Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Ten

"I'm sorry," said Mandy for possibly the fifth or sixth time.† She wasn't talking about having just been fucked. She was referring to her yelled comment about Karen not knocking.

Jack was dressed again and sitting, head in his hands at the kitchen table.† Mandy had on her robe, as did Bob, who had responded to Karen's agonized cry still naked.

"Sorry doesn't cut it," said Bob.

"We saw you," moaned Mandy.† "Karen cried out and Jack thought she was hurt and the door was a little bit open and ..."

"So since we were doing that, you decided you could too," said Karen.

"No!† It wasn't like that.† It was an accident!"

"So your clothes accidentally fell off, and he accidentally fell on top of you, and it accidentally went in you, and you accidentally didn't push him off?"

"No," said Mandy, literally.† "Only the going in me part was an accident.† He was only supposed to rub up against me like last time."

"Last time?" Bob perked up. "What last time?"

"Crap," said Mandy under her breath.

"Spill," he commanded.

"What last time, Jack?" asked Karen.

The two teens looked at each other.

"We may as well tell them," said Mandy, sounding disgusted.

"Yes, you may as well," said Bob.

Mandy bit the bullet.

"At Claudia's sleepover her boyfriend and Jack kind of came to visit."

"And Claudia's parents were fine with that?"

"They weren't exactly there."

"Where, exactly, were they?"

"I think it was in Colorado, but I'm not for sure."

"Stop," said Bob.† He looked at Karen.† "This is going to take a while, and you're right. You have work and both kids have school in the morning.† Let's take this up with them after school tomorrow."† He looked at the kids.

"In the meantime, you're both grounded. As soon as school is over, you are to go directly home - to your own home.† You are not to talk to each other or anybody else about this.† Not Claudia, and not anybody else who was involved.† Is that clear?"

"Claudia already got in trouble for it," said Amanda.† "You don't have to call her parents."

"What I want to know is why, if Claudia got in trouble for it, her parents haven't called me?"

"She didn't tell them we were there," said Mandy.

"That doesn't change anything," growled Bob.† "My instructions stand as issued."† He looked at Karen.† "Is that okay with you?"

"I agree two hundred percent," she snapped.

Bob got a substitute for the next afternoon, and then took Amanda out of classes.

"I thought we were going to talk about this tonight," she said.† It was the first thing she'd said to her father since the night before.† That morning breakfast had been silent.

"You have a doctor's appointment," he said.

"I don't remember any doctor's appointment."

"You have to have an examination before the doctor will put you on birth control," he said.


"What?† No argument?"

"No," she said, softly.

By the time they got home, Amanda had taken her very first BC pill.† As soon as they got in, Bob called Karen and told her they were home.

She and Jack arrived ten minutes later, and they got right to it.† Karen started.

"The reason I didn't want Jack to date until he was at least sixteen was because I remember what my own teen years were like," she said.

"So you did the same things?" asked Mandy.

Bob started to bark at her but Karen lifted a hand.

"Yes, Amanda.† I did.† And I was miserable.† And that's because while sex is great fun, it won't make a relationship last.† I don't think Jack is this kind of boy, but there are a whole lot of them out there who want to get into any girl's panties they can, and that means lining them up and moving from one to the next."

"You're right," said Mandy. "Jack isn't like that."

"Then there are the girls," said Karen.† "Girls mature faster than boys do, which is why girls are ready to experiment with sex quite early in life.† And a girl who is curious about sex will sometimes lead a boy down the primrose path by wrapping him around her little finger and getting him to satisfy her curiosity."

"I'm not like that!" objected Amanda, hotly.

"We'll see about that as this discussion goes on.† My point is that I wasn't willing to expose Jack to any of those kinds of girls."

"And I wasn't willing to expose you, Amanda, to boys like the ones she mentioned," said Bob.† "We had good reasons for not letting you date.† And then there's the really big one.† I want you to think back to the first conversation we had, after you asked me when you could start dating.† Remember what I told you?"

"Yes," she said.† "You went on and on about Mother Nature and procreation."

"And what did you tell me?"

"I don't remember," she groaned.

"You said you didn't want to procreate."

"I didn't!" she agreed.

"So what the hell were you doing last night when Karen found you two in bed?"

Finally, Amanda had nothing to say.

"So what changed?" asked Bob.

"I don't know," she moaned.

"Remember what else you said that night, when I suggested you should wait until you were twenty to date?"

"No," she said, darkly.

