents had died in a car crash when she was in her second year of college and that had brought brother and sister even closer together than they had been before, if that was possible. They had leaned on each other ever since and it had already been in their plans to live together when Susan graduated.

Susan also knew that she and her brother would never be able to express their love for each other in any public way. She had even had short sexual liaisons with other men, but they never satisfied her like Paul did. And she knew Paul deserved to have a wife and children he could claim in the normal manner. She was ambivalent about having children herself. She couldn't imagine herself as a mother. And she was quite happy with having Paul as her lover ... understanding that it wasn't often enough to suit her. For those reasons she nervously embraced Paul's new plan. Her feelings were much like Bob's.

That would change, eventually, as would Bob's reaction to things. It helped that Susan liked Bob and vice versa. At this point, however, both were nervous about the unknown, while being grateful that they could still be with the ones they loved. Even if it was a very odd togetherness.

Part of that oddness was that, while Susan was there for a long weekend, both she and Bob were aware that now other people knew what they were both doing, as Paul lustily fucked his sister in his room (his roommates thought she was his girlfriend) and Bob lovingly rodded Cindy at their house.

Maybe it was the fact that nothing blew up in the week following her visit, and that everything continued to be as normal as it had been before, that caused both Bob and Susan to believe that all this might work out. At least they were hopeful.

If they were hopeful, Paul and Cindy were certain. The first time they hastily threw off their clothes and engaged in a torrid embrace, each knew that the other had, just the night before, been in the arms of another. Neither cared, and their lovemaking was almost frantic with the joy of having found each other.

Graduation is always a relief and the feeling of "commencement" can be palpable. In this case it was even more emotionally charged. Cindy had found a job in a medium-sized town that had been bigger but declined when a major manufacturing plant had been lured to another state by tax benefits. The city fathers had decided to take a page from that book and had been moderately successful in getting other companies to come to town. It would be years before things were back to "normal" but there was hope. The school system had also suffered as the property taxes that had supported it also took a hit and they had frozen salaries as a result. That made them less competitive than a lot of other places, but that worked to Paul and Cindy's advantage. They were less concerned with money than they were with building the home they desperately wanted together. Neither had been able to afford luxuries in the past, so doing without them was no real burden.

Even more important, the fact that Cindy was pregnant (again) and would miss some school wasn't a problem. The district had been using substitute teachers for more than a year because they couldn't lure certified teachers to town. Maternity leave wouldn't be a problem.

It helped that the cost of living was low. The real estate market was bloated and a number of nice homes had sat for sale for more than a year. It also helped that the nearest company that did a wide range of computer repair business was forty miles away.

When the principal found out Cindy was married to another teacher she was delighted. Paul was hired as the science and math teacher. Other teachers gave them advice on which realtors they could trust and what part of town to live in.

Three months later Susan arrived with a U-haul trailer behind her Jeep and moved into one of the four bedrooms in the family's new house. There was a basement, part of which Bob had turned into his workshop. Her arrival was exciting for more than one reason. As soon as she got out of the car Paul gave her a big hug and kiss and then pushed back, leaving his loins in contact with hers.
"Something's different," he said, frowning.

Susan's brow also furrowed.

"You know how they say the pill is 98% effective? I guess it turns out I'm in the other two percent. I hope you're not mad."

Paul blinked and then stepped back completely.

"You're pregnant?"

"Yup," she said, as calmly as she was able. She'd worried about this all the way there.

Paul suddenly let out a rebel yell that scared both Susan and Cindy, who was just then coming out of the house. She'd been in the shower when Susan arrived.

It was then that Susan was brought up to date on Cindy's maternal condition, something Paul had been worried about telling her. Having sex with your father is one thing. Having his baby is something else. But Susan's acceptance of her own brother's baby in her womb made it all seem funny somehow.

Thirty minutes later Susan lay spread-eagle under her brother as he celebrated having become a father in her, and next door Cindy rode her father, teasing him about how, after she had his baby, she was going to let her breasts leak milk all over his chest while they made love.

