Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

Bob was sitting on the couch, staring at the wall.† Heíd tried to watch TV, but that just seemed wrong, somehow.† He checked his watch for probably the tenth time in the half hour since Karen had disappeared into Amandaís bedroom.†

He had just decided to make a pot of coffee when Karen suddenly appeared.† She looked tired. She also looked beautiful.

"She should be okay now," she said.

"Is there anything I need to know?† To do?"

"Yes.† You need to take her shopping for one of her own," said Karen.† "I need mine back as soon as possible."

"I could always help you take care of things," he suggested, only half joking.

"Can you help me take care of things four or five times a day?" she asked, sweetly.

"That much?!" he gasped.

"You seem to have affected me in that way," she said.


"Besides, Jackís having enough problems as it is."

"I get that," said Bob. "But we canít let them run our lives for us."

"I know.† I think we just need some time, to let them get used to the idea of us, and to learn how to deal with these new feelings theyíre having."

"So ... more dates?"

"Not double dates," she said. "You and I are going out alone."

"What about them?"

"They can see each other at our houses.† You and Amanda can come to our house sometimes, and weíll come over here sometimes. Theyíll get to see each other but it will be under controlled circumstances."

"Chaperone them at home," he said.† "You know theyíre still going to want to do things."

"Mandy will have her toy, and Iíll honor my contract with Jack," she said.† "Can you live with that?"

"How did this happen to us?" he sighed.

It happened because we let them go on dates," she said. "And we fell for each other at the same time."

When you look at it that way, then itís worth it.† At least as far as Iím concerned."

I doubt anybody else would agree ... but I do," she said, softly, reaching for his hand and pulling him up.† "I need to go. I want to stay, but that would be a very bad idea right now."

"Yeah," he said. "I know what Iíd want to do if you stayed."

"Which is exactly why I want to stay," she smiled. "One kiss good night.† Thatís all.† Okay?"

"Yes, Dear," he said.

"And you keep your hands in your pockets," she commanded.

"Yes, Dear."

She held his face in her hands while she kissed him.† When she pulled back, she said, "I like it when you call me ĎDear.í"

"Iím sorry to have dragged you over here," he said.

"Itís okay.† If Iíd stayed home the batteries would have died and Iíd have just been frustrated."

She gave him another peck on the lips.

"Now Iím so tired that I might actually be able to go to sleep when I get home."

Bob walked by Mandyís room on his way to his own bedroom.† He paused to listen, but didnít hear anything.

He went on to his room and took off his clothes.† He was semi hard.

But like Karen, he was just too tired to deal with trying to masturbate.

He crawled into bed and was asleep within minutes.

Saturday morning dawned bright and warm.† Bob woke to the sound of pans banging in the kitchen and he got up to pad sleepily in there to see what was going on.

Mandy was making pancakes, dressed only in panties and a tank top.

"Morning, Daddy!" she said, her voice bubbly.† "Howíd you sleep?"

"Not nearly long enough," said Bob.† "What time is it?"

"Eight-thirty," she said, cheerfully.

"You never get up this early," he groaned.

"I slept like a log," she said.† "When I woke up I just couldnít stay in bed."† She grinned, happily.

"Well, Iím going back to bed," he said.

"No, youíre not. We have to go shopping today.† I promised Karen."

"Sweetheart, that isnít going to work.† Theyíre not going to allow a fifteen-year-old in one of those places that sell that kind of stuff."

"I know that," she said. "Karen and I talked about that too.† But Iím going to go online and look at some things.† I can show you what I want, and then you can go in and get it for me."

"Why donít we just order it online?" he asked.

"Because I promised Iíd give hers back today, and ordering one online would take a week.† Iím not going without one of those for a week, Daddy."

"Great," he sighed.

"It wonít take that long.† Thereís a store across town that sells sex toys. Itís called Cumminí Round The Mountain.† It opens at ten.† We can deliver Karenís back to her on the way and be home by noon.† Then you can take a nap."

It wouldnít do any good to argue with her, so he returned to his bedroom, took a shower in the master bath, trimmed his beard, got dressed, and returned to the kitchen, where a stack of pancakes awaited him.† Mandy was humming happily, sitting at the computer. He could see a full page of sex toys on the screen.

"I have awakened in an alternate universe," he sighed.

She ignored him, clicking the mouse.† He heard the printer warm up.

Worried sheíd whisk him out of the house before he could eat, he buttered his pancakes, drizzled syrup on them, and tucked in, to fill his stomach.

