Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Thirteen

"Don't go anywhere," said Karen as Jack put his breakfast dishes in the sink.  "We need to talk."

"What about?"

"About you and me."  She swallowed.  "And about Mandy and Bob."

"Oh, okay."

"This trial we're trying out," she said.  "It means that he's going to be doing the same thing for her that I do for you."

"He's already done that once," said Jack.  "Mandy told me."

"I know.  He told me about that too.  How do you feel about that?"

"I think I understand it," he said.

"Explain that to me."

"Well, I know how I feel about you, and what you do for me.  I guess I'm not surprised that Mandy gets excited about doing things with him too."

"The other night," said Karen.  "You touched me."

"Yes."  His eyes brightened.

"Do you remember what I did after you ejaculated?"

"You rubbed it on your breasts," he said.  She could see him start to take deeper breaths.

"Do you know why I did that?"


"Because I got excited."

"You did?"

"Yes, sweetheart.  That biological urge we've been talking to you about affects me too.  It's not supposed to do that when my son is involved, but it does."

"I know I'm not supposed to be happy about that," said Jack, "but I am.  This is crazy, Mom."

"I know, Baby.  I know.   But my point is that that's probably happening to Bob and Mandy too."

"Okay.  I can understand that too."

"So ... things escalated between you and me," she said.  "That may happen between Bob and Mandy, when he helps her."

"Like how?" he asked.

"Did she tell you what they did?"

"Yes.  She said she sat on his lap and rubbed up against him until she came."

"It may cause Bob to cum too, some day."

"It makes me cum when she does that," he said.

"How would you feel if she did what I did?"

"You mean used her hand?"

"I mean what if she took his spend and rubbed it on her breasts?"

He sat there, frozen.

"You can tell me, Honey," she said.

"I don't want to," he whispered.


"Because I'm getting a boner right now."

The normal couple in love lives in a shifting sea of sorts, in which the water is different temperatures, and has a different level of clarity.  When storms appear, the waves are rough, even destructive.   There are days of flat calm, where not a ripple exists.  Along the shore there are waves that roll and crash onto the beach.  In places it is deep and cold, while in others it is warm, and things grow there. 

This is simply an analogy to show that the normal couple experience all sorts of moods while they are together, and deal with varying wants and needs.  But imagine if the storm never stops.  Now very little can be accomplished in that tumultuous ocean.

These two couples lived an anything but normal existence. True, the emotions they experienced are the same as millions of other people, but the circumstances in which they felt those emotions were more akin to those stormy seas than anything else.  They were so consumed with sexual frustration and passion that they could think of little else.

When the kids weren't together, they wanted to be.  When they were, but it wasn't a "sex day", they were frustrated.  For Bob and Karen it was similar.  They got to spend intimate time together, but not nearly as much as they wanted to.  As a result, all four of them were horny for much of the time.

It might not have been that way had there not been the taboo attraction that was going on.  Karen might have been able to suppress her horniness for Bob, had not there been another attractive man in her house.  And Bob might have been able to deal with missing Karen, had there not been a nubile, willing girl walking around his house in her bra and panties half the time.  For the kids, it was similar.  When Mandy was horny and it wasn't a time she could satisfy that with Jack, her dad was right there.  And when Jack needed release and couldn't get it with Mandy, his mother had already agreed to help him.

To use another analogy ... it was a train wreck.

That wreck happened in slow motion, though.

It started when Mandy went to give her father a good night hug and kiss.  He was in his bedroom, wearing his PJ bottoms and nothing else.  He enfolded her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm horny," she complained.

"You have two sex toys," he reminded her.

"Will you use them with me?"


"I want you to hold onto them while they work," she said.

"I don't think I can do that," he said, weakly.

"Okay, then.  Can I rub against you?"

"That would be better," he said.  The irony of that was that it would be the "better" thing to do, from his perspective.

She pushed him and, because he wasn't expecting it, he fell, off balance, onto his bed.

"Scoot up," she said, pushing at him, steering him to the middle of the bed.

"Not here," he said, feeling lead in his stomach.  There was lead in his prick too.

"Why not?  It will be more comfortable."

He had no argument for that, and couldn't think very well anyway, because her hands were touching him everywhere, including the front of his PJs, where she gripped his erection and moved it into place where she wanted it.

Then she whipped off her T shirt and, clad only in lacy panties, crawled up to straddle his hips.

She settled the gusset of her panties onto the underside of his cock and then relaxed with a sigh, reaching to squeeze her nipples, briefly.

"Okay," she said.  "Now I'm ready."

He gazed up at her pale skin.  For the first time in his life he noticed a few freckles scattered across her upper breasts, but then his eyes were drawn to nipples that were now red and angry looking.  Her hips moved and his cock was stroked.

She leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest and began to move, languidly.

"Ohhhhh, yeah," she sighed.  "That's what I need."

The front of his PJs had a flap, and within a minute her action moved the cloth down, around his cock, until it was suddenly in view.

"Baby," he gasped, as he felt the more intimate contact with her now-wet panties.

She looked down.

"I need to cover it back up," he panted.

"No you don't.  It isn't hurting anything."  She kept moving. "Touch me," she whispered.  "Like last time."

His hands moved of their own volition, to cup, squeeze, and maul her hard cones.  He twiddled her nipples, hoping he could get her off before something really bad happened and he splattered all over his abdomen.

"I could do this all night," she moaned.

"No you can't!" he gasped.

"When I do this to Jack, he cums," she said, dreamily.

She looked down at him.

"If you get too excited, you can cum too.  I don't mind."

"I do," he groaned.

She lay down on him, her hot breasts digging into his chest until they were crushed.  She kissed his chin.  She moved her entire body up and down, rubbing his whole front.

"It's okay, Daddy," she purred.  "If you cum, it will calm you down, like it calms Jack down.  Then you'll feel better."

"Ohhhh Mandy," he gasped, as it became impossible for him to keep it in.

She felt the jets of his heat saturate the skin just below her breasts, where the tip of his cock was.

"There you go," she said, soothingly.  "Doesn't that feel better?  I'm almost there too, Daddy."

She sat back up and used her hands to smear his cum all over his chest.  Then she transferred it to her breasts and rubbed them, trying to pinch slippery nipples while her hips went into overdrive, whipping back and forth.

It was his cum that did it.  Just the knowledge that she'd made him that happy made her happy too, and she held her breath as a monster orgasm fairly wrecked her loins.  Her arms went up and her hands flapped like she was trying to make chicken wings as her belly rippled.  Then, as if she were a blow up doll with a huge hole in her, she collapsed on his chest again, gasping for air.

"I love you, Daddy," she gasped.  "Thank you so much!"

In similar fashion, things were heating up in the Ross household.  That also happened at bed time.  Again, Karen was brushing her hair when Jack came to stand in her doorway, leaning against the jamb.  He had on only his briefs.  Her eyes flicked to his image in the mirror in front of her.  The front of those briefs were smooth, with only a slight bulge in them.  Not saying anything, he just watched her while she continued to stroke her hair.  She actually saw that small bulge grow, until its growth seemed exponential.  Suddenly a log resided beneath that white cloth.

"You're so beautiful," he finally said.  He made no move to hide his arousal, as if he felt like that was completely normal.

"So is Amanda," she said, her arms still moving.

"She is," he agreed. "But there are different kinds of beauty. I never thought about that until the last couple of months."

"While I can't believe I'm actually saying this, your erections should be reserved for her," said Karen.

"I know, but they're not."  To him it was simple. 

She brushed some more.  If she stopped, she knew she'd want to do more than just stroke that penis.

"Do you think Amanda and Bob are doing anything right now?" he asked.

"Such as?"

"Do you think he's helping her get relief?"

"Is that what you're thinking about?  Is that what's causing all that trouble in your underwear?"

"No.  Not really.  I guess if that's what I'd thought about first it might have."

"What did you think about first?"  She wondered if it was wise to ask, but it was too late now.

"When you do that, your breasts lift and move under your shirt.  I was thinking I'd love to see what that looked like without the shirt."

"Jaaaack," she groaned.

"I'm sorry.  I can't help what I think about."

"I only let you see them when I'm helping you.  You're making this very difficult for me," she complained.


"Because I'm a woman.  And you're almost a man. You already look like a man.  You're handsome and I love you, and when you do that, it affects my emotions."

"Tell you I want to see them?" He sounded curious.  "You already know I do."

"No," she said, putting down the brush and turning around on the stool.  She pointed one long finger at his briefs.  "That!"

"This?" He gripped the log.

"Yes," she said.

"It just happened."

"Were you thinking about Mandy when it did?"

"I already told you what I was thinking about."

"Then that," she pointed again, "is about me, Jack.  A man I love has an erection for me.  It just so happens he's my son, and I shouldn't be happy that my son has an erection for me.  But, like you, I don't seem to be able to control how I feel."

"You mean you like it?" Now he sounded interested.

"I'm not supposed to like it!" she groaned.

"But do you?"

"Go to bed!" she barked.

"I need help tonight," he said, immediately.  He pulled the front of his briefs down, displaying the same thing Mandy had seen before, a penis that was so hard that it pointed upwards, along the same plane as his abs. "See?"

She did see, and she could actually feel her self-control slipping away.

"Go lie down," she said.  "I'll be in, in a minute."

