Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

"This seems so unreal," murmured Karen, as they lay in each other's arms, recuperating.

"Like a really nice dream," he agreed.

"I never expected this to happen."

"With me?"

"With anybody!"

"I snuck in under your radar," he said.

"You sure did."

"We have our children to thank for this," he said.

"I know.  And all because they're too young to date."

"I really didn't intend for Mandy to ask Jack out on a date," he said. "I just told her I'd think about it to put her off for a while."

"You want to know that I think is the strangest part of all?"


"I watched them when we went bowling.  They reacted to each other like you and I did.  There was an instant attraction.  Isn't it weird that they got interested in each other just as fast as we did?"

"It's genetic," he said.  "Our genes are attracted to your genes."

She laughed.  Then she frowned.

"That could be a problem, though."

"You mean because if they're attracted like we're attracted, they're going to want to do what we just did?"

"Of course they will," she said.  "At least eventually. What are we going to do?"

"About all we can do is keep an eye on them," he said.  "Keep chaperoning them like we have been."

"Yes, but where does that put us?  We can't keep farming them out to sleepovers whenever we want to be alone."

"When we tell them we're engaged, that's going to change the whole dynamic of things," said Bob.  "Engaged people want to spend time together alone.  Everybody knows that.   They'll understand that too."

"That still doesn't answer the question about what to do with them while we're being alone together," she said.

"When you were their age, didn't your parents go off to the bedroom sometimes to 'talk' about something?"


"And didn't you know what they were really doing?"

"Yes, but I couldn't imagine it."

"And what did you do while they were having private time in their bedroom?"

"I tried to find something to do that would distract me from thinking about what they were doing."

"I think they'll react the same way.  So we have some alone time at either your house or mine, and give them something to do while we're in the bedroom."

"What if they get frisky?"

"With us right there in the house?  I don't think so.  They'd be too afraid of getting caught."

"You know, if we do that, Jack's going to want me to help him later."

"I wasn't going to tell you this, but even though she's using her toys, she still wants me to help her ... directly," said Bob.

"Oh, my gosh," groaned Karen.

"I told her she had to wait until she was sixteen."

"When is that?"

"Six months from now."

"That's a long time for a girl who knows her father is having sex with her boyfriend's mother."

"She says it isn't fair for you to help Jack and nobody helps her."

"I did help her!  And now she has a toy of her own!"

"I know! But she keeps saying I should do for her what you do for him. Maybe you can argue with her about it."

"There is so much about all this that I don't understand," she moaned.  "Both of us had adjusted to being alone.  Neither of us was looking for this." She squeezed him in her arms.  "And we weren't anticipating having to deal with our children's maturation.  Not this soon anyway.  And now, here we are, having to engage in acts that nobody else would understand and which would get us both thrown in jail."

"I haven't done anything yet," he said.

"And what will happen if you don't?" she asked.  "I know what I was afraid would happen if I hadn't agreed to do that for Jack. He would have become sullen, uncooperative, maybe even angry. That's why I agreed.  This is insane, Bob!"

"Life happens," he said.  He returned her squeeze.  "I have to say I'm really glad it does, sometimes."

"You're happy your daughter wants you to commit incest?"

"It's not really incest.  It's just masturbation, not actual sex."

"It feels like sex," she said.

"You get excited?"

"A little.  Actually, quite a bit. When I'm finished with him I usually run and get my vibrator to take care of me."

"Believe it or not, that actually makes me feel a little better. I gotta admit the idea of doing that to her gets me going," he said.

"What's wrong with us, Bob?"

"I've actually thought about this, and I have a theory."

"Please! Tell me!"

"Well, in a normal relationship a man and woman live together and are intimate.  That's normal.  But when something happens and you end up like us, single parents with an only child of the opposite gender, you end up living together as a man and a woman.  When they're little it's no big deal, except that you're used to giving them hugs and kisses and loving them and letting them sit on your lap and all that.  And, as they begin to mature, they take on more and more of the role that the missing person would have done.

"In your case Jack became the man of the house, so he started feeling like the man of the house, with all that implies.  In my case it was Mandy who began to think of herself in a sort of wife-like way.  She's been taking care of me as much as I take care of her.

"Now, add in the fact that in a regular family, the kids don't think about their parents' sex lives. But because we're both single parents, our kids think about that because they know we're missing something. They want us to be happy. They actually think about us needing a sexual partner in our lives. Then puberty hits and they start to feel sexual desire themselves. That has to get confusing when they find themselves thinking sexual thoughts about the 'mate' they live with.  And it's correspondingly easier for us to view them in a more intimate way than the average parent does, who has a sexual outlet right there, available all the time."