By the time he was finished eating and had put the dishes in the dishwasher, Mandy was dressed in shorts and a halter top.† Sandals graced her feet.† She sat down at the table and laid two printed pages on its surface.

"Do you have any idea how difficult this is going to be for me?" he asked, as he finally was able to delay no more, and sat down.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is for a girl to ask her father to go buy her a vibrator?" she shot back.

"Youíre not acting like itís very hard."

"Itís really not," she said, grinning. "But I had to tease you."

"Well, itís hard for me," he insisted.

"If youíd have just helped me like I asked you to, then Karen wouldnít have had to loan me hers and I wouldnít know what I was missing," she said.

"I couldnít help you.† Dads donít help their daughters masturbate.† It just isnít done."

"I didnít care then and I still donít care," she said, pugnaciously.† "Itís nobodyís business but ours."

"Which one do you want?" he sighed.

She showed him the two pages, each of which had eight devices depicted in glorious color.† She had circled two on each page.

"These are the dildo kind," she said, shoving one page at him.†

The names of the ones circled were:† All American Whopper Vibrator and Purple Six Inch Realistic Dildo With Oscillating Action.†

"And these are the rabbit kind," she said, pushing the other page toward him.†

On that one she had circled the Rotating G Spot Rabbit Vibrator and the one called My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator.

"I canít decide," she sighed.† "Theyíre not all that expensive.† Could I maybe have one of each kind?"

Bob was staring at these foreign looking things that his daughter wanted to shove up in her adolescent pussy.† Some of them looked incredibly realistic, including the All American Whopper Vibrator.† Some of them looked like some kind of torture device.† The two rabbits fit in that category.

In either case, the image of his little girl, writhing on her bed while fucking herself with any of these things made him feel like he wanted to go hide somewhere.

What was worse was that he was getting an erection, thinking about it.

"Are you sure you want one of these?" he asked.

"Well ... there is another one, but you wouldnít let me have it."

"Which one?" he asked.

"Youíd get mad if I told you.† So never mind."

"Why would I get mad?"

"You just would."

"I promise not to get mad, okay?"

She stared at him for a few seconds and then stood up.

"Okay, but donít say I didnít warn you."

She went back to the computer and clicked the mouse to get to another page.† A long, thin tube appeared on the screen.† She got up and indicated he should sit down to view the screen.

It was called Clone A Willy, and it was a kit to make an exact copy of the real, live, erect penis of your choice.† The resulting model could then be used either by itself, or with a vibrator inserted inside it.

He swallowed.

"Whose penis do you want to make a copy of?" he asked.

"Yours or Jackís," she said.† "I havenít seen Jackís, but Iím pretty sure that wouldnít matter."

"Why mine?" he croaked.

"Because I love you and Iíve seen how big it is pushing out your PJs.† It looks like it would be at least as long as the ones on the dildo page."

"Shit, Mandy," he groaned.

"Don't curse, father," she said. "I warned you youíd be mad."

Amanda didnít restrict the torture to her father.† When they got to Karenís, she returned the dildo to her right in front of Jack.

"I washed it really good," she said.† "Thank you so much for letting me use it.† It was fantastic. I slept like a baby."

Jackís eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open.

"Youíre welcome," said Karen.† "But it was mean-spirited to return it to me in front of my son."

"Iím sorry," said Mandy, looking at Jack.† "Since guys can do that so easily, I didnít think it would bother you."

Jack was still staring at the thing in his motherís hand.† It was one of the realistic kind, about eight inches long with oversized balls that held the batteries and the controls to turn it on and off.† There was also a selector for speed.† Bob had a pretty good idea of what the poor kid was thinking.† He was probably thinking the same thing Bob had thought.† That thing had been stuffed up in Mandyís pussy while she had an orgasm or two around it.† And if he wasnít thinking about that, then he was thinking about it being in his motherís vagina. Either way, her inadvertent(?) reference to sleeping like a baby after using something that replicated what made a baby hadn't helped.

If he wasn't already in a bad way already, he would be if he found out his girlfriend was on her way to have her father buy her her very own fake penis, which would, no doubt, "see" the inside of her adolescent pussy before the bell in the clock tower of the Pulaski State Bank, downtown, struck twelve, that day.

Luckily for Jack, where they were going didn't come up, but when they were in the car again Bob lit into her.

"You want to tell me what that was all about?" he growled.

