Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eleven

"Whatís going to happen now?" asked Amanda.

They were pretty much all talked out.† The kids finally got it, but it was the classic situation of closing the barn door after the horses were already gone.

"We donít know, yet," said Bob, looking at Karen.† She nodded in agreement.

"Do we get to still see each other?" she asked.† It was clear she was scared of what the answer might be.

"Not to have sex," said Karen, immediately.

"We know that," said Mandy.† "But if we can still see each other, we just wonít do that."

"Replay the last two hours, Sweetheart," said Bob, tiredly.† "Once you start having sex, you want to keep having sex.† Itís just natureís way."

"Oh," said the girl, disappointment in her voice.

"You could chaperone us," said Jack, hopefully.

"As it turns out, weíre not very good chaperones," said Bob.

Karen was the one who put everything on hold.

"Bob and I need to talk about this.† For now, itís better if you donít see each other."

"How long will that last?" asked Jack.

"I donít know yet.† Weíre going to try to figure out what to do and if itís possible, weíll try not to separate you two completely.† Thatís all I can tell you right now.† I want you to promise us you wonít skip school and sneak off somewhere to be alone."

"I promise," said Jack.

"Me too," said Amanda, sounding depressed.

"Itís late," said Karen.† "Jack and I need to go."

She stood and Jack got up too.

"Go to the car," she told him.† "I need to talk to Bob for a second."

"Okay," he said, and did as she had instructed him to.

He did not kiss Mandy good night.

"I have a feeling itís going to take some time to talk this all out," said Karen, standing close to Bob.† "If we try to work this out tomorrow night, we might not have enough time before weíre too tired to think clearly.† I think we should wait and talk about everything Saturday, when weíll have more time."

"So what do we do tomorrow night?" he asked.

"Iíll keep Jack at my house, and you keep Mandy here," she said.

"That means we donít get to see each other, either," he said.

"Itís just one night, Bob."

"To me, thatís like saying, ĎYou only have to go without water for a month, Bob.† Whatís the big deal?í"

"Donít be so dramatic," she said, pushing his shoulder.† "Kiss me good night."

He did.

"See you Saturday," she said.

The car ride home started out in silence.† They were almost halfway home when somebody finally spoke.

"I'm sorry," said Jack.

Karen stared straight ahead, as if she were angry, but her voice didn't convey anger.

"I'm so frustrated with you," she said. †"Part of me wants to scream at you and lock you in your room.† But part of me knows that it wasn't your fault."

"Mandy didn't make me do anything," he said.

"I didn't mean it was Mandy's fault.† What the two of you did was normal.† What frustrates me is that I don't want you to be normal.† Not in that way.† But I know that's not right either.† I should have paid closer attention.† Bob was right.† We were miserable chaperones, and because of that, things you couldn't control got out of hand.† We should have controlled them for you, and we didn't, because we were doing exactly the same thing you were ... falling in love."

"How could you have controlled it?" asked Jack.

"By making sure you didn't do anything more than a simple, non-sexual good night kiss," she said.† "And by not doing things in front of you that you later wanted to experiment with."

"That's the funny part," said Jack.


"I would never have admitted it to you before this, but I've seen all that stuff before, on the internet."

"Great!† Now my son is addicted to porn," groaned Karen.

"I'm not addicted.† I've just seen stuff now and then.† You know, like when some cute girl says hi in the halls and you get a boner that won't go away, so maybe you surf around for a picture and look at it while you jack off.† That kind of thing.† I'm not surfing porn every night, Mom."

"You shouldn't surf porn at all," she grumbled.

"What I'm talking about is that I've seen guys sucking on women's nipples before.† And it felt exciting to watch.† But it wasn't anything like what I felt when I saw Bob sucking on your nipples.† That's why I wanted to do it to Mandy so much."†† He sighed.† "And that was before I saw him on top of you ... like that."

"I'm sorry you saw that," she said.† "I thought he closed the door."

"The door was closed, but when I touched it, it just came open somehow."

"Why did you touch it?" she asked.

"Because it sounded like you were dying in there," he said.

"As you can see, I didn't die."

"Yes, but that's why I think I ended up finding out why you were making those sounds about fifteen minutes later."

Now she looked over at him.

"Did you 'slip' on purpose, Jack?†† Did you take Mandy's virginity without asking her if you could?"

"No!" he said instantly.† "It really was an accident.† But once I felt it, I don't think I could have stopped if she'd begged me to.† I mean I did stop, for a few seconds, but then I knew I wasn't taking it out until I was finished.†And then it was clear she didn't want me to stop and I just went a little crazy. It scared me, Mom, and yet it was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"I understand," she said.† "That's why we have to keep you apart now.† If we don't, you're going to want to do that again and again."

