Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Fifteen

Karen turned down the heat under that goulash and put a lid on the green beans, to keep them warm. She found the children putting out napkins and glasses on the table.

"Something to drink," she said, out loud.

"Champagne seems appropriate," said Mandy.

Karen looked at the girl askance.

"I think not," she said.  "First of all, it's not a healthy choice for me.  Second, you two are much too young to start drinking.  What you've already done is more than enough. And lastly, I don't think your father is in a celebratory mood."

"Yeah," said Amanda, unfazed.  "You're probably right.  There's some juice in the fridge.  I'll get that."

She had just returned when Bob walked into the room.  There were some printouts in his hand.

"Let's eat!" he said, sounding to be in a much better mood than the last time he'd spoken.

It only took a few minutes to get everything to the table, and they sat.  They held hands and, after a brief, traditional grace Mandy said by rote, they served themselves.

"I've been doing some research," said Bob, picking up the pages he'd set beside his plate.

"I thought we were going to talk after supper," said Mandy.

Bob put the pages back down and fixed a baleful stare on his daughter.

"Amanda Jane Thurlow, if your attitude continues to be that of a spoiled little girl, I'm going to treat you like one.  That means I'm going to put you over my lap and spank your bare bottom, and if that happens to take place in front of our guests, that won't bother me even a little bit.  Do you understand me?"

Amanda heard the thing in his voice that, in the past, had put dread in her heart.

"Yes, Sir," she said. "I'm sorry."

He acted like nothing had ever happened and picked up the pages again.

"Now, as I said, I've been doing some research. I need to ask you two a question, and it's a very important question.  You've been back to school for almost a month. Who knows that the two of you are going together?"

Jack looked at Mandy, who felt it was wiser to let him do the talking for a little while.  She knew her father would make good on his threat.  Not that she was planning on sassing him again, but still, it was better to just remain silent.

"We haven't exactly advertised it," said Jack.

"What does that mean?" asked Bob.  "Who does know you're going together?"

"We only have one class together.  That's social studies, and they have assigned seats in there, so we can't sit together.  We have different lunch periods too, so we don't really get to see each other very much."

"That doesn't answer my question.  Who have you told that Amanda is your girlfriend?"

"Nobody," he said, looking uncomfortable and glancing at Mandy.  "As soon as I tell anybody, they're going to want to know what we've done ... and stuff."

"Meaning they'll want to know how far you've gotten with her?" asked Bob.


"And you don't want to brag?"

"If you do, then that gets around. I don't want her reputation to be bad."

"Well thank goodness for that," said Bob.  He looked at his daughter. "How about you?"

"Can I ask why this matters so much?" she asked, carefully.

"Yes," said Bob.  "But the reason is moot if you've told a bunch of your girlfriends that the two of you are going together.  And if you told any of them you've had sex with him, then we're all screwed."

Mandy looked shocked.

"No!  I wouldn't tell them that! Girls can't wait to tell their friends something like that, just like boys do!"

"They also gossip about who is who's boyfriend," said Bob.  "That's my concern right now."

"This may be hard for you to understand," said Mandy, "but I'm still not used to even having a boyfriend.  As far as I know, the only people who know we like each other is Claudia and Reggie. They were at the sleepover."

"Damn," said Bob. "I forgot about that. We may be screwed."

"Why?" asked Mandy. It just came out naturally.

Bob looked at the papers again.

"I'll tell you what I found out and then you'll understand why it matters."

With that he told them that the subject of step-sibling marriage was a pretty hot topic on the internet, and that there were hundreds of testimonials about step-siblings who had wanted to get married and couldn't, and who wanted to get married and could.  The major difference seemed to be in whether they were raised together or their parents got married while they were older.  The rule of thumb, in terms of consensus and testimony, seemed to be like this:  If you were raised together, the chances were poor, because people got used to thinking of the couple as being brother and sister.  This mirrored Mandy's concerns.  If one parent adopted the step-child, then marriage between the siblings was almost always impossible.  On the other end of the spectrum, if the children were already 18 when the parents married, and didn't live together at all, then marriage was no problem at all.   The middle ground, where this family found itself, was a little more complicated.   The testimonials of those who had been successful in getting married talked about how, whether they were attracted while they lived together or not, as long as no one saw any attraction, after they turned 18 nobody seemed to make big waves if they wanted to get married. 

In other words, if it appeared as if the step-siblings didn't fall in love until after they were 18 and out of the house, then very few people were against the marriage. 