Susan was an LPN. She'd gotten her license through the board of nursing, which was the same process her new state of residence used. The local hospital was just as strapped for employees as the school system was and she was welcomed with open arms, especially since she said she wanted to further her education and become a registered nurse. The hospital even offered tuition assistance if she would sign an agreement to stay there for three years once she got her degree. Maternity leave was also no problem for the hospital.

Life settled down. Both mothers-to-be became best friends, preparing together to bring two children into the home. Christopher, who now had a surplus of adults to play with and be read to by, was excited at the idea of having a little brother and sister to do all that with, too. The fathers of those children-to-be strutted around for a month or two and then set about becoming coaches for the birthing process.

Sleeping arrangements were fluid. The only pairing that wasn't examined, initially was Bob with Susan. They liked each other a lot, but neither wanted to expand their love lives at that point. There was some discussion about pretending to be a couple, since that might have looked more normal to the outside world. The fact that Susan was two years younger than Cindy, though, made that option seem less "sellable," so they decided not to try to put up that front.

As it turned out, it didn't matter. It was a small town and within months lots of people knew that Paul and Cindy had "boarders" living with them, and who those people were. Nobody thought it was strange that Cindy's father lived with them and most people thought that Susan had been invited there both to share the financial burden of owning a home, and because the father of her child had obviously abandoned her. That her family was willing to help her in her time of need was admirable.

So Cindy and Paul had the master bedroom, and Susan and Bob each had their own bedroom. The fourth bedroom was Christopher's, but would also be used as a nursery when the babies came along. Where someone slept depended mostly on whim. Sometimes Paul would go to his sister's room and sleep there for the night. That usually meant Bob slept with Cindy in her marital bed. If Cindy wanted to ride her father (her favorite position) she might take him to his room. If Paul and Susan were in the master bedroom, she just stayed there.

They'd chosen to buy an older house both because of the price and because they wanted more than three bedrooms. The house had been well cared for, but only the kitchen and master bath had been updated over the years. As a result, the only shower was in the master bathroom. The other two bathrooms had tubs in them.

What this meant was that the dress code was extremely relaxed. Everyone saw everybody else in various stages of dress as they went to or from the shower. Within a month modesty was a thing of the past. It became normal for someone who needed to take a shower to enter the master bedroom, saying, "Sorry," while a couple was entwined in a torrid embrace on the bed. Such "apology" was almost always ignored.

It was in this fashion that Susan got to see both Bob and her brother lustily fucking Cindy, in a variety of positions. As Cindy's belly grew, the men took her from behind (something Paul also did with Susan) or Cindy sat on top of them, gyrating happily (something Susan was beginning to like a lot more than she had in the past).

It was inevitable that, at one time or another, Susan and Bob would come face to face while one or the other was naked, if not both. The fact that Bob's penis saluted Susan was treated as both a compliment and funny.

It was probably this easy familiarity with each other that created the sexual tension that would, over a period of a little more than two years, lead Susan and Bob to become close enough to think about being more than just friends.

Which is why, when Cindy's son and Susan's daughter were two years old, and each mother announced she was to be a mother again ... this time nobody was sure of who the fathers were.

But that didn't matter. By this time they were all simply one big family. There was no stress as everyone did their part and they became dedicated parents and members of the community.

There was only one real problem. You can't raise children in that kind of atmosphere without the kids soaking it all up. Of course you want them to soak up your values and work ethic. You want them to learn responsibility and how to set and fulfill goals. But they soak it all up, whether you're aware of it or not.

As was established when, one day more than a decade later, Cindy entered her fifteen-year-old son's bedroom, intending to get his hamper and wash his clothes, and found him on top of a squirming girl, her legs thrown wide and his adolescent erection flashing in and out of her slippery pussy. She turned out to be Susan's sixteen-year-old daughter, Melody, who was supposed to be getting ready to go to prom later that evening.

And it wasn't the first time they'd done this.

But that's another story entirely.

The End

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