"Do you feel that way about Bob?"

"It's one reason I want to marry him," she said.

He went silent then, and stayed that way until they pulled into the driveway.† She sensed something was bothering him.

"We have to keep you apart, Baby," she said. "I know that hurts, but we have to.† At least for now."

"I can live with that," he said, gruffly.

"Then what's wrong?"

"I can't get it out of my mind," he said.

"You and Mandy?" she asked, sympathetically.


He looked over at her helplessly.

"Bob ... on top of you."

"Oh," she said, faintly.

"I don't understand," he moaned.

"I love him," she said, helplessly.

"No, that's not that I mean."

"Then what?"

"I can't understand why thinking about that gives me a boner," he said.


Mandy's voice was hesitant.† She was standing in the doorway to his bathroom, something she'd done hundreds of times before.† He was putting lotion on his beard, to soften it and keep it from drying out and itching.† Both were ready for bed, Bob in his PJ bottoms and she in her panties and T shirt.

"What?" he asked, a little truculently.† He was still thinking about the forced separation from Karen.† And who had caused it.

"Does this mean you won't give me a goodnight hug anymore?"

He turned to look at her.

"What?† Of course not.† Where did you get that idea?"

"You just seemed so mad," she said.† "It's like you hate me all of a sudden."

He wiped his hands on a towel, feeling like a beast.†† He put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her to him.

"I don't hate you, Baby," he said, sliding his arms around and across her back.†

She snuggled up against him.

"I'm just frustrated, that's all."

"I'm sorry," she said, beginning to cry.† Some of that emotion was relief at learning her father didn't hate her.† She pushed back, as all teenagers do in a parental relationship.† But some of that push-back was the same kind of resistance, or perhaps assertion, that a wife does with her husband.† They were in a symbiotic relationship, but neither of them had spent any time thinking about that.† They just fed off of each other, in a mildly parasitic manner, and when the other did something to disturb the flow of "nutrition" being exchanged, it created conflict.

"It's not your fault," he sighed.† "I knew this could happen to you and I did a miserable job of making sure it didn't."

"I love you so much," she cried, burrowing her face into his pectoral muscle.† Her hands settled in the small of his back and she hugged him with significant force.

His hands just naturally slid around on her back, comforting her.

That was when his hands detected she wasn't wearing a bra, which led to him feeling her hard, cone-shaped breasts pressing into his ribs.† They were hot.† Her hair smelled good.† His reactions were primal, and he felt blood rushing to his cock.† But he couldn't just push her away.† He understood how kids jump to black and white conclusions, and think their parents don't love them anymore, when in fact all that's happening is normal parental disappointment, or censure for the teen's behavior.† If he pushed her away now, she might interpret that as non-love.† This kind of hug, a comforting hug, was supposed to go on for a while.

The problem was that his comforting hug was morphing into another kind of hug.† Synapses sparked and the way his mind tried to deal with that was to make him remember a movie he'd seen, where a man was bitten by his wife, who was a zombie, and then turned into a zombie himself.

Mandy felt the pressure as it grew against her.† Her squeeze had brought their lower bodies firmly together.† She was the one who ended the hug, to push back and look down at the front of his PJ bottoms.

"That wasn't like that when I came in here," she noted.

"Now I'm the one who has to apologize," he said.†

"No you don't.† If you'll recall, the last time that happened I was sitting on your lap and I had a very good time."

"It's not supposed to happen," he groaned.

"Maybe, but it sure makes me feel better," she said.


"Because it means you really aren't mad at me," she said.

"Dads aren't supposed to get that way because of their daughters," he said.

"I don't care what other people think.† One of the things Jack told me was that while his mom is jerking him off, he feels like nobody could love him more.† That's while I was jacking him off at the sleepover."

The image of her doing that made Bob's cock lurch and finish the job of becoming ready for sex.

"I think that's one of the reasons I want you to help me, like Karen helps Jack.† I love you so much that I want to be that close to you."

"Sweetheart," he said. "Remember what I said before?† About how if we did things I might want more?† Well, this is an expression of that phenomenon."

"I know what a boner means, Daddy," she said, dismissively.† "It doesn't bother me.† I've had dreams, sometimes.† There's this one dream where we have a hot tub and you and I are in it, naked, and everything is fine.† I mean in the dream it's normal for us to be that way.† And I sit on your lap and kiss you."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" he asked, feeling his cock try to get harder.

"I'm not stupid," she snorted. "Girls don't just go to their dads and say, 'Sometimes I get really horny for you, Daddy.'† It just isn't done."