The testimonials came from people in different states, and state laws that were quoted conflicted with each other.  He had to explain to the kids that marriage law was almost always state law, which was why things varied so much from place to place.  But the bottom line was that there were states in which step-siblings could get married.

"Daddy, we already talked about all this a couple of weeks ago," Mandy sighed.  "Nothing's changed, really. We can't get married right now.  You two can still be together, and we still can't.  Not publicly, anyway."

"That's my point," said Bob.  "Obviously, Karen and I need to get married.  Her being pregnant changes things.  But it's not the end of the world for you two either, because there is a way you can be together later, get married, I mean, and still live with us.  It just has to appear as if you aren't interested in each other romantically until you turn 18 and get jobs, or go to college or whatever."

"You mean he can't be my boyfriend," said Amanda.

"Not outside the house," said Bob. "That's why Claudia and ... whoever the boy was ... knowing about you two being involved with each other is a problem. They know you two have had sex."

"No they don't," said Mandy. "All they know is we spent one night together."

"And they did too, right?" Bob's voice was neutral.

"Obviously," said Mandy.

"And what do you think they did while they spent the night together?

"Have sex," said Mandy. She froze. "Oh," she sighed.

"Yes," said Bob.

"But Jack and I didn't have sex," said Mandy.

"Maybe Claudia and Ronny didn't either," said Bob. "But you assume they did, and they probably assume the same thing about you two."

Mandy thought for what seemed like a long time before she spoke again.

"It's Reggie, and Claudia broke up with him. They had to because their parents said they either had to get married or break up."

"Okay ... so what?" asked Bob.

"So I'll tell her Jack and I broke up, too."

"And you think she'll believe you?" Bob sounded skeptical.

"Why not? It happens all the time."

"And I can tell Reggie the same thing," said Jack. They'll believe it, because Mandy and I don't hang out at school."

"For what I have in mind, it's vital that none of your friends think you're interested in each other. That's why you can't be boyfriend and girlfriend in public."

"What does that mean about here at home?" asked Mandy.

"I haven't talked this over with Karen, yet," said Bob, "but I think it would be unreasonable, if we're all living in one house, knowing what we know, to try to keep you apart."

"You mean we could sleep together ... any time?" Amanda's eyes got huge.

"I mean Karen and I need to discuss this."

"Does that have to be," Mandy started, "and I mean this with all due respect, Daddy ... after supper?"

Bob wanted to smile, but kept his face calm.  He looked at Karen, who was staring at him as if he'd grown a third eye.

"We could talk now and then eat," he said.

"Yes, please!" she said, standing up.

Bob and Karen disappeared towards Bob's bedroom, while the two teens just stared at each other, speechless.

"I just thought of it while I was making the goulash," said Bob, shrugging. "It was the only thing I could think of that had a chance of working out."

"I get it," said Karen.  "And the idea of getting married right away is very appealing to me.  But Bob ... I had sex with Jack!"

"I know," he said. "Did you ask him to?"

"Well, no, but ..."

"But what?"

"When I realized what was happening I did nothing to stop it."

"Then I know exactly how you feel," he said.  "That's pretty much what happened to me, too."

She looked relieved, because she felt relieved.  Then she frowned.

"We obviously can't get married tomorrow.  And neither of our houses is big enough for all of us. Not with a baby coming."

"So, we sell our houses and buy a bigger one.  And get married in the meantime."

She went to him and put her arms around him.

"You know I love you," she said.

"I do."

"If I'm not living with you, and sleeping in your bed, that means I'm going to be in my house with my son ... at night ... alone."

"I think I understand your concern," he said.  "I will have the same problem."

"So what are we going to do?"

"Get married and get that new house as soon as humanly possible," he said.

"And in the meantime?"

"Do the best we can."

"You're not hearing me, Bob.  I didn't stop him because I didn't want to stop him! And even though you're being unbelievably understanding about that, I still feel guilty. I know I'll feel guilty about it if it happens again, too. That's no way to live."

"I hear you perfectly," he said, squeezing her.  "I understand your feelings of guilt because I have the same feelings. That's why we need to move as quickly as possible.  When they can sleep with each other, that's going to take a lot of heat off of us."

"And you'll keep loving me anyway?"  Her eyes were huge.

"If you'll keep loving me," he said.  "It's just temporary, until they can do what they're driven to do with each other, instead of us."

"It's not what they're driven to that bothers me," sighed Karen.