He left, and she was able to take eight or nine deep, cleansing breaths as she took off her robe and put on her PJ bottoms.  She stayed topless, knowing she'd end up that way anyhow.  She almost laughed hysterically when she thought about pushing her vibrator up inside her and just leaving it there while she went to make that beautiful erection wilt and soften.

When she got to his room he was lying on his side, naked, supporting his head on one hand and elbow.  She giggled.  He looked like the centerfold of a Playgirl magazine she'd had in college.  Somehow that made her feel better.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said.  "I was thinking about something in college."

"Your breasts make me crazy," he sighed, staring at them.


"Mandy lets me suck hers ... like Bob sucked yours.  Whenever I see them I want to suck them too."

"If I let you do that I'd be in real trouble," she said.

"Nobody would know."

"That's not what I mean.  I love it when Bob sucks them.  We usually have sex when he sucks them.  And I've already told you we can't have sex, Jack."

"We don't have to have sex," he said.  "But I know how to give Mandy an orgasm.  Maybe I could help you while you help me."

"No.  I would get too excited," she groaned.

"That's what orgasms are for, isn't it?  To calm us down?"

The problem was that she was tempted to let him.  He did have some experience, after all, even if it was only with another fifteen-year-old.  And she could even train him how to do things better, which would help him with Mandy too.

But she knew just letting him masturbate her wouldn't satisfy her. When she got like that she needed a good, hard, warm prick up in her.

"How about I do something special for you instead?" she offered.


"What you saw me do for Bob on the 4th of July."

His prick jumped and wobbled.  His eyes got wide.


"But you can't touch me while I do that."

"Okay," he agreed, instantly.

He rolled to his back without having to be told. She went to the foot of the bed and crawled up on it.  His eyes were glued to her hanging breasts and she ached to have her nipples sucked.  Instead, she concentrated on his youthful prick, which was almost lying on his abdomen.  His legs weren't quite far enough apart and, rather than moving them, she simply straddled his right one as she positioned her head above his cock.

She reached and stood it up in her grasp.  The similarities between this one and Bob's made it easy for her to accept what she was doing.  But there were differences too. She could stroke and play with Bob's penis for quite a while, even deciding when to do what it took to make it spurt.  Jack's basically spurted whenever she touched it. She wondered if it would do the same thing if she sucked it. 

She dipped her head, taking a third of it into her mouth, and pulling up while she sucked.

His groan made her want to stop sucking it and start fucking it.

She concentrated on the knob, and twirled her tongue around it, teasing it with her teeth as well, but only very gently.

"Mom!" he gasped.

Some instinct made her lower her pussy until it hit his shin.

Then, while he spurted in her mouth, she rubbed a little orgasm out on her son's leg.

Both these incidents ratcheted things up emotionally between the parents and their kids.  And boundaries got stretched very far, and very quickly.

Basically, the train wreck sped up.  The irony of it was that if either parent would have simply thought about letting the kids just have sex whenever they wanted to, all that pressure would have gone away.  But neither did.  The jaded observer might argue that, as much as they objected to their incestuous play, they really wanted to do it. 

It's possible it was similar to the story of the virginal maiden whose uncle came to tuck her in one night and kissed her on the lips, with a very adult sort of kiss.  She said, "Don't!"  Then he put his hand on her soft, untouched breast, and she said, "Stop!"  But he didn't.  He kissed her again and while doing that he slid his hand down and into her PJ bottoms. She twisted her head, breaking the kiss and cried, "Don't!"  But he slid a finger inside her and stroked it in and out.  "Stop!" she whined, weakly.  Then, in a fit of lust, he tore her jammies off and, baring his erect cock, mounted her and began fucking her lustily.  Her cries remained the same. "Don't! "Stop!" "Don't!" "Stop!"  except that the punctuation changed, and it became, "Don't stop, Don't stop, Don't stop!"

Over the next two weeks, Amanda managed to change the punctuation of her situation like that.  First, she repeated what had happened before, except this time she reached in through the flap and extracted her daddy's hard cock, so she could sit on it and rub.  Then, the next time, when he tried to resist that by complaining that the gusset of her panties was scraping his tender skin, she reached to pull that gusset to one side and slid her naked pussy up and down his cock.  The next time, she did that again and leaned forward begging him to suck her nipples.  The next night, she took her panties off before climbing on him completely naked. 

And that time, after she came, she didn't rub a load out of him.

She sucked it out of him.

By then it was all he could do to keep from rolling on top of her and fucking her good and proper, so her oral attention was most welcome.

In the Ross household the punctuation was changed by dint of Karen just getting tired of saying no.  First, she let him suck her nipples, briefly.  Or at least she intended it to be a brief little treat, while she stroked him.  She enjoyed it so much that it went on too long and she had to push her other hand into her panties to get some relief.  But she didn't want him to know she was doing that, so she let him keep sucking until they both came.  The next time, she masturbated while she sucked his penis lovingly, again resulting in both of them having an orgasm.