"You said all you wanted to do was go on a date and have fun with a boy you liked."

"That was true!" she yipped.

"Well, now you understand about Mother Nature and her drive to get you to procreate," he said, softly.† "Karen and I knew that's what dating leads to.† It's natural.† It's normal.† In fact, it's almost impossible to prevent."

"Then why did you let us go out?" whined Amanda.

"Because you knew it all.† You were different.† You knew what you wanted, and you were convinced that Mother Nature couldn't make you do anything.† And you wouldn't leave it alone."

"You still could have put your foot down," she muttered.

"I'll be honest," he said.† "Karen and I thought you'd go out on a couple of dates and that would be it.† You'd go your separate ways because you found things out about each other you didn't like.† We didn't think you two would be each other's type."

"We are," said Jack, speaking for the first time.

"Gee.† We know that now," said his mother.† "I look back on my life and know a lot of things now I'd give a heck of a lot of money to have known back then."

"You could have said we couldn't go out any more after a couple of dates," said Amanda, thinking literally.

"Karen and I also didn't expect that there would be any attraction between us," said Bob.

"But there is," said Jack.

"You're just a fountain of wisdom tonight, Honey," said his mom.

"So," said Bob.† "What we want to hear now is how all this happened.† You'd only been out on a couple of dates ... chaperoned dates, I might add ... before you conspired with each other and at least one girl who had nothing to do with you dating at all.† And the next thing we know you're having sex?† What happened?"

"We watched you," said Amanda.

"Don't try and blame this on us," said Bob, angrily.

"It's true!" said Mandy, not budging an inch.† "From the very beginning, everything we ever did was after we saw you two doing it first."

"Let's start at the beginning," said Karen.

"The good night kiss," said Jack.† "The first one.† You showed us how to do it."

"That was an example of how to act, not a license to have sex," said Bob, still angry.

"Bob," said Karen, gently. "Let's hear them out and then we can discuss what they've said."

"Right," said Bob, trying to relax.

"Go on," she said to her son.

"The first one wasn't very interesting," he said.† "So we talked about it and decided we were too nervous, and we remembered some stuff about how you two did it so we decided to try it again.†† That one was a lot better, and we decided we liked kissing."

"Mother Nature ... one," said Bob. "Kids ... zero."

Karen shot him a look and he subsided.† She looked at Amanda, since Jack had been doing most of the talking.

"What happened next?" she asked.

"We went to Golf World," said Amanda, thinking literally.

"I meant what happened that advanced your intimate relationship," said Karen, patiently.

"That was at Golf World," said Amanda, being just as patient.† "Dad put his arms around you and hugged you, and then later you held hands."

"He didn't hug me at Golf World," said Karen, frowning.

"I helped you learn how to putt," said Bob, who remembered it in detail.† "To them that looked like a hug."

"Oh," she said.† "But it was just a hug.† And holding hands is not a really sexual thing to do.† It's more about affection."

"Well, while we were golfing we decided that we liked each other," said Mandy.

"You just decided it?"

"Well, Jack said it looked like my dad liked you, and he asked if that was okay, and I said why not and told him I liked him, so I didn't think it was odd that my dad might like his mom.† And then he said he liked me too and we kept playing golf.† It was later we saw you holding hands.† So we held hands too."

"Okay," said Karen.† "What then?"

"We saw you kissing Bob in the car," said Jack.† "That's when we decided to try it again and it was lots better."

"So up to then it was just some kissing and holding hands?"

"Well," said Jack.† "When we kissed that time, I got a boner.† I didn't tell Mandy about it.† It was too embarrassing.† But that's the first time I wanted to do more than kiss."

"What did you want to do?"

"I didn't know, exactly," he admitted. "I just liked it all and didn't want it to stop."

"Mother Nature ... two," said Bob.† "Kids ... zero."† He got another dark look from Karen.

"Wait!" said Karen.† "I remember now.† We talked about your erection that night!"

"Yeah," said Jack.† "You told me that was why we had to be chaperoned on our dates."

"You got an erection that night too, Daddy," said Amanda to Bob.

"Mother Nature was working on us too," he admitted.

"I remember!† I asked you if you thought Jack got that way that night."

"And I said I hoped not."

"But you were just as excited as Jack!" said Mandy, making it sound like an indictment.

"I just said that nature was working on us too," said Bob.† "We knew what to expect.† I believe Karen told you that a little while ago."

"Can I ask a question?" asked Jack.

"Go ahead," said his mother.

