Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Sixteen

At 9:30, Mandy was sent to Karen's house, but reminded to be ready to leave and come back home with Jack when Karen called to alert them that the realtor was coming to Karen's.  Karen arrived at Bob's at 9:45.  The realtor showed up at 10:30.

Tiffany Gaulson was a perky woman in her forties, wearing a gold jacket and a conservative skirt and blouse.  A string of pearls adorned her neck.

She toured Bob's house with a practiced eye as she listened to their plans.  She opined that Bob's house was the perfect property to list in the current economy because it was the right size and would be within the means of a large swath of potential buyers.  When they got to Karen's, she rendered the same opinion.

Once that was done, she said she had a couple of houses she wanted to show them.  She said she was being frank when she admitted that these houses had been on the market for a while, primarily because the owners were sticking to their asking price.

The first one Karen turned thumbs down on almost immediately.  She listed the things she didn't like about it.  She said, "If I'm going to spend that much on a house, then I expect that house to be one I like a lot."

The second was an older two story house in the older part of town.  Gentrification of a sort had been happening in the neighborhood and most of the houses in the area were in good shape.  Some were landscaped and only a few were in need of paint.

This house had lots of wood inside. There were beautiful hard wood floors throughout, though thick, oriental carpets were scattered about in the high traffic areas.  The kitchen had been updated several years ago and the central heating and cooling equipment was only three years old.  A bay window in the front was full of plants.  It was easy to imagine living comfortably here.

Tiffany confided that the asking price was high, for the neighborhood.  But it seemed well within Bob and Karen's combined income, especially if they got some equity out of the sale of their own homes.

The meeting ended with Tiffany saying she'd get their houses listed that day. She also intended to tell the owners of the two story older home that there was an interested party, concerning their home.  She tried to get them to make an actual offer, but neither was willing to do that until they had offers of their own.

Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, depending on how you look at it, once everybody was getting all the sex they could possibly want, emotions cooled a bit and life got back to being at least closer to normal.  "Normal", in this sense, means what day to day life was like before the double dating began. 

In the evenings they all gathered at either Bob's or Karen's house.  Each couple spent time together, doing whatever they were drawn to do.  There were some exceptions. The kids had to finish homework before they could do anything else, for example.  Chores still had to be done.  But if Jack helped Mandy clean up her room and, in the process ended up in bed with her, as long as the room actually got cleaned up, Bob didn't complain.

Most people don't live in a world where two members of the opposite sex sleep with them on a regular basis and coexist at the same time.  Especially when those two lovers like each other and don't get jealous.  So it may be difficult to wrap your own emotions around what this was like.

Bob's preferred sexual partner was Karen.  She wasn't showing yet, but he still knew that new life resided in her womb and that the smallest cell from his body had mated with the largest cell in hers.  And he loved being able to take her to the bedroom on this or that evening, and make love with her without having to worry about what his daughter and Karen's son were doing.

Of course what they were often doing was exactly the same thing their parents were doing.

And, in truth, Mandy and Jack preferred making love to each other.  That might have been the same reason Bob and Karen wanted each other first, and their other lovers second.  When you live with someone constantly, you're aware of little personality traits that can be off-putting.  The parents knew their children intimately, no pun intended, and it was just more interesting to be in the presence of someone your own age, who you didn't know all those little off-putting details about. 

On the other hand, the sex they had with their offspring was wild, and crazy, and taboo, which can make something really fun.  It was a rush of a different kind for Bob to flush his daughter full of his potent sperm, understanding that, if her chemical barrier to impregnation failed, then her belly would swell up just like Karen's was going to very soon.  And, for Karen, it was an incredible experience to feel the weight of her handsome, virile son pinning her to the bed as his penis bucked and spat what, had she not already been pregnant, could have caused life to quicken in her womb.

Neither parent wanted to make a baby with their child.  But, at present, that wasn't likely, and that gave them a freedom most people simply never contemplate having.

It was the best of both worlds for this odd little family.

One unintended side effect of all this was that Amanda and Jack began to view the world through much older eyes than their peers did.  It wasn't that they missed out on any childhood.  Rather it was that all the things they experienced began to mean more to them, and was evaluated in terms of their future, rather than just being something to experience, come what may.

One example of this was a conversation that happened at dinner one night.  While they were eating, Jack said he had a question.  He was urged to ask it.

"Okay, so we're going to start dating other people.  I get that.  It will make us look normal.  But if I start taking other girls out, they're going to expect me to try to kiss them, and if I don't, they're going to think I'm gay or something," he said.  "So what do I do when I get to the part where I'm supposed to make out with one of these other girls?"

"Where did that come from?" asked Mandy.

"I'm seeing things a little differently from when we went on our first date," he said.

Karen spoke. 

"Mandy?  How would you feel if you found out Jack kissed a girl good night after a date?"

"If that's all he did, and he didn't kiss her like he kisses me, then I wouldn't care," she said, shrugging.  "Not if I know he's coming home to sleep with me."

"Wow," mouthed Bob to Karen.  He looked at Jack.

"And how would you feel if Mandy let a boy kiss her good night?"

"I'd want to rip his head off," said Jack.  "But I get it.  I understand it has to happen because it means you and Mom can get married and be happy too."

"This is going to take a lot of trust," said Karen.  "It might be hard on you sometimes."

"What we were going to have to do before this would have been even harder," said Mandy.  "At least in my opinion."

"Mine too," said Jack.