He wanted to kiss her too ... you know ... just to see if it was different than when he kissed Mandy that way.  To do that he wanted her to lie down beside him.  Ten minutes later they were making out while she stroked him.  The next time, he wanted to kiss her for a while and then suck her nipples for a while.  Right in the middle of that, when she was getting agitated, he whispered, "Mom, I know you masturbated the other night.  Let me help you."  Instead of waiting for her to agree, he simply pushed his hand into her PJs and then kissed her while she found out he'd learned a heck of a lot in his few sessions with Amanda.  She sucked him lovingly that night, and then stayed to let him help her again.

  Three nights later, rationalizing it as teaching him something he could do with Mandy that didn't involve putting his spurting prick inside her, he was feasting on her starving pussy while she sucked his rampant prick, in the sixty-nine position he'd heard of, but never done.  It worked. By the time she needed his cock in her pussy instead of her mouth, it was too soft to do anything with.

The derailment was complete on the night that, by coincidence, both children asked if they could just stay there, in bed with their parent.  "Because I'm so relaxed," Jack said.  "Because it's so warm and comfortable," Mandy said.  And by then, of course the erosion of control was advanced and, once again, the parents caved.

Reading back over that, it seems as if the children were seducing them, but that wasn't really it. Neither teen was sophisticated enough to do that.  Rather, it was a complex mixture of playing at seduction based on the feelings they were having brought on by simple nature, the same nature that had gotten them all in this mess in the first place ... nature's demand that things keep going until procreation, as Amanda would have said it, takes place.

If the truth were known, the only ones who felt the strong urge to procreate at that point were the parents.  All Jack and Mandy wanted was to keep doing what felt wonderful, and to keep being able to see what felt even better.  Granted, they thought about what it might be like to have sex with their parents, but they didn't try to do that.

But when they started sleeping together, the train cars folded up accordion style.  Or, to use the other analogy, it became like a modern teen's text message, with no punctuation at all.

Ironically, the tipping point happened the night after the teens had been allowed to spend a night in bed together.  That, of course, meant that Bob and Karen got to fuck each other limp as well.  So the next night, it could have been argued that everybody should still have been pretty mellow.  That night started out mellow too.  All Mandy did was crawl into bed naked with her equally naked father (this was habit by now), kiss him on the cheek, yawn, and close her eyes with her head on her pillow.  In similar fashion, Jack got in bed naked with his equally naked mother (again by habit).  He wasn't even erect.  He said, "Night, Mom," and she said, "I love you," and he said, "Me too," and Karen turned off the light.

It was what happened later in the night that fucked things up.  Literally.  And what happened was similar.  It just wasn't similar in the same sense as that word has been used over and over and over again to narrate this story.   Instead of the kids aping what they'd seen their parents doing, the similarity was tied purely to gender.

Both men dreamed, and both men dreamed about making love to their chosen mate.

The problem was that they weren't in bed with their chosen mate when those dreams caused them to roll over on top of the woman next to them.

There are lots of excuses.  They were all tired.  They were all off guard.  They were used to having sex with their mate, and playing at sex with the person they were in bed with.  Their minds were muddled by sleep.

It doesn't matter.  All that matters is that each man managed to get between his sleeping partner's legs and plunge deep into her sex before anyone really woke up.

If one were keeping score, it would be difficult. 

In Bob's case, when he realized who he was fucking lustily, the girl he was fucking was all too happy about it, and didn't want him to stop.  That silent communication (her fingernails digging into his ass cheeks and pulling him into her) overcame the only shred of self-control he had left in him, and he simply continued with gusto, until he spilled his incestuous seed into his daughter's belly.  Rating something like that is subjective, but let's just call that a seven out of ten.  Points get deducted because it was accidental.

In Karen's case, things started off as a two or three, because when she woke up and realized who was on top of her ... and in her ... he was already spurting his incestuous seed into his mother's belly.  But a two or three might not be fair, because Jack stayed hard, most likely because he had realized who was under him and that made him so excited that he just didn't get soft.  So he kept going.  Karen's original objection faltered when she felt his wet offering inside her.  It was really too late to object, right?  And by the time she realized he wasn't going to stop, her own needs were raging through her and her last shred of self-control was torn asunder.  He kept going long enough that they might have edged Bob and Mandy out by a point or two when all was said and done.  Their situation was also accidental, but Karen came twice, whereas Mandy only had one orgasm.

As similar as all these things were, the aftermath was not similar at all.  Not emotionally speaking.

That was primarily because Mandy was on the pill.

And Karen had not yet gotten around to doing that.  

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