"I think that problem will resolve itself when their attention is on each other, instead of us," said Bob. "It's not like we've accepted that an incestuous life style is fine and dandy. We're just trying to get by, here. Maybe thinking about it as a temporary coping mechanism will help reduce the guilt. I don't blame you for what happened. I hope you don't blame me, either. Let's just move forward with things as quickly as possible and get to a place where the temptation isn't as strong."

When they returned the kids were talking quietly.  Both stopped and looked at their parents, tensely.

"Do you two think you can pull off convincing people that you aren't interested in each other?"

"We've been talking about that.  We have some ideas of how to do that."

"Please share."

"Well, for one thing, we'd have to date other people.  Except not enough times for those people to want to be boy or girlfriends."

"That's what we would have recommended anyway," said Bob.

"And we've both heard our friends complaining about their brothers and sisters, so we think we could do that too."

"Once we're married, there's no turning back," said Bob.

"Mom can't get un-pregnant," said Jack. "There's already no turning back."

Neither adult pointed out that, technically, he was wrong. 

Practically speaking, he was perfectly correct.

There was more talk, but now it was hopeful talk.  The kids did some role playing, complaining to their parents about each other, like they imagined spatting brothers and sisters might do.  Their parents, both of whom had brothers or sisters, coached them a bit.

Eventually it got late.  There was school and work the next day.  Karen took Jack home.

When they left, Mandy took her father's hand and pulled him back to the couch.  She pushed him down and sat on his lap, straddling him.   She did not rub against him. Rather, she just sat there.

"Would you really have spanked me?"

"Yes," he said.

"I really am sorry I mouthed off.  I knew you were all torn up and I should have been more sensitive.  Thank you for thinking of a way to help us."

"You're welcome," he said.

"So ... what happens tonight?"

"Karen and I talked about that," he said.

"Do I have to stop sleeping in your bed?"

He looked at his beautiful daughter.

"No," he said, softly.

"I can't get over you being pregnant," said Jack, as they drove home.

"You have nine months to get over it," she said, glancing sideways at him.  "Eight months, actually."

"That seems so weird."

"You know that the pill doesn't work all the time," she said.

"You're not on the pill ... are you?"

"I was not.  That's why I went to the doctor today, to get the pill.  My point is that Amanda is on the pill, but she could still end up just like me."

"You mean she could still get pregnant?"

"Exactly.  So if you think me being pregnant is weird, imagine what it would be like if she was, too."

"Oh, man," he sighed.

"Does that make you want to take a break from having sex for a while?"

He snorted.

"Mom, that just gave me a boner."

Things were much less complicated for Bob when he just gave up trying to resist. 

They got ready for bed in much the same way they always had.  There were a few differences.  They did not for example, put on any jammies. Granted, that had been routine for a few weeks, but now it felt ... normal.

As they crawled, naked, into bed, Amanda rolled against him.

"Do I get a good night kiss?" she asked.

"You get much more than that," he said.

It was much more relaxed, due to the absence of regret, and fear, and guilt.  When the time came he crawled up over her and she spread her legs eagerly.  He paused to sample her nipples again, something he'd already been doing between kisses.  She was eager to receive him.

He let her reach to guide him and then he sank slowly into her for the first time, voluntarily, eagerly, completely aware of what he was doing.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, I love you so much," groaned Amanda, as she was filled.

"I love you too, baby," he said into her hair.

He fucked her slowly, tenderly, until she whined and writhed under him, thrusting her loins up, humping him. Then he pounded her until she screamed in release.

When the urge hit him, there was no thought whatsoever as to the fact that the penis in his daughter had impregnated Karen. He sank in deep and pumped Mandy's pussy full of incestuous daddy spunk.

Karen took a shower when they got home.  They hadn't talked about whether or not their "normal" bedtime routine would change or not, and when she got out of the shower she dried off.  Wrapping her hair in a towel, but otherwise naked, she went to find Jack.  He was watching TV.

"Don't stay up too late," she said.

He looked over at her and lost all interest in the TV.

"Do you want to help dry my hair?" she asked, on impulse.

"Sure," he said.

Ten minutes later he was standing behind her in the bathroom. The hair dryer was so loud that talking was difficult.  She combed while he directed the hot air where she taught him to.  Eventually her hair was dry enough that she signaled him to turn the device off.  It seemed quiet as a tomb in the sudden silence.  She continued to comb her hair.  Her eyes went to the mirror to find him using it to stare at her naked breasts.

"Bob and I talked tonight," she said.

"I know."

"Until we can find a house big enough for all of us ... big enough for you and Amanda to have your own rooms ... he's going to keep helping Amanda."

"What about me?"