"I'll say," he replied.

"But I do," she said.† "So there.† Now that's out in the open too.† Jack gets horny for his mother and I get horny for you.† The only difference is that now we get horny for each other, too."†

"It's still wrong," said Bob.† In reality he was talking to himself, rather than her.

"Well, now it's all I've got," she said.† "You two are going to keep us apart, so now you're the only man I can do this with."

She moved forward to hug him again.

Brazenly, she rubbed her loins against his as she kissed the bare skin on his chest with hot lips.

"Mom?" said Jack.

They had stopped talking to go inside.† Karen hadn't felt like she had the skills to calmly discuss the fact that seeing his mother have sex with another man made him want to have sex with her, himself.

She wasn't horrified, like many mothers would have been.† Bob's characterization of Jack as being the man of the house was right on.† Karen hadn't thought of her son in that way until Bob had said it, but since then she realized that, for years, she'd thought of Jack as her partner, just as often as she'd thought of him as her dependent son.† They were friends, as well as a parent-child pair, and friends can have different kinds of emotional responses to things than a parent and child will.

They had gotten ready for bed, and it was then that he appeared, as she sat in front of her vanity mirror, brushing her hair.

"Yes?" she answered.

"Can you help me tonight?"

Something disturbing bloomed in her loins.

"Yes," she said, softly.

"Mandy," he groaned, as she rubbed against his erection.

"Please, Daddy," she moaned. †"All I want to do is what we did last time."

He remembered her, thrusting on his lap, rubbing her panty-covered pussy against his hard meat.

"I don't know," he said, trying not to rub back.


He felt himself give up. Like Karen, he was disturbed by the strength of his desire.

"Just this once," he sighed.

Karen sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Jack's iron hard prick slowly.†His penis felt both different than Bob's and the same. Her fingers detected the bumps and ridges under the smoothly moving skin. There was something sensual about this that puzzled her. When she touched Bob, it was to exchange something with him. But doing this to Jack was purely to soothe him. It was almost like the hugs she gave him when he'd skinned a knee. Except of course it wasn't like that at all. Something in her made her want to make it last tonight, instead of finishing him quickly.† His groans, and the feel of his silky skin, sliding back and forth along his shaft, had made her wet.

"Ohhhh," he moaned.† "This feels so good!"

"I know, Baby," she whispered.

"You're so beautiful," he groaned, staring at the breasts she had bared to him by removing her T shirt.

"You're kind of handsome yourself," she said, gripping him a little harder.

His hand moved and surprised her as it cupped one heavy breast.

"I'm sorry," he whined, squeezing it gently.

She couldn't make him stop.

"You're so soft," he whispered, squeezing again.

His fingers moved to find her nipple and explored it.

"You feel so different than Mandy," he said.†

"You shouldn't be doing that," she rasped.

"I know, but they're so beautiful."

"I'm still your mother, Jack," she panted.

"I know that too," he gasped, arching his hips upward.† "But I can't see Mandy any more.† You're the only one I can touch, now."

"Cum for me, Baby," she said, moving her hand faster.

He did, and to keep from making a mess, she reached with her other hand to cover the tip, taking his copious spend all over her palm, and the hand stroking him.

His groan of satisfaction and joy made her crazy.

Maybe that's why, when she pulled her hands back, she rubbed his warm spend all over her breasts.

"Ohhh yes," groaned Mandy, who was again sitting on her father's lap, rubbing against him. "This is what I need."

"Just this once," he panted, his hands on her ribs, helping her move.

She pulled her shirt up and over her head before he could react.† The shirt flew to the end of the couch, to land on the throw pillows she had made.† The ones she had decorated the couch with ... like a wife might have.

"Touch me," she whined.

He looked at her, now clad only in panties.† She was beautiful.† Her ardor was plain in the flush of her pink skin.† Her not-quite-fully developed nipples were hard little buttons on the end of conical breasts with puffy areolas.

His hands moved without conscious thought and he gripped both breasts, squeezing them, lovingly.

"Yesssss," she hissed.

He pinched her nipples, twisting them a quarter turn, and she sobbed as she went off like a bomb.

And right in the middle of her orgasm, she fell forward to kiss him.

It was the kind of kiss a wife might have given him in this situation as well, as she continued to rub her pussy against his bulge.

Friday was an odd day for Bob and Karen.† Considering the results of the conversation the night before, their children should have been subdued.† But they weren't.† Both were chipper the next morning, alert and in a good mood.

If anything it was the adults who were subdued.