"I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  Once we're married, you'll be stuck with this plan," warned Bob.

"It's only three years," said Mandy.  "And we'll get to sleep together every night."

"Every night you're still speaking to each other," said Karen.

"What's that mean?"

"I'm just saying that every relationship has bumps in the road.  You two are all lovey dovey right now, but sooner or later you're going to have a disagreement, or even a fight, and when that happens you might feel like sleeping apart for a while."

"Well, that could have happened anyway," said Mandy.

"I guess that's true," said Karen. "But that doesn't take into account how each of you may have to act to be 'believable' on these dates with other people."

"I can't believe my mom is telling me to make out with girls on dates so I'm acting believable," said Jack.

"I bet this conversation isn't happening anywhere else in the world right now," said Mandy.

"And I never thought I'd be thinking of going out with girls and just pretending to try to get away with things," said Jack.

"I hadn't thought about having to do that," said Amanda.  "But how hard could it be?  I mean movie actors do it all the time.  And they look like they're really into it.  But all they're doing is acting."

"Are you forgetting all the musical chair marriages some of those actors get involved with?" asked Karen.  "I bet the really believable love scenes almost always involve true emotions.  And I bet you're going to face the same issue."

"But I only love Jack," said Mandy.

"And I only love Bob," said Karen.  "But I make love with another man."

Jack grinned, perhaps at being characterized as a man.

"That's different, said Mandy. "You love him too.  Just in a different way than you love Daddy."

"Let me ask you this," said Karen.  "Have you thought about who are you going to ask out on one of these dates?  Or who you hope asks you out?"

"I have thought about that," said Mandy.  She gave two names.

"Why those boys?" asked Karen.

"Because I like them," said Mandy.  "Not like them, but you know what I mean.  Josh is funny and Charley is really smart.  He travels with his parents every summer and he's been all over the world.  He's just interesting."

"So it's sort of how you felt about Jack before you started going on dates with him."

"Yeah.  Sort of like that."

"And how do you feel about Jack now?"

Mandy opened her mouth and then connected the dots.

"Oh," she said.  "I forgot about the Mother Nature part.  But I'm already in love with Jack.  I'm not going to fall in love with Josh or Charley."

"I believe you said you weren't going to fall in love with Jack either," said Bob, getting a comment in edgewise.

"Crap!" groaned Amanda.

"All we're saying," said Bob, "is that this might get a little hairy, and you need to think about setting definite boundaries before you go out with anybody."

"I set boundaries with Jack and that didn't work," moaned Mandy.

"It will help if you're very up front with your dates on what you are and are not willing to do," said Karen.  "You might say that you're willing to kiss them good night, but that touching is off base.  There's nothing wrong with being very clear about that.  Boys may not be used to that kind of forthrightness, but who cares?  And if you build that kind of reputation, then other boys will already know what they can try, and what you won't permit."

"That's great for her," said Jack.  "But guys are supposed to try to get away with stuff."

"Who put that nonsense in your head?" asked his mother, archly.

"You did," he said, calmly.  "Remember all those lectures about nature?"

"Oh," said Karen.  "I guess that could have been interpreted that way, but that wasn't my intent. All I was doing was trying to warn you."

"Well, like I said when this whole conversation started, girls are going to expect me to want to kiss them good night, and maybe even try more."

"There's nothing wrong with choosing the straight and narrow in high school relationships," said Bob.  "I don't think anybody will call you gay for not wanting to be an alley cat.  And you can couch that in ways that might actually get you respect."

He stood up and went to kneel beside Karen.  She turned her head and let him kiss her.  While he was doing that, he fondled one of her breasts.  When he pulled back, he had an anxious look on his face.

"I really like you, Karen, and I want to do a lot more than that, but we're just sophomores.  Maybe this is going too fast.  I don't want us to do something that will be a mistake we regret for the rest of our lives."

He stood back up.

"Something like that.  Was it believable?  I'd have to practice it and make it sound real."

"It wasn't bad," said Mandy.  "If I didn't know you like I know you, I might have bought it."

"I think his point was that, if you ask out girls you already like, that situation might become real," said Karen.  "And if it does, then you might not be acting at all.  That's what we want you to think about.  You may actually become affected on these dates.  And how you handle that will make all the difference to your relationship with each other.  If you don't process all this properly, and communicate with each other, there could be some fights and unhappiness."

Both kids reflected on that.

"Do you think you two will have any fights?" asked Jack.

"It's almost guaranteed," said Bob.  Karen nodded. 

"And we're not dating other people.  But love can get you over all those bumps," she said.  "The key is to communicate, and negotiate, and be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the relationship.  In a way, what we're asking you to do is find out, over the next three years if you really are in love, and still want to get married when those three years have passed.  If you are, then everything works out.  If you're not, then you find that out too, before you get married and life gets even more complicated."

"I still want to do it," said Mandy, firmly.  In her mind the second possibility Karen had elucidated was impossible.

"Me, too," said Jack, with the same confidence callow youth imbues in a teenager.

"Me, three," said Bob, who saw this as a win-win situation, whether the kids broke up or not.

Karen smiled.

"I guess that makes it unanimous."

Mandy did some prep work almost immediately, and she started with Claudia. At lunch one day she went to the table where Claudia was sitting with two other girls Mandy knew, but didn't hang out with. She plopped down and then just stared at her meal. She had worked on her 'My world is fucked up in a major way' look for over an hour, staring into the mirror at home.