"It's for Bob," he said.

"Go ahead," said Bob, rolling his eyes at Karen.

"So, I had a boner that night, and the only way I could calm down was by ... um ... "

"Masturbating," said Mandy, saying what he was too embarrassed to say.

"Mandy!" snapped Bob.

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" she said.† "And he's too embarrassed to say it, so I just helped him. What's the big deal?"

"Go on," said Bob, looking at Jack and ignoring his daughter.

"What she said," said Jack.† "I had to do that.† So my question is ... what did you do?"

"That's not an appropriate question," said Karen.

"You asked what made us do it," complained Jack.† "Every time we went out got excited and I had to jack off just to get to sleep.† If he got excited too, and did something else, I'd kind of like to know what that was, Mom."

Bob didn't think he could deflect the question.† More to the point, if he tried, he was afraid the kids would close down.

"I did that too," he said, softly.† "Short of having sex, that's about all you can do."

"I still don't see what the big deal is," said Mandy, grumpily.† "I had the same problem and Karen helped me learn how to masturbate better.† She does it too.† Why is everybody all upset?

"Because at some point you stopped masturbating and started having sex," growled Bob.

"So did you," she shot back.

"We're adults!" he pointed out.† "You're not!"

Karen saw the anger building in both of them and held up a hand.

"Our purpose is finding out what happened so that everyone can understand where things went wrong.† It's been established that all four of us got excited by the golfing date and had to masturbate.† How did things escalate after that?"

"That was at the picnic," said Mandy.

"When you saw ... things."


"Tell us exactly what you saw?"

"We saw Daddy with his hand under your shirt on your breasts, and then later he kissed them and then we saw you give him a blow job."

Karen lowered her head, covering her eyes with one hand.† It was embarrassing to hear what was supposed to have been her private act referred to so boldly.

"So you did that," said Bob.

"Not exactly.† We talked about everything.† Jack was upset that you were doing all that stuff to his mom, except he knew he shouldn't be.† And while we were talking about it I sort of told him he could touch my boobs if it would make him feel better."

"So you got jealous," said Karen, looking at her son.

"And you helped him feel better," said Bob, to his daughter.

"Yeah," they said, in unison.

"Go on," said Karen.

"We're kind of out of order.† There was other stuff too.† Like he told me I was pretty, and I asked him if he got a boner for me like my dad got one for you, and he admitted he did.† That made me feel all gooshy inside.† And when I asked him if the kiss caused it, and he said it did, I asked him if he wanted to do that again.† And he did, so we kissed and I let him touch my boobs and he got another boner and I kind of squeezed it, to see what it felt like.†† But then we saw Daddy sucking your breast only I didn't tell Jack to do that to me until you gave Daddy that blow job, because when he saw that he was really upset, so I distracted him by telling him to suck my nipples.† It worked.† I mean he was distracted.† But I never felt anything so good in my whole life and I think that's part of when I started thinking more about procreating."

"I remember some stuff too," said Jack, who had been nodding as Mandy described things.

The adults looked at him.

"I remember I asked Mandy if she'd ever do that to me ... you know ... with her mouth."† His eyes skittered away from his mother, and it was clear he didn't want to look at Bob.† "And she said that was gross, because I pee out of it, and I said her dad did too, and she said she'd rather just touch it a little bit first and then she said she was my girlfriend."

"I remember that," said Karen.† "And Bob said Iíd just said the same thing to him."

"See?" said Amanda. "We kept doing things at the same time."

"Was there anything else before we get to the part where you told us you saw us, and started demanding things?" asked Bob.

"The only reason we both did that was because we were so frustrated!" said Amanda. "When we got home that night you guys kissed each other right there, like it was normal.† And we kissed too and he tried to feel my boob, and that was stupid, so I got mad.† And I knew he was mad, because he was jealous of the stuff you did with his mom.† Thatís why I asked you if you were going to procreate with Karen and yelled at you."

"We had a long discussion about it at our house too," said Karen.† "Thatís when he asked me to help him handle his erections."

"She said handle his erections," said Mandy, grinning.

"This isnít a joke," said Bob.

"Sorry.† It was a pun.† I mean it could have been a pun."

Bob got back to the point.

"I remember you saying you didnít want to procreate with Jack.† You said, ĎNot yet.í† Did that actually mean you planned to have sex with him later?"

"Nooo," she said.† "All that was going on then was that everything just felt amazing and we kept wanting to feel that way, thatís all.† All we really wanted to do was keep doing the things we had already done, and explore some of the things we saw you do.† But we couldnít do anything more because you wouldnít let us be alone."