"What?" she asked.

"You know what.† You did that on purpose. You showed Jack something very personal.† What do you think heís thinking about right now?"

"Probably where that thing has been," she said.

"Exactly.† Why would you do that to him?"

Because Iím pissed off!" she yelled.

"Why?† I thought you were all happy after last night."

"She told me what she does for him!" snarled Amanda.

"What?† Why?† I donít understand." And he didnít.† He understood why Karen had told him about it, but couldnít fathom why sheíd tell Mandy something like that.

"Because he said he was going to," said Amanda, all the fury gone out of her in a few seconds.† She seemed defeated.† "He said he wasnít going to lie to me, and when he found out she was coming over here last night he said that if she didnít tell me, he would."

"Iím sorry, Baby," he sighed. "Thatís a lot for you to deal with.† I understand why youíd be angry at them."

"Iím not mad at her," said Amanda.† "And Iím not really mad at him.† The reason Iím mad is because I canít do that to help him.† Nobody would let me do that.† But somebody else will do it for him.† And meanwhile Iím dying and nobody will help me. Not like she is.† I wanted you to, but ohhh no.† I have to use a fake penis, but he gets a real, live, warm hand. Itís not fair!"

"Iím sorry," he said again.

"No youíre not," she growled.† "You and Karen are going to procreate all over the place.† You two are going to be gloriously happy.† But Jack and I are going to have to wait for two or three whole years before we can do that.† And by then heíll be tired of waiting and find some other girlfriend.† Or maybe his mother will be his girlfriend!"

"Itís not Karenís fault that you feel this way," said Bob.

"I know," she said, miserably.† "And I know you tried to warn me.† And she tried to warn Jack.† And I know we were both too stubborn to listen.† I know all that.† Thatís part of why Iím so frustrated."

"If Iíd refused to let you go on a date youíd have been miserable too," he said.

"Is this what love is like?† Does love just make you miserable?"

"Not always," he said, "but being in love while youíre too young to do what comes natural will make you miserable. Thatís your problem right now.† Your body is ready but the world wonít let you be who you want to be."

"Weíre not actually in love," she said.† "I mean we like each other a lot, but I know itís not love.† It might be some day, but I doubt it."

"Youíre deciding things before they happen," he said, gently. "If you do that, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.† Donít fall into that trap, Mandy.† You like him and he likes you.† So run with that. Each of you has a way to deal with the feelings that get generated.† Most kids have to navigate all that by themselves.† Thatís why so many hearts get broken.† Donít kill it just because it isnít exactly like you want it to be."

"I know," she sighed.

They drove on.† He wasnít sure she actually wanted to go buy a vibrator any more.

"Thank you," she said, softly.

"What for?"

"For letting me yell."

"Youíre welcome. I love you."

"I know you do.† I think thatís one reason I want you to help me like she helps him.† I canít think of any man other than Jack and you who Iíd even let touch me."

"Tell you what," he said.


"If you can wait until you turn sixteen ... Iíll think about it."

"Really?"† The hope in her voice sent shivers through him.

"It will be like Karen does.† Only masturbation.† Nothing else.† And not very often."

"Okay!" she yipped.† "I promise Iíll wait and try not to be frustrated."

"And you canít tell Jack. Or Karen."

"Why not?"

"Because things are weird enough as it is," he said.

Things got a little weirder when they got to Cumminí Round The Mountain, which was located on the side of town where all the bars and liquor stores were.† As if just thinking about buying his daughter something to fuck herself with wasn't enough, he couldn't help but reflect on how things might go if someone he knew saw him there. Even worse could be what happened if a passing police officer saw a very underage Mandy sitting in the car outside an adult sex store and stopped to investigate. Bob had a short, terrifying fantasy wherein he kept saying, "She really is my daughter, officer, I swear!"

e wasn't sure what to expect when he opened the door and went inside. His uncertainty vanished almost immediately as it was replaced by astonishment at the overwhelming plethora of things he saw on the walls, and in display cases, or on the shelves of free standing units.† There were two other customers in the store, a woman and a man.† A girl who looked no more than nineteen sat at the register, leafing through a magazine.

The male customer was off in one corner looking at a wall covered with videos.† To his dismay, the woman was standing in front of a confounding profusion of the kind of devices Bob was there to look at.† He felt himself blushing as he had to stand next to her to look for what Amanda wanted him to find.† The two printouts were gripped in his hand.