"Who peed in your Cheerios?" asked Claudia.

"Remember Jack?" said Mandy.

"Of course. I'm grounded because of him."

"Whatever," said Mandy. "He's screwed up my life too. Or his mother has."

"She find out you had sex with him?"

"No, because we didn't have sex. He chickened out. He went on and on about how I might get pregnant and then our lives would be ruined. I wanted to throw something at him."

"I wondered about that. When I found you guys sitting on the front porch the next morning it didn't seem like you'd had a night of passion."

"I didn't want to admit it to you then," sighed Mandy. "I was afraid you'd laugh at me."

"I never see you two together in school," said Claudia.

"When he wouldn't do anything I broke up with him. That's why we were sitting on the front porch. Actually, we just couldn't go home yet, or we'd both have been gone by the time you got up."

"So what's the problem?"

"His mother and my dad are in that Boggy Creek volunteer thing. They went on some dates and now they're going to get married."

"Ooooo shit, girl," said Claudia, covering her mouth with one hand. "That's not even fair."

"Now he's going to be my brother. I think the world hates me."

"Well, look on the bright side," said Claudia.

"I didn't know there was a bright side," said Mandy, darkly.

"There are two bright sides. First, it sounds like you don't have to worry about him trying to peek at you in the shower." Claudia giggled.

"Ha, ha. Very funny."

"And second, think about how much worse this would suck if you were still going together."

Mandy let her countenance brighten just a smidgen.

"I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. That really would suck." She cocked her head. "I wonder if that's ever happened to any poor girl."

"It has to have happened to somebody," said Claudia. "So, if he wasn't trying to get in your panties ... why did he come over that night?"

"You ready for this?" said Mandy, screwing up her face to show distaste. "He said he thought I'd be good at chess."

"Oh my gosh. What a great story this is going to make," said Claudia.

"Don't do that," said Mandy. "I'm going to have to live with him and it's going to be hard enough as it is. If he gets pissed off because he thinks I spread that around my life could be even worse."

"Okay," sighed Claudia. "Man. Jack Ross as your brother. Girl, you're fucked."

"Yes ... and I don't even get to have sex in the process."

Claudia looked around. Her two friends had left during the conversation. "To be honest, you're probably not missing much."

"What?" Mandy sounded surprised because she really was surprised.

"Reggie only lasted about a minute," said Claudia. "And every time we tried it again, the same thing happened. I'd get all excited and he'd groan and say he was finished. I didn't actually have that great a time that night, but you can't tell anybody that."

"I won't," said Mandy. "You keep my secret and I'll keep yours. Deal?"

"Deal, girl. And I'll make sure Reggie doesn't say anything to anybody about that night. I'll threaten to tell everybody he has premature ejaculations."

"Thanks," said Mandy.

"No problem. You have enough trouble as it is. I can't imagine having some boy move into my house and live there. Ewwwwww!"

"And I was just starting to feel a little better," sighed Mandy.

Both Bob's and Karen's parents had passed on, and their siblings were far-flung, so all they did was simply notify their family members that they were getting remarried.  Neither parent wanted a large or expensive wedding, so they threw together a small, hastily planned ceremony to which some teachers, some auto parts store employees, and some volunteers of the Boggy Creek Restoration Project were invited. 

Karen and Bob settled into married life with very few bumps.  One thing that worked in their favor was that Tiffany Gaulson was right.  There was a lot of interest in both of their houses.   An offer was made on Karen's house first.  It was a few thousand dollars less than her asking price, but the buyers agreed to pay all closing costs, so she accepted it.  The young couple who bought the house were willing to wait two months to move in.

Two competing offers were made on Bob's house a week and a half later.  The price was actually bid up five thousand dollars before one of them dropped out.  That buyer, however, wanted to move in as soon as possible.

The saving grace was that both Tiffany and the bank were eager to get them into their own new home.  The two story house they'd liked was still available and, with their combined incomes, they could afford the payments.  So, taking a leap of faith, they made their own offer.  The only thing they asked was that the seller pay the inspection and closing costs.  The owner accepted, and Tiffany said that was probably because the house had been on the market for almost a year.  It was empty, so they were allowed to move in immediately when the contract was signed, paying rent until the sale was actually completed.

That gave them the relief they had needed, both in terms of space to live in a style that would benefit both the parents and their children, and to provide circumstances where Bob wasn't mounting his daughter and fucking her through two or three orgasms a night, and then spurting in her teenage belly.  And, of course, it allowed Karen to sleep with Bob every night, instead of being mounted by her randy, teenage son who loved to get as deep inside her as possible before he spewed his virile spunk in her admittedly happy pussy.

Both Mandy and Jack had their own rooms and, to forward their conspiracy to fool their friends, Jack chose a room on the second floor, while Mandy picked one on the main floor.  Where they actually slept depended on how they felt any given night.  Another downstairs bedroom, smaller than the others, was chosen to make into a nursery.

Imagine seeing your daughter and her boyfriend sitting on the couch, making out, and suddenly said daughter pushes away and bats the boyfriend's hand away from her breast, saying, "Jack! I told you I don't do that kind of thing! Knock it off or I'm going to tell you to take me home!"

Okay, I guess most fathers out there would like to imagine something like that.  But for Bob it was comical to watch them practice what they planned to do on dates they hadn't even arranged yet.