"I'm going to keep helping you, too," she said, softly.

Fifteen minutes later Jack pressed her into the sheets, sliding into her with youthful lustiness as she spread her legs eagerly.

He was completely different in his technique than Bob was.  Again, he lasted only a minute, at most, but again he kept going, his lust overcoming his body's attempt to tell him it was finished.  He did soften some, though.

Karen slid her hands over his back and shoulders, cooing to him, whispering to him how to please her, teaching him patience, and how to use his body to massage her, both internally and externally.

She told him when she was going to have an orgasm and, both times that happened, reported to him what she was feeling as she had it. He learned that night how to think about making sure Mandy had multiple orgasms like that too, in the future.

In the end, he lasted another half hour before he groaned, pushed in, and froze.

She felt his penis delivering another batch of sperm.

She could enjoy that sperm, now, because in this situation those millions of sperm cells were completely harmless.

Bob slowed, just enjoying the feel of her tight pussy clasping his cock as he slid it in and out of her. She'd had two orgasms. Her orgasms differed from Karen's in fascinating ways. Karen whined and groaned when she came. Sometimes she chanted. Mandy sounded more like a porn actress, except he could tell it wasn't faked dialogue. She screamed a lot, too. Or maybe they were shouts. She was loud, though. That was for sure. She was breathing hard, coming down from her second orgasm. She had not fallen limply. Her pussy was still pulsing and she was fucking back at him actively. He wondered if she was thinking about going for number three. Greedy girl.

"It's my turn," he said, kissing her nose.

"Are you going to cum in me again?" she panted.


"You got Karen pregnant," she said.

"I got you on the pill," he said.

"You told me the pill isn't a hundred percent effective."

"Are you asking me to pull out?"

"No!" she gasped, reaching to grip his sides.

"You'll let me cum in you even if your pills might not work?"

"Yes," she groaned.

"Is it possible you're a little slutty?" he teased, going in deep and rubbing her clit again.  That's how she'd gotten her last orgasm."

"With you and Jack I am," she moaned.

"Ohhh, Baby ... here it comes," he gasped.

"Yes, squirt in me, Daddy," she whined, pulling harder.

He did, not at all concerned that his behavior, if not intent, was of a kind that might make a baby in his adolescent daughter's belly.

The next day was Saturday, and after taking a shower, Bob called a local realtor to make an appointment to discuss their options.  The woman told them she could come by after an early appointment.  She thought she could get there around ten.

Bob called Karen to tell her about the appointment.  The phone rang five or six times and then there was the sound of a handset being fumbled off of the cradle.

"Hello?" came her out of breath voice.

"Hi," he said.  "Did I wake you?"

"No," she said.  "I've been up for a while."

"You sound out of breath."

"You gave me permission to be out of breath," she panted.

"Shit," he said softly.  "Don't tell me you're ..."

"Just talk to me," she said.

"I called a realtor. She's coming by my house around ten."

"I'll be there," groaned Karen.

Bob could hear the rhythmic sound over the phone of skin slapping against other skin.

"I'll let you go," he said, feeling something hard and heavy in his stomach.

"I'll be there!" she said.  "I love you!"

"Who was that?"

Bob turned to see Mandy standing in the bedroom door. She was wearing her robe and had eaten breakfast while he was on the phone.  He was naked.  And he was erect.

"Come here," he said.

She did so and he untied her robe.

"You got a boner just thinking about me?" She grinned.

"I got a boner because I was just talking to Karen," he said.

"Oh." She sounded disappointed.

"She was in the process of being fucked by your boyfriend."

"Oh!"  Now she sounded mildly upset.

"She's not here to help me with this," said Bob, gripping his cock.

"So now, you want me to help you?"  Mandy laughed.

He pulled her to the living room and sat down on the couch.  His inference was obvious.

She shrugged off her robe and sat on his lap, straddling him.  She reached to notch him and then scooted forward with a sigh.

"Remember when I sat on your lap that first night and rubbed against you?"

"Yes," he said, already breathing more deeply.

"I wanted to do this that night."

"I did too."

"Now we can."

"We need to hurry.  I have to have the house ready for a realtor to look at in an hour and a half."

"Daddy!" she chided.  "This house is a mess!"

"Then get off and help me clean it up," he said.

"In a minute," she said.

Then she went to work, jerking and rubbing.

She wanted her nipples sucked again, and when he did that it sent her over the edge.

Her rippling pussy milked him until he felt sweet release, as well, spewing more healthy baby-making jets of sperm into her adolescent belly.

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