She thought about that for a while.  It made sense to her.  Jack was very protective of her, and his jealousy towards Bob was just like the way Dave had always been jealous whenever another man paid any attention to her.

"So it's our different life styles, compared to the average couple with a child, that account for this relaxed approach towards erotic feelings?"

"It's the best theory I've come up with."

"I want to think that's true," she said.  "It would make it a lot easier to rationalize how things have been going."

"And, in a couple of years they'll be off at college somewhere, among normal peers, and all this will just become a distant memory."

"I hope so," she said fervently.

He kissed her.

"But we'll still be together, doing this all the time."

"That sounds so lovely," she said, snuggling up against him.

"In the meantime, what do I do about Mandy?" he asked.

"Jack seems to be very satisfied with our arrangement," she said.

"He hasn't asked for more?"

"No.  That hasn't been the problem.  The problem has been that I wanted to do more for him sometimes."

"Whoa!  How much more?"

"Not that much.  I just keep thinking how much he'd be blown away if I did to him what I did to you on that blanket."

"Good grief," he groaned.

"I blame that on you, by the way.  I can't describe how much I loved doing that for you.  But that was before we did this.  I was lonely and horny, and now I'm looking forward to being neither.  I'm sure those thoughts have been banished to the mists of lust."

"I hope so," he said.  "I'll be happy to make mine available anytime you get an oral letch, okay?"

"Deal," she said.  "Speaking of which, maybe I should do that now.  I bet I could get you ready again."

"I wouldn't put money on it," he said. "You have drained the well.  I think my little quarterback has been benched for a while.  And besides, you can't ask a man to go more than twice in a night.  It's just not done!"

"Twice is just getting warmed up for me," she purred.  "I promise not to reduce you to a wasted husk of a man, though."

Ten minutes later his quarterback was standing tall, ready to throw the ball, yelling, "Put me in, Coach!  Put me in!"

Amanda sat, her head down, taking in huge lungfuls of air.  The orgasm had been almost scary, so strong was it.  She was sitting still now, just catching her breath.  As often as he'd said he was about to cum, he hadn't.  At least the tip of his cock hadn't done anything except leak a little clear stuff.  She was pretty sure cumming involved more than that.

Finally she sat up.  He'd been the perfect plaything.  Now she wanted to make him happy.  A thought came to her and she scooted back, exposing his boner.  It looked wet.

"Show me how to do what your mother does," she said.

"Okay," he panted.  He was in pain.  He'd heard of blue balls, but this was the first time he was afraid he had them.

She reached for it and he told her how to move her hand.  Because she was sitting on top of him, it wasn't like when his mother did it.  She always kneeled beside the bed and reached across his body to grip him.  This felt different, yet very interesting.  Of course part of that was because of who was doing it.

It was Mandy who altered things again.  That was because at this angle, his penis reminded her of her vibrator.  She loved to press the buzzing tip against her clit.  She could get an orgasm just from that, without even sliding the shaking thing up inside her.  His wasn't vibrating, but it was warm, and it was real, and it was Jack's.

So she bent it so that, while she stroked it, she could rub her clitty with the tip at the same time.

"Ohhh man!" he gasped.  He'd almost shot off when they were lying there and it had teased at going in her.  Now it was right at her opening again.  He hadn't intended on having sex.  He didn't even feel capable of doing that properly.  But he knew the theory, in terms of where his penis was supposed to go at some point in his life.

And it was right on the cusp of that event at this moment.

Which was why, after only a minute or two of doing what she was doing, he splashed her pussy mouth and fingers with his copious, warm issue.

"I'm sorry," he gasped.  He hadn't warned her, because he hadn't had time to when the feeling came over him.

"It's okay," she said.  She wasn't at all concerned about his bodily fluids being all over her hand. It was warm, and slippery, and it had come from Jack.  "I kind of like the feel of it."

"It always makes a big mess," he said.

"I'll get a towel and clean you off so it doesn't get on the bed," she said.

"I'm hungry," said Bob.  "Are you?"

"Starving," she said.

"How about some of that casserole now?"

Karen made a side trip to the bathroom, because she was leaking his sperm, and then they went to the kitchen, still naked.

"This feels so naughty," she giggled, scooping out two helpings of casserole and putting them in the microwave.

"Being married to you could turn me into a nudist," he said.

"That's all we need, Amanda and Jack living as nudists," she laughed.

"How do you think they'll react to us getting married?" he asked.

"I hope they'll be happy for us."

"Yeah. Me, too."

She brought the food to the table and looked at him, where he was standing, leaning against the counter.