It was after they moved into their new house that the kids were able to put the scam into high gear.  They started complaining to their friends about what they now had to put up with.

Mandy delivered the news to her circle of friends that her father had "saddled her" with Jack Ross as her new step brother, and commiserated with them about her misfortune.  When one of the girls said, "I think he's kind of cute," that allowed Mandy to say, "Well, you can have him.  He farts and eats all our food and leaves his stinky shoes lying around."

Likewise, when Jack got back with his friends, he told them, "I thought having Mandy for a sister would be cool.  You know, like I might get to see her running around in her underwear or something?  But man, what a bitch she turned out to be!  Everything is hers, and she thinks she can order me around."

Gradually, as a few weeks passed, and then a month, and then two months, they found it was easy to act like step-siblings at school, calling each other brother and sister and achieving a sort of public level of peaceful coexistence with each other.  People expected them to learn to get along, so they gradually appeared to do that.  But they showed only tolerance for each other, based on what they made clear was their forced relationship.

They also claimed to have an early curfew, enforced by their "new" parents. Because of that it seemed normal to their peers that they went on a lot of group dates. Twice they were on a group date in each other's company, though they ignored each other, unless they were arguing. In some cases they gravitated toward another member of the group, spending more time with him or her than the others. But that was the thing about group dating.  Unless couples were already formally going together, the group was usually comprised of kids who just wanted to hang out and have fun together.  There were a lot of kids, as it turned out, who didn't want the drama of a "real" boyfriend or girlfriend.  There were some individual dates, primarily to school dances that year.  Prior to going on those dates, the young couple would lie in bed, either making love or after finishing that pursuit, and talk about what was going to be okay and not allowed when they went out with other people.  Both trusted each other enough to allow more latitude than their parents would ever have believed.

And then, after a date, when they got home and were behind closed doors, Jack mounted his lover and rodded her long, deep, and continuous, as they reaffirmed their undying love for each other.

Also to advance the theory that her brother was a pain in the ass, whenever Mandy had a sleepover, and there were half a dozen nubile young women cavorting about the house, Jack made a pest of himself.  One time he knocked on her door and, when it was answered by a girl dressed in pajamas, Jack leered at her, before saying, "Tell Mandy she needs to do her chores, because I'm not going to do them for her."  Mandy had reacted by yelling, "Go away, you dick, and leave my friends alone!"  Bob showed up eventually and sternly reminded her that she would still be held accountable for her chores, before he ordered Jack to leave the girls alone.

They played their parts superbly, and no one in school believed there was any interest between them of an even faintly romantic nature.

For Jack and Amanda, the subterfuge of being lovers privately, while pretending to have no interest in each other publicly, became a game that was great fun.  That first year, while they were sophomores, their dating patterns were those of kids who want to have fun, but not get tied down. Few in their peer group could drive yet, and fewer still had access to a car on a frequent basis, so they gathered in groups to just hang out, usually getting rides from their parents.  Sometimes they'd go to a movie, where teens paired up to sit together.  Or they might wander around in the mall, again pairing up to some degree.  But there were relatively few instances where any kisses were expected.

As might be expected, though, both teens also liked spending time at home.  A favorite pastime was lying on the couch, with their head on top of Karen's bulging belly, talking to the baby inside.  Those conversations were intimate and sometimes happened as if Karen wasn't sitting there, listening.  They talked about things they wanted to do when the baby got old enough to explore the world, and about other people in the family the baby would meet, and what they were like.  One example, which astonished Karen, was when Mandy kissed the tight skin of her belly and described Jack.

"He's big and scary looking, but don't worry about that," she said. "He's really gentle and sweet and he'll love you so much you'll want to follow him around everywhere.  He'll be the best brother you could ever ask for."

And everyone loved waiting for the baby to move, and feeling that happen, or watching as a heel or elbow traveled across its mother's tight skin.

Late May brought the end of school, which was a welcome relief for the kids.

Three weeks later, though, there was another change that would be felt for a long time.  A lifetime, in fact.

On the fifteenth of June, the new baby finally arrived into the world.

Karen was one of those women who carry a baby easily, and even up into the eighth month she had relatively little discomfort.  Only when her due date was two weeks away did she feel like a beached whale, who had to waddle everywhere she went.

Her due date came and passed, but only by two days, before she gave birth to her second child, another boy, who they named Jeffrey Todd.  Jeffrey's presence altered things subtly, at first, primarily because of the noise he made in the middle of the night.  But during the day he had lots of caregivers.  Amanda in particular wanted to learn how to take care of her baby brother and then spent hours doing so, thinking of it as practice for when she would get to let Jack make one of these precious things inside her. 

Jack and Bob, for reasons unknown, both had the knack of rocking little Jeffrey to sleep, even when he fought it.

Gradually, as always happens when a baby is brought home, he assumed a major role in the entire family life. 

At one point, while Karen was still on maternity leave from work, Mandy sat down to watch Karen offer her nipple to the little boy.  Jeffrey latched on greedily and sucked as if he was starving.

"What does that feel like?" asked Amanda, watching the baby's cheeks caving in.

"Don't Bob and Jack do that for you?" asked Karen, who knew they both loved sucking hers.  They had sucked them so much, in fact, that she'd started lactating almost two weeks early.

"Well sure," said Mandy, who was so used to this kind of free and easy discussion that it didn't even seem odd anymore.  "But it can't be the same."