The woman glanced at him, shocking him by looking him up and down.† Her eyes noticed the printouts.

"I don't usually see men looking at these," said the woman, with a small smile on her face.

"It's not for me," blurted Bob, who then felt foolish.

"Well, that's comforting."† She looked at the pages in his hand again.† "Somebody's wish list?" she suggested.

"Uh ... yeah."† He couldn't tell her it was his daughter who had circled the items on the pages.

"It's none of my business," she said, "But I'd be happy to help you."

"I couldn't ask you to do that," he said, weakly.

"Nonsense," she said.† "I have some experience in the field.† I'm Sarah, by the way.† Divorced and happy to be that way."

"Bob," said Bob automatically.

"Let's see what she wants," said Sarah, extending her hand.† "If you don't mind, of course."

"What the hell," sighed Bob, and handed her the printouts.

"Well, she has good taste," said Sarah.† "Let's see."

Her eyes lifted to range over the multitude of amazingly similar, yet incomprehensibly different things displayed on the wall.

"For the vibrator ..." she said, as if to herself, "I'd recommend this one."

She reached for a package and pulled it off the rod that supported two more.

"It has this bend in the end to tickle her G spot, and this little swelling right here at the bottom will vibrate her clit deliciously."

She handed it to him and he took it in two fingers, letting it dangle from them.

"It's just a toy," she said, smiling. "It won't bite you."

"Sorry.† This is my first time doing this," he said.

"Don't worry about it.† The first time I came in here I expected to get caught up in some police raid.† It's just a store, though.† Now it just feels like I'm going into a Bed, Bath and Beyond."† She grinned.† "Way beyond."

He felt his face flame and she laughed.

"Now, let's find your girl the best rabbit.† I own two, and I love one of them to pieces.† I got it here.† It has to be around here somewhere."

She started searching and Bob just stood, his eyes ranging over brightly colored phallic shaped devices.† He saw one that looked like it might have been cut off of some porn star and preserved.† He couldn't believe the detail, and couldn't help but think somebody sat at a bench somewhere and created the original to make a mold from which this one had been made.

"Found it," said Sarah, startling him.† "I know these are supposed to take care of things when you're not around, but I promise you this one will get you laid."

She handed him a package that had the torture device looking one in it.† Sarah pointed to the thickest, longest part.

"That rotates, going in a circle about this big."† She put her thumb and forefinger an inch and a half apart.† "Meanwhile these little ears right here are fluttering right against her clit.† It will drive her wild.† I promise."

"Got it," gasped Bob.† He took the package and fled.

At the register the nineteen-year-old acted like he was at a convenience store buying a piece of pizza and a donut.

"Is this it?" she asked.

"Yes," he said.

"Did you find everything you need?"

"Yeah," he responded.

"Don't forget the batteries," she reminded him.

"Right.† Thanks.† I would have."

She got him the value pack of batteries.

"These will fit in both of those," she said.

Then she rang him up.

Back in the car Mandy had been getting impatient.

"It took you forever!" she complained, snatching the plastic sack out of his hand.

She pulled out a device and examined it.

"It's not exactly the same," she noted. "But it looks like it will be lots of fun."

The rabbit was next.

"Oooo," she sighed.† "That looks so nasty!"

Bob started the car.

"Hurry, Daddy," said his fifteen-year-old daughter.† "I can't wait!"

Bob couldn't hear it, but the bell in the bank tower hadn't even struck eleven times before his daughter had opened both packages, installed the batteries, and fucked her adolescent pussy to a crushing orgasm.

Thankfully, he also couldn't hear the buzzing and whirring of the devices that gave her that orgasm.

But he knew exactly what she was doing behind that closed door.

"When are we going to go out?" asked Bob.† His daughter and Karen's son were playing a video game on the TV in Bobís living room.† The two adults had been sipping coffee and talking in the kitchen.

"We need to figure out what to do with the kids while we do that," she said.† "We canít leave them home alone."

"Yeah," he agreed.† They both knew what would happen if they did that.

"I have an idea, but it will take some coordination."

"You want to share?" he said.

"We get them both at friends' houses for sleepovers.† That way they canít get together while you and I are on a date."

"I like it," said Bob.

"But that means they both have to arrange that for the same night."

"Maybe theyíll cooperate and help make that happen," said Bob.

The kids did cooperate.† Maybe that should have made their parents suspicious.† But they weren't.