"You coming?"

"Not real soon," he said, grinning.  "I've already done that three times tonight."

"Funny man," she said.  "I'm going to eat without you."

"No you're not," he said.

He went to the table and pulled out a chair.  It had no arms and when he sat down he motioned her to come to him.  When she did, he maneuvered her into position on his lap, straddling him.

"I'm going to feed you," he said, reaching for a fork.

"Awww, how romantic."

"And you can feed me!"  He grinned.

They ate, having fun putting food in each other's mouth.  When the plates were empty Bob put his fork down.

"Time for dessert," he said.

He leaned forward to suck on one of her nipples.

"I'm not full yet," she said. 

She reached between her thighs and found his member.  It was hard again.

"Well would you look at that!" she cooed.  "The man says he's worn out, but his equipment is still turned on and operating at full capacity."

She wiggled closer to him, positioning him until she could work her way onto him.  Then she leaned forward and lay her head on his shoulder.

"Now I'm full," she purred.

"What should we do now?" asked Jack.

They were both sated, in the way young people can be satisfied with less than some adults require.

"We can't go home," said Mandy.  "Not until it gets light."

"So do you think Reggie and Claudia really had actual sex?"

"I don't know. Probably, I guess."

"Does that make you feel weird?" he asked.

"No, not really."

"We almost had sex," he sighed.

"Not really," she said again.  "It didn't go inside me like my vibrator does."

"That's so crazy.  When I think about you doing that I feel all weird inside," he said.


"Yeah, and it's the same when I think about my mom using that one she loaned you."

"It really feels great," said Amanda.  "But being with you like we were tonight feels great too."

"Yeah," he said.  "We won't get to do that again for a long time, I bet."

"You're right.  This worked this time, but I'd be nervous about trying to pull it off again.  Too many things could go wrong."

"We could watch TV, I guess," he said.

"I'm not really in the mood," she said.

"Want to go for a walk?"

"It's dark!" she said.

"So?  It might be fun."

"What the heck," she said. 

They got dressed and went quietly into the hallway.  The house was very quiet. As they went to the kitchen, they saw neither Reggie or Claudia.

They had a snack and then let themselves out into a night that was balmy and warm, with a little breeze.

They walked down the street, hand in hand.  Very few houses had lights on.  It was surprisingly quiet.  A dog barked in the distance.

They found themselves by the Elm Street park, and went into it.  They sat side by side on the swings, scraping the toes of their shoes in the gravel.

"Bet I can go higher than you," said Jack.

"You're on!"

Soon, they added to the noises of the night as the rusty bearings at the top of the chains squeaked, in time with their swings.

Twenty minutes later they were front to front, kissing in the dark.  Her hand went to the front of his pants.

"You've got another boner," she whispered. The thrill of knowing he got that way because of her was bone deep.

"I get them because of you," he accused.

"I have an idea," she said, as her hormone levels rose.

A few minutes later she was on her knees, her hand in the same orientation as that his mother used, as she moved the loose skin on his penis back and forth.

"Yeah!" he groaned.  "Just a little faster and I'll shoot!"

She hadn't had much time to think about it, and what she did then was purely an impulse driven by both her emotions and knowing how he had reacted to seeing his mother going down on her father. Instead of watching it shoot out into the grass, she leaned in and closed her mouth over the tip of his cock, stroking him with just two fingers.

Like Karen, she was delighted when what filled her mouth tasted way better than she hoped. She even had fun swirling the milky liquid around in her mouth, deluging her taste buds with the concentrated taste of her boyfriend. She had no idea that, at that very second, Jack's mother was lying on her back, asleep, one knee bent.

In the moonlight that illuminated her, some of that same milky-looking liquid lay filling the opening of her vagina.

The children were decidedly not elated when Bob and Karen announced their engagement.

"You can't get married!" squeaked Amanda.

"Why not?" asked Bob.

"Because if you get married, Jack will be my brother.  I can't have my brother as my boyfriend!"

"He'll only be your step-brother," said Bob.

"Yeah, like that's going to make any difference to the rest of the world," she said, angrily.  "No!  We forbid it!" she shouted.

"Mandy!" said Bob, sharply.  "That's not the way things work."

"Well if you have your way, things won't work at all!" she screamed.  "Jack and I were going to get married some day!"

Both adults were speechless. So was Jack, who had that deer in the headlights look on his face.

"Jack?" said his mother. "A moment in private?"

"Sure," he said. "Okay."

"You're ruining everything!" stormed Amanda to her father.