"It's not," said Karen.  "When my milk first lets down there's a kind of sweet, stinging pain, but then all I feel is pressure.  The nipples toughen up considerably once they're being used for their actual purpose."

"My nipples get hard," said Mandy.

"Tough and hard are different," said Karen.  "It's hard to describe.  All I know is that it doesn't feel sexual when Jeffrey sucks them."

"But it still does when the boys do?"  Both Karen and Mandy had taken to lumping Bob and Jack into one two-person group, identified as "the boys."

"Completely different," said Karen.  "But I really think lactating changes something.  You want to try, so you can see for yourself?"

"Me?  Do that?"  Mandy's face paled a bit, but she leaned toward mother and child.

"Why not?  You're curious.  He's hungry right now, so he won't just play.  Sometimes he does that.  Babies love to suck nipples as much as the boys do."

Five minutes later Mandy was topless and carefully cradled her baby brother, trying to figure out how to get his face next to a nipple.  It seemed awkward.

"Just roll him over," said Karen, reaching to help do that.

Jeffrey wasn't happy at his meal being disturbed.  No doubt Mandy smelled different too.  But once a nipple grazed his nose, he did what babies do.

"Oh, wow!" gasped Amanda.

It didn't last long, because there was no milk, and soon Jeffrey fussed.  In short order he was back on one of Karen's milky breasts, and happy again.

"That was so weird," said Mandy, putting her shirt back on.  "But you're right.  It did feel different.  Not like the boys at all."

"Smaller mouth," suggested Karen.

"But he sucks just as hard," said Mandy, reaching to squeeze the nipple that Jeffrey had tried to get milk out of.

"That's the tough part I was talking about," said Karen.  "My nipples have toughened up so that when he sucks like that it doesn't hurt."

Mandy got more and more involved with the day to day care of Jeffrey and, when Karen went back to work two weeks later, she volunteered to share child care duties with Bob.  Nor did she tire of that after a week or two.  Quite the opposite.  It gave her the perfect excuse to spend more time with her father.

And that was important because, before she returned to work, Karen confided in Mandy that, because the doctor had told her not to have sex for six weeks after delivery, Bob was beginning to get restless.

"If you don't mind, maybe you could help him relax?  Just until I can take care of that myself?"

Mandy talked that over with Jack, who grinned.

"I get it.  I know you love me.  And I'll be honest.  I miss being with Mom sometimes."

Nobody told Bob that he had been proclaimed to be fair game again.

Mandy seduced her father the first time while they were changing Jeffrey's diaper one day.  He had a little baby erection.

"I didn't know baby boys got that way," said Mandy.

Oh yeah," said Bob.  "Happens all the time.  But it doesn't mean the same thing.  Usually it's a warning that it's about to go off."

You mean pee?"

Yes," said Bob.

andy reached to fondle the little stiff penis.

It feels like the same thing," she said. "Only smaller, of course."

Just then Jeffrey fulfilled Bob's prophecy and pee shot up into the air, getting on both of them.  They laughed and Mandy took off her soiled shirt as Bob finished fastening a new diaper on the baby.  She wasn't wearing a bra.  When Bob noticed she was topless, his lips tightened.

"I wish you wouldn't do that," he sighed.  "Karen can't have sex for another month."

"I know. She told me," said Mandy.  "She said you were getting restless."

"Seeing you like that doesn't help," he said.

"Are you getting like Jeffrey?" she teased.

"Yes, but not for the same reason," he said, sternly.

"Just like old times," she said, grinning.

"Why are you teasing me?" he groaned.

"Because Karen asked me to help you relax until she can have sex again."

"I am not relaxed," he said.

She skinned out of her shorts.  She wasn't wearing panties, and stood in front of him naked.

"You will be pretty soon," she said, softly.  "Isn't it time for Jeffrey's nap?"

"Ohhhhh, Baby," groaned Bob as he slid into Mandy's furnace-hot depths.  "I need this so much."

"I've missed you," she gasped, feeling with great delight the differences from Jack in the way he made love.  She'd almost forgotten that.  Now, as it all rushed back, she knew she'd have an orgasm very soon.

"I feel guilty," he groaned, pushing deep and flexing his cock in her.

"Karen asked me to do this," she panted.

"I meant about Jack."

"I talked to him, silly.  He said it was okay.  He said he misses being with Karen sometimes."

"Okay. I feel better," said Bob, and he started working a load out, rapidly.

As he jetted into his daughter's depths, she squeezed him and whispered in his ear.

"Maybe after Karen can do this again, we can swap partners ... just once every so often."

"Ohhhh, fuck," he groaned as his balls tried to keep cumming. 

He wondered how it could be that he loved his wife ...  but he loved being with Mandy too.

About a week later, Bob found out just how much his wife loved him, as she sat on a blanket where, only a year ago, her romance with Bob had gotten started with a bang.  Now they were back on the grassy sward to celebrate that, but because of the timing, Karen had to sit this one out.  She watched in the dark, holding little Jeffery, while Amanda had sex with both Jack and Bob, as fireworks burst in brilliant balls of light above them.

That July included Driver's Education, which was only offered in the summer in that district.  Both kids went in the same class, but ignored each other for the most part.   After that, they had to compete for use of one of the cars in the family. 

After taking driver's ed, Jack got his license, and a job at the auto parts store, delivering parts to the various mechanics and garages in town.