Those adults thought long and hard on what had happened after the group discussion, when they had been alone with their children.† Neither knew, of course, what had happened in the other household.† As a result, each felt guilty both about what they had done, and how they had felt while they were doing it.

The only part of Friday that gave them any relief was that neither teen asked for a repeat of what they'd requested the previous night.

When Saturday rolled around Bob and Karen were emotional wrecks. Each felt the need to seek forgiveness from the other.† Because of that, when Bob and Mandy arrived at Karen's house, Karen said she needed to talk to him in private.

They looked at the kids.

"Do you promise not to do anything you know we wouldn't like while we talk privately?" asked Karen.

They both nodded.

"Promise me!" she insisted.

"We're not animals who can't control ourselves," said Mandy.

"Promise me!" said Karen, almost shouting.

"I promise!" yipped Mandy.

"I promise, too," said Jack.

"Thank you!" snapped Karen.† "I don't know how long this is going to take."

"Are you going to have sex?" asked Mandy.

Karen stared at her.† "I seriously doubt it," she snarled.

"I was just curious," said Mandy, sounding hurt.

"Watch TV.† Or play a board game.† Just let us talk this thing out," said Karen.

"Got it," said Jack.

Karen looked at Bob.† She wanted to reach for his hand, but didn't.† She felt like she didn't deserve that kind of comfort.

It was easier than either of them would have believed possible.

"I have to tell you something," said Karen, as soon as she'd closed her bedroom door.

"Me too," he said, urgently.

"You first," she said, instantly, trying to put off her shame as long as possible.

"It can wait," he said, with the same motivation.

"Please.† What I have to tell you may change the way you feel about me."

"I was thinking exactly the same thing," he said.† "Okay.† Here goes.† I helped Mandy masturbate two nights ago."

He was tense, expecting her to react badly.† Even though she had said things that suggested she might understand if he did that, it wasn't the same as if she'd said, "Yes, your little girl needs you, Bob.† Go for it.† Rub her little pussy until she screams like a banshee!"

Her response, however, was to simply stare at him with wide eyes.

"I did the same for Jack," she whispered.

He was confused.† She'd done it before.† Why would she think that would change anything in his mind? Unless she'd done more.

"What else did you do?" he asked.

She dipped her head.

"I rubbed his cum all over my breasts.† He wanted to see them and I let him, and I let him touch them."

"Shit," said Bob, softly.† He suddenly understood perfectly how Jack felt when he got jealous.† "I'm jealous!† Can you believe it?"

"That's it?† You're just jealous?"

"Do you love me?" he asked.

"Yes!† You know I do."

"Then I shouldn't be jealous.† I was just thinking I understand why Jack feels the way he does.† I mean really understand."

"I am so glad I found you," she sighed.† "No other man I've ever met would even try to understand that."

"I also understand how you could get turned on in that situation.† The same thing happened with me."

"With Mandy?"

"Ohhhhh, yeah," he sighed.† "She hugged me and rubbed against me. It was on purpose and she was trying to get me hard.† That wasn't difficult, because I was already mostly stiff because of the conversation we were having."

"Me too," said Karen.† "I mean I got so turned on.† So ... what did you do?"

"She wanted me to sit down so she could straddle my lap and rub against me," he said.

"Like she did with Jack," whispered Karen.

"Something like that.† And then she took her shirt off and wanted me to touch her breasts. †She said that if Jack couldn't touch them, she wanted me to."

"Jack said the same thing.† But what was worse was that I wanted him to touch mine too," she sobbed.

Their fear of censure was gone, and she came into his arms, to be enfolded eagerly.

"What are we going to do?" moaned Karen.† "We can't just let them have sex willy nilly.† But if we don't, they want to do things with us!† And that makes us want to do things with them!"

"What if we let them get together, just every once in a while, under conditions we could control?" he said.

She looked up at him.


"Why not?" he asked in frustration.† "What else are we going to do?† If we try to keep them apart they'll find a way to get together again, sooner or later.† And if they do that we won't be able to exert any kind of control."

"But we can't just let them act like a married couple," said Karen.

"Actually, I thought about just getting married and letting them live together while we live together," he said.† "It would solve the problem."

"Until they have a fight over something and break up," said Karen.

"We'd be there to help them move on.† And if they lose interest in each other that way, that would really solve the problem."

"They'd agree to that," said Karen. "Living together, I mean. †Having access to each other."

"Then is that what you want to do?"

"I do want to get married and live with you," she said. "I want to go to bed with you every night, instead of masturbating my son and wanting to do things with him."

"I'll be honest.† If Mandy keeps doing to me what she's been doing to me, I might not be able to resist either," he confessed.

"Then let's do it," she said.

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