Bob waited until Karen had taken her son into the hallway.  He wondered if she was going to take him to Amanda's bedroom ... or his.  He dismissed that from his mind and concentrated on his rebellious daughter.

"Calm down," he said.

"I will not calm down!" she raged.  "You can't do this to us."

"Do I need to spank you?" he warned.

"You wouldn't dare!" she gasped.

"Try me," he said.  "Calm down so we can discuss this like the adult you want so desperately to be."

Her mood changed mercurially.

"Daddy, pleeease," she begged. "Jack and I love each other.  But nobody will let us if you get married.  We'll have to act like brother and sister. We'll both be miserable."

"How did the two of you fall in love so quickly?" her asked.

"The same way you and Karen did," she said.

"I'm not sure you really understand what love is yet, Baby," he said, softly.  "This is your first boyfriend ever.  How do you know you're in love?"

"I don't know," she moaned. "I just feel it."

"I have no doubt your feelings are genuine," he said.  "Regardless of that, if you fall in love now, you're going to be miserable anyway, because it's still at least three years before you can marry anybody.  And three years is a long time to wait to do the things people in love want to do."

"This isn't fair," she groaned.

"Sweetheart, that's the first lesson an adult learns.  Life isn't fair."

Karen chose Amanda's bedroom.  She was intimately acquainted with it, since that's where she taught Mandy how to pleasure herself with a motorized penis.

"You want to tell me anything?" she asked, her arms folded under her breasts.

"Honest, Mom.  I didn't know anything about getting married."

"So you didn't ask her to marry you?"


"Where do you think she got this idea, then?"

"I don't know.  We like each other a lot.  We always have a good time when we're together and we can talk about anything.  I've never met a girl like her.  But getting married?  That's crazy.  I can't get married.  I'm only fifteen."

"Well, at least one of you is thinking clearly," said Karen.  "What do you want to do?"

"Do?  What do you mean?"

"Well, Amanda has announced that you two are going to get married."

"She said someday, Mom," he interjected, quickly.

"Someday," said his mother.  "If that makes you uncomfortable, then she needs to know that.  Your relationship has barely begun, and if you don't get this straightened out it will probably kill the relationship altogether.  That's too big a difference of philosophy for two people to just ignore and hope things will somehow work out."

"I don't want to break up," said Jack.  "I like her too much for that."

"Well, then, maybe you need to set some boundaries."

"What do you mean?"

"Like telling her you don't think marriage should really be on the table at least until you graduate.  After college would be even better."

"After college is a long time from now," he said, softly.

"So you are thinking about marriage," said his mother.

"Everybody thinks about marriage sooner or later," he said.  "I never thought about it at all until I got to know Mandy.  And it's not like I want to get married.  It's more like the idea of marriage is not so scary to think about if it was Mandy I got married to."

"Just because the woman you like isn't scary isn't a very good reason to get married, Honey," she said.

"I know that," he said, with a hint of scorn in his voice.  "What I mean is that I've never been able to talk to a girl like I can talk to her.  I don't feel awkward around her.  I don't feel stupid. She makes me feel good, like there's nothing wrong with me."

"There isn't anything wrong with you, Darling," said Karen.

"Mom," he said, softly. "I know a guy isn't supposed to want his mother to help him masturbate.  I'm not supposed to have the kind of feelings I have for you.  Everybody else in the whole world would say there's something really wrong with me if they knew."

"Bob wouldn't," she said.  "I think he understands how you feel."

"How can he?"

"Because I think Mandy feels a little like that about him.  He thinks it's because you think of yourself as the man of the house, and Mandy thinks of herself as the woman of the house."

"Well we are, kind of," he said.

"And, he thinks that might encourage you to also think of yourself as being the husband of the house, while Mandy feels like she's filling the missing wife's role."

His brow wrinkled.

"Wow.  I never thought about it like that."

"My point is that he doesn't think there's anything wrong with you, or me, or Mandy, for that matter."

"The rest of the world won't see it that way," he said, darkly.

"No, you're right about that.  They wouldn't.  But what the rest of the world doesn't know about won't hurt you.  And if we're going to become a family, then it's family business and everybody else can just butt out."

He frowned. 

"She's right, you know.  If you marry Bob, everybody will expect us to act like brother and sister."

"We didn't think of that," she admitted.

"Well think about it, because it means a lot to her.  And just because I don't want to get married right away doesn't mean I don't care about that either."

"Is that the only reason you don't want us to get married?"

He blinked several times.

"I do really love what you do for me."

"You have to grow up some day, sweetie," she said.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I want to grow up real soon," he said.

"Sweetheart," she said. "Whenever I do that for you, it's abundantly clear that you're already grown up."

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