There were a couple of individual dates that summer, but in both cases Jack and Amanda only went out once with each person.  The rest of the summer was spent, publicly, in separate groups.  A few of Jack's friends showed interest in Mandy, but Jack usually either convinced them she wasn't their type, or described character traits that he knew that particular guy didn't like in a girl.  

Karen went to her final post-natal checkup and was given the okay to resume her "normal marital practices," as the doctor put it.  He had no clue as to what he was sending her back to.  Bob was glad to have her back, even though he was much more relaxed these days.  She was the one who was lusty and loud, and she demanded more than he could actually perform. 

Based on what she'd had to watch on the 4th of July, when Bob felt like he was letting her down, he whispered that maybe Jack would be willing to help make up for it.  She refused, and cuddled with him until he had rested enough to give her more.

The next day, though, when she got up and Bob stayed in bed, exhausted, she asked Mandy if she could borrow Jack for a while.

Twenty minutes later Karen crawled between Jack's spread thighs and grasped his familiar erection, which was lying almost on his abdomen.   She reached to grasp it, pulling it until it pointed at the ceiling.  She bent it further and inched upwards as she felt the base of his penis resist.   When it pointed right at her nose, she scooted forward eight more inches, opened her mouth, and closed her lips behind the neck of the knob.

She was looking up at his astonished face, so she saw his eyes widen and then, in just the time it took her to suck once, those eyes rolled back in his head and his salty/sweet semen filled her mouth.  His head and shoulders flopped onto the bed and bounced once as an agonized groan escaped his throat and his hips lurched.

Rising to her knees and leaning forward at the same time, she slid her lips down onto his shaft until the tip hit her gag reflex and then pulled back, sucking all the way.

"Fuuuuuuck, Mom," he gasped.

She bit his penis with her front teeth, closing down enough to know it caused him pain.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he yelped, his head coming up off the bed again.

She lifted her teeth and winked at him as she sucked the rest of the way off his rapidly softening penis.

Something in her wanted to punish him for how much she loved what she'd just done, and loved the taste in her mouth.

That punishment consisted of crawling further up, lying on top of him, and kissing him thoroughly while she rubbed her naked breasts against his chest.

His taste didn't bother him one bit. 

Twenty minutes later he exploded again, this time in her famished pussy.

It was after that that Karen called a family meeting, because she felt like things were spinning out of control again. 

In the end, a consensus was reached in which it was determined that, until the kids went off to college, once or twice a month Bob would spend the night in Amanda's room, while Jack spent the night in bed with his mother.  And that worked very well for them from that point on.  It was just enough to scratch the taboo itch that all of them seemed to have developed, and which none of them could have explained to the world.

But the long term plans for the teens went on too.  When their junior year started up, the social situation was a little different.  Dates were expected to be more serious, at least by the people who wanted to go out with both of them.  And that led to some interesting situations.

Mandy, for example, spent ten minutes kissing her date good night on the front porch after the Winter Wonderland dance that year.  Karen "saved" her by turning on the porch light and opening the door. That young man went home with blue balls for sure.  Jack also kissed some girls good night, but not with the interest Mandy did.  She was intent on getting a few rumors started by the boys she kissed, and it worked.  She never allowed anything more than kissing, though.  When the rumors included a little more than that, she didn't complain.  One boy said he'd gotten in her panties, though, and she scorned him in public during lunch, yelling at him for being a liar.  He didn't get any dates for two months after that.

S.A.T.s were taken and colleges were applied to.  Both Jack and Mandy had very good grades, something they worked on together.  They'd been "living together" now for over a year, and their devotion to each other had not flagged at all.  The things that happened on dates were always discussed, and never caused any real jealousy.  In some ways, the kids began to "feel" married already.

It is admittedly a bit of a stretch, but some comparisons could be made between what happened to this teenage couple and the way mates were chosen back when adventurous people settled the western United States. In those days it was not unusual for a pair of fourteen or fifteen-year-olds to pair up and start a family. They usually got a lot of help from a set of parents, perhaps living with them. They shared the responsibilities in the larger family unit until they were secure enough in their capabilities and finances to strike out on their own. Relationship advice was available from the elders in the group. That this system worked well cannot be denied, even by those who now believe that no fifteen-year-old is capable of entering into a marital relationship that has any chance of succeeding. So what has changed since then?

Well, for one thing in these modern days, almost nobody is willing to help people that young succeed in that way. Rather, there are active hurdles put in place to ensure nobody that age can even try to make something like that happen. Sometimes those hurdles are based on some moral sense. Many more are legal in nature. And society, in general, just doesn't believe humans that young have the maturity to enter into such relationships.

As can be seen, however, there is an argument to be made that, with the proper support, it might be quite possible for a couple that young to make a go of it. It isn't impossible. Teenagers are smarter, healthier and better equipped financially these days. Most people simply aren't willing to try to help a young couple make it work. And, of course, the impetus that existed 200 years ago is lacking. Few teenagers have to actually work to survive, these days.

The point is that one shouldn't be surprised that these kids and their parents, in their distinctly odd little family, made what they were all striving for work.

The next summer Jack went back to his summer job of delivering auto parts and Mandy got a job too, a more typical job for a teenager, working in a fast food joint.  Some of her male co-workers tried hard to get in her pants, but she blew them off.  She was quite vocal about having to help take care of her baby brother, and not being interested in having one of her own.