Bob sighed.†

"Mother Nature ... three.† Kids ..."

"We know!" yelled Mandy.† "Kids zero.† There, are you happy?"

"No. I canít say I am," said Bob.† "But you get my point.† You kept wanting more.† Thatís what nature wants you to want."

"Well, we knew we shouldnít do that.† Thatís why Jack asked Karen to help him, and why I asked you to help me.† But you didnít want to help me."

"I called Karen to teach you a way to help yourself," he argued.

"And it worked!† It was wonderful, except that I just knew it could be even better.† And if it couldnít be better with Jack, then I wanted it to be better with you."

"I canít do that," groaned Bob.† "Itís incest!"

"So you think Karen and Jack are perverts," said Mandy, stiffly.

"No!"† He frowned.† "Maybe a little.† But itís okay. I mean I understand how Jack could feel about all this and need something from his mom, to convince him he isnít losing her. And they arenít having sex."

"I didnít ask you to have sex with me, Daddy," said Mandy.

"Havenít you been listening?" he groaned.† "I love you.† And if I start doing what you want me to, Iím going to want more.† Mother Nature is going to make me want more and more and more until I want to have sex with you!"

Mandy looked at Karen.

"Does masturbating Jack make you want to have sex with him?" She sounded curious.

"It makes me ... anxious," said Karen, carefully.

"You mean you need to use your vibrator," said Mandy, reading between the lines like a pro.

Karen swallowed.


"But youíre not going to ... right?†† Have sex with him, I mean."

"Stop!" barked Bob.† Everybody looked at him.† "I want to say something very important here.† This whole conversation is about two kids who said they werenít going to have sex ... and then did have sex.† You just asked Karen what she thinks sheís going to do or not do.† And my point is that when nature is involved in it, it doesnít matter what you think youíre going to do, or not do.† Nature arranges things, sooner or later, to get you to do what it wants you to do!"

There was a moment of silence while everybody processed what heíd said.

"Maybe thatís why we snuck around to be together at the sleepover," said Mandy.

"Yes.† And what happened there?" asked Karen.

"This will prove we didnít want to have sex!" yipped Mandy.† "We could have that night, if weíd wanted to.† But we didnít."

"What did you want?" asked Karen.

"Well, at first, just to see each other."

The adults looked confused.

"Naked," Mandy added.

The adults groaned together.

"All we did was look, at first.† It was ... interesting.† But Jack wanted to hug me like that, and I thought that would feel great too, so we did that.† And then we kissed while we did that.† And then I wanted to do for him what Karen does for him, so we did that, except I didnít want him to shoot off and get soft, so I rubbed on top of it ... you know ... masturbating, kind of."† She stopped to take a breath.

"Mother Nature is up to at least eight or nine by now," said Bob.† "Just so you know."

"Maybe," said Amanda, thinking of the progression she had just described.† A glimmer of understanding bloomed in her mind.† "Except all that happened was that I had an orgasm and he shot off and then we went for a walk and played on the swings in the park."

"In the dark?" asked Karen.

"It was fun," said Mandy.† "Except that Jack got another boner.† He said it was just from being with me.† So then I was kind of excited, and I wanted to make him feel really good, so I sort of did what Karen did to you on the fourth of July, until he shot off again and then he was okay."

"Good grief," moaned Karen.

Bob was astonished and aggrieved at the fact that he had developed an erection while hearing about this.

"And Claudia and Reggie were having sex in another room, so if we would have wanted to have sex, we could have.† But we didnít.† All we did was try the things weíd seen you two doing. Thatís the truth."

"Then why did you have sex?" asked Bob.

"That was an accident," said Amanda.† "We saw you two having sex, and it really bothered Jack.† He was about to charge in there so I dragged him to my room.† All I wanted him to do was rub his penis on my cunny, like we had last time.† But when we did it at the sleepover, I was on top, and I thought it would feel even better if he was on top.† And while he was doing that, something happened and all of a sudden he was inside me."

Both adults looked stricken.† It all gelled in her head.† Her dad had been right.† Nature had enticed them to take step after step, all the way to the ultimate goal.

"We stopped when that happened!" cried Amanda, as if in her defense.† She slumped. "But then it felt so good I told him to keep going."

"Ding, ding, ding, ding!" said Bob.† "We have a winner!† Mother Nature takes it all in a shutout."

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