As their senior year loomed closer both teens knew it was going to be tough to keep being so out of sync with their peers, sexually speaking.  Almost all their friends had a boy or girlfriend, and if the stories were to be believed, a lot of them were having sex.  Both knew that the peer pressure they'd be up against in their final year of high school would be intense, and neither knew what to do about it.

As a result, both had near disasters, early in the semester.  With Mandy it was a boy who had transferred into the district from somewhere else.  Unknown to her, when he took an interest in her, he found out as much about her as possible.  When he learned about her reputation for not fooling around on dates, he decided he wanted to be the boy who could claim he'd broken her down.  He had a lot of experience doing that, too, in his previous school, and his technique had been honed very nearly to perfection. He was exactly the kind of boy Karen had described as one who tried to get into as many pairs of panties as possible.

When she went out with him she thought he was nice, and her bullshit meter malfunctioned.  She found herself with his hand inside her bra and his other hand pulling hers against the erection in his pants. It was clear Ronny was going for the gold, but she managed to extricate herself from that by telling him she wasn't on the pill and was terrified of becoming pregnant.  He tried everything, from telling her he'd pull out, to swearing he could get her the morning after pill, but she insisted he had to take her home.  He wasn't happy, but he didn't push it, no doubt thinking that he'd have better luck in the future, when he would be sure to have a condom with him.  She didn't go out with him again, though, and told him point blank that the reason she was turning him down was because she wasn't sure she couldn't stop herself again.  

With Jack, the problem wasn't what he wanted to do. It was what the girl who was trying to ensnare him wanted.  And she wanted it all.  He managed to resist her attempts to get him to fuck her by saying he had no condom (which was true) and getting her off with his fingers and then taking her home.  Later was it revealed she was already pregnant, and wanted someone to blame it on other than the boy who had actually gotten her that way.

He was sobered by what had almost happened to him.  In a burst of what can only be called panic, he told some people at school that he was thinking about becoming a priest.  The non-Catholic girls in school assumed he was Catholic and the Catholic girls lost interest in him completely, even though they never saw him at mass.

When Karen and Bob heard about this, they laughed.  When Mandy then told them what had happened to her, they did not.

It was Karen who came up with a plausible way for Mandy to avoid dating for the rest of the semester.  The story she told when she got back to school on the third of January was about how her family had gone to spend three days visiting some of her step-mother's family, where she had met the most handsome college freshman, who was going to the very same university she'd applied to.  They had made out and he'd promised to wait for her to get there, so they could take their relationship forward.  They'd already Skyped a dozen times and he'd even sent her a dozen roses.  Some of her girlfriends said she was being silly, and that he wouldn't wait for her at all.  It was just something he said to get into her panties.  She insisted they were in love, though, and said she wasn't going to screw that up by messing around with any high school boys.

Jack teased her about this story one night, as they got ready for bed.

"What are you going to do if your college boyfriend finds out you've been sleeping around on him?"

She appeared to ignore him.  Naked, she got into the drawer of her night stand and brought out her rabbit.  Flopping on the bed, she inserted it and turned it on while Jack stood, stunned.  He knew this thing existed, but he'd never seen her use it.  While she arched her hips, she turned smoky eyes on him.

"If you're going to be a priest, then we can't have sex at all!  I'll have to resort to this from now on, I suppose."

When she later confided to Karen how he had reacted, Karen got her own vibrator out one night before Bob came to bed.  She was using it when he came into the bedroom from putting Jeffrey down to sleep.  He stopped and stared, his jaw slack.

"We haven't had a real fight yet," she said, sliding the buzzing thing in and out of her pussy.  "When we do, I just want you to know I have other options."

Then she laughed so hard that her internal muscles fairly squirted the vibrator out onto the sheet, where it happily whirred in a circle before she could reach it to turn it off.

Bob contacted the university his teaching degree had come from.  They had an alumni program that gave preferential admittance to the children of alumni, as long as they had a 3.2 GPA or above.  Upon graduation Amanda had a 3.3 GPA and Jack had a 3.6, so they were in.  That this school was in a different region of the country only ensured that they were unlikely to meet anyone they had known in high school when they went there.  It also meant a drive of ten hours to get home for holidays, but two college kids, sharing the driving time, can drive double that and barely be yawning at the end.

College was a challenge, especially that first year, because university policy required that they live in the dorm during their freshman year.  For the first time since becoming lovers, they were separated.  It wasn't easy.  Coming home became precious time to them, because while home they could revert to sleeping together.  The first time they came home, for Thanksgiving, they didn't come out of their room until noon the next day.

So distracted were they that it wasn't until they did appear, after a marathon night of sexual satisfaction, that they noticed the gentle swell that was Bob's second successful impregnation of his wife.  This time it was planned.

The kids weathered the remainder of that year, in part because Bob gave them tips on how to find places to be alone together outside the dorms.  One of those was the suggestion that Jack join a fraternity.  Sorority houses were still closed to male guests, for the most part, but frat guys had been sneaking women into their houses for decades.  And, of course, there was Christmas break, and then Spring Break, with only a couple of months before they were back home for the summer and living together again.

"The new baby", as Amanda called it, was also born in June, and Karen insisted Mandy be with her in labor and delivery.  Bob was there too, but Karen wanted Mandy to know what to expect.  It sobered the young woman, but did not quash her desire to have Jack's baby someday.  The effect on Mandy was interesting, in that she wanted to both hug Karen and hold her new sister at the same time.

Their sophomore year allowed them to live out of the dorms.  Jack had, in fact, joined a frat, and lived in the frat house.  Mandy found three roommates, two girls and a guy, and they rented a house that had seen better years, even back when Bob was going there.  But, finally, they could manage a night together two or three times a week.  By this time Jack had settled on elementary education as his major.  Amanda had become fascinated with computers and graphic arts, and was aiming in that direction.

By all counts, this unusual romance, on the part of both of the original double daters, had been a storybook success.  But with each passing year the odds that something would fuck things up got greater and greater.

That unforeseen fuckup happened during their junior year in college.  In October Mandy ran out of birth control pills and, because she was so busy with classes, she didn't get to the school clinic to get a refill for a week.  That was long enough for Mother Nature to rear up and roar in triumph, at last.   By then Jack had moved out of the frat house and was one of Mandy's roommates.  They slept together every night, and everybody they knew were well aware they were a couple.  When, by Thanksgiving, Mandy hadn't had a period, she confided that fact to Karen when they got home.

A home pregnancy test announced the bad news.

There was some crying, but by Thanksgiving Day this unplanned addition to the human race was given thanks for while Jack squeezed Mandy's hand.

Finishing school that year was no problem, because the baby wasn't due until July.  The issue would be how to complete her senior year.

When they got back after Thanksgiving break, Mandy made some inquiries and learned that, for married students, there was daycare available.

And so it was that, in June of that year, in a private ceremony in the back yard of Bob and Karen's home, a marriage license issued in one state was honored by the minister of another state, who joined Jack P. Ross and a very gravid Amanda J. Thurlow in matrimony.  Jack had to bend forward at the waist, as if he was formally bowing to his bride, to be able to kiss her lips.

Though the wedding was private, Mandy's swollen belly could not be kept that way, and they all knew it.  But years had passed and so, with great courage, Amanda went to see one of her high school friends who was also married and had three children by now.  She had, in fact, married her high school sweetheart, who worked for his father in the family business.

"When did this happen?" said Melanie.

"Pretty close to eight months ago," said Mandy, easing down onto Melanie's couch. 

"Are you married?"

"Yes, and you won't guess in a million years who to," said Mandy easily.


"Remember Jack?"

"No way!" gasped Melanie.  "I thought he was going to be a priest.  Wait!  He's your brother!"

"Step-brother," said Mandy.  "Last year he decided maybe the priesthood wasn't for him."

"But you?  And him?  You guys fought like cats and dogs!"

"I know, I know," said Mandy.  "Who knew?  Inside that complete dickhead there was actually a nice guy.  It took two years of college to bring it out, but there you go."

"I have to hear the story of how that happened," said Melanie, her eyes sparking.

"For the first two years we hardly saw each other.  His major and mine are different.  But then, last year, we decided to room together, to save money," said Mandy.  "And I realized that in the two years we had nothing to do with each other he'd turned into a decent kind of guy.  Or maybe he was all along.  It was hard on us when our parents got married.  We were used to being only children, I think."

"I get that," said Melanie, nodding in sympathy.

"Anyway, one night some people were over and we got drunk and the next thing I knew we were waking up in the same bed the next morning."

"What a shocker!" gasped Melanie.

"You're telling me?  Especially since I wasn't on the pill."  Amanda patted her pregnant belly and put a sad face on, but then brightened.  "Of course we didn't know about this then.  I mean I knew something had happened, and we were both naked, so we had to deal with that.  Anyway, we started talking and found out we have a lot more in common than we thought.  And we already knew each other.  Or at least we did, back then.  And things just kind of clicked."

"But ... can you actually marry your step-brother?"  Melanie's brow wrinkled.

"Actually, you can," said Amanda.  "We were raised separate except for two years, and there was never any romantic interest back then.  Or even when we first got to college.  So the clerk of the county we live in said it was no problem and issued us a license."

"Well how about that," sighed Melanie.  "When are you due?"

"July the fourth," said Amanda.  "Can you believe that?  I can't wait."

"You don't have to tell me," said Melanie, who had been dealing with three little ones while this entire conversation had gone on.  "Can you stay for dinner?  I know Ronny would love to see you.  Didn't you go out with him in high school?"

"Once," said Mandy.  "But I have to go.  I just wanted to stop in and say hi. It's been so long.  There are a couple of other people I want to see too.  It's so good to see you again.  You've been very busy," she said, motioning at the children.

"Ronny's such a horn dog, even now," she said.  "He was that way in high school too.   But then you went out with him, so you probably know."

"It's why I only went out with him once," said Mandy, grinning.

"He'd be so jealous if he saw you now.  I swear, he tried to knock up every girl he ever conned into going out with him."

"Including you, apparently," said Amanda, grinning.  "Which is a good reason for him not to see me," she added, firmly.  "He's your man now.  I don't want him getting jealous over me."

"You always did have scruples," said Melanie.

"I didn't want to end up like this," said Mandy, patting her belly again.  "Not back then.  As you can see, if you don't stay right on top of those scruples, then things happen."  She smiled and rubbed her pregnant belly.

She left, knowing that, in Melanie's circle, the news she had delivered would circulate with lightning speed.  She did not, in fact, go see any of her other old friends.

And, by the time Jack drove her back to school for their last year, transporting one-month-old Craig Emerson Ross in Jeffrey's hand-me-down infant car seat, in the back, a significant number of people Jack and Mandy had gone to high school with did, in fact, know that she had married her step-brother.

But nobody really cared.

The End

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