Jack arranged to stay over at Reggie Cooper's house the next Friday night, and Mandy wangled an invitation from Claudia Montgomery, a friend she sometimes studied math with.†

Once the kids were off to stay with friends, Bob stopped by Karen's to pick her up.† She answered the door dressed in jeans and a flannel lumberjack shirt.

"I made reservations at Delmonico's," said Bob, who was in a sport coat and tie.

"I made a tuna and noodle casserole," said Karen.† "I thought we could just eat here."

"Let me make a call," he said, pulling out his cell phone.

She turned and walked to the kitchen while he cancelled the reservations.† When he got to the kitchen she was bending over, taking the casserole out of the oven.

"Would you be offended if I said you have a beautiful ass?" he asked, leaning against the jamb of the doorway.

She stood, moved the hot dish to the counter and looked over her shoulder.

"A month ago I would have been," she said.† "Something changed, though.† I don't know what that was.† Now I'm ambivalent about it."

She turned back to the casserole and picked up a serving spoon, which she shoved into the steaming mass in the dish.† Looking back over her shoulder again, she said, "I don't suppose you'd tell me what your intentions are.† When a man says something like that to a woman, she just has to be concerned about his intentions."

Turning back to the counter, she opened the cupboard doors in front of her and reached to remove two plates.

Bob walked up behind her and slid his hands around her waist, slipping his hands under her shirt.† Slowly he inched his hands upwards, over her flat stomach, until he felt the lower swells of her breasts.

"Mmmmmm," he hummed into her hair.† "No bra.† This could affect my intentions radically."

"Oh?"† She reached for glasses and he moved his hands up to cup and then squeeze her naked breasts.

"This is part of my intentions," he said, kissing the side of her neck.

"You have very naughty intentions," she said, setting the glasses down gently.† "But I suppose if that's all you have in mind, my virtue will be safe."

"I remember these tasting very, very good," he said, capturing her nipples and squeezing them gently.† She shuddered, and her hands laid flat on the counter.

"I made a casserole," she reminded him.† "That's what I was going to offer you to eat."

"I like tuna and noodle casserole," he said, still twiddling her nipples.† "I'm also fond of hair pie."

She turned, suddenly, her eyes flashing, and now his hands were on her naked back.

"That's awful!" she scolded him.† "That's something a teenager would say."

"You make me feel like a teenager sometimes," he said.

"What if I want a man, instead of a little boy?" she asked.

"Then I'll have to give you a man," he said, grinding his loins against her.† He was stiff.

"You don't play fair," she said.† "I wanted to feed you first."

"That's the thing about tuna and noodle casserole.† It's delicious whether it's hot, cold, or warmed over."

She rubbed back, gently.

"When I was in college, we called it something else," she said.

"Tuna and noodle casserole?"† He blinked.

"No, you idiot.† We didn't call it hair pie.† We called it split peach cobbler."

He grinned.† "That's a new one."

"It was just us girls who called it that.† It never caught on with the boys.† They were always too impatient to appreciate the nuances of wooing a woman."

"Nuances are good," he said, letting his fingers slip into the waistband of her jeans.† He didn't do anything with them, just tucked them in there.

"I suppose I could put the casserole in the fridge," she sighed.† "What with you being so impatient to get straight to dessert, and all."

"I purely love split peach cobbler," he said, rubbing the tip of her nose with his.

"And I love hot dog on a stick," she said.

He laughed.

"That one didn't catch on either," she said.† "Did I ever give you the grand tour?"

"I can't say as you did," he said.† "But it's a small house, and I've seen most of it."

"I'd like to show you the bedroom," she said.

"Yours or Jack's?" he teased.

"Mine," she said.

"Can you wait for just a second?"

"What, now I suppose you realized you're actually hungry."

"Famished," he said, pulling his hands to unbutton her shirt.† As each button came loose, more and more of her creamy, pale skin was revealed, until there was a white line from her neck to her belt buckle.† She watched his eyes as his fingers moved the shirt to each side, uncovering her breasts.

"It was dark the other night," he said.† "I was sad that I didn't get to see these."

"You used the Braille method to examine them, as I recall," she said, loving the way his eyes hungered for her.

"I love split peach cobbler," he said again. "But I'm also partial to a nice ice cream sundae with a cherry on top."

He ducked down to suck at one of her distended nipples.

"Split peach cobbler isn't served in the kitchen," she gasped.

He kept sucking.

"Bob, if you don't stop that I'll never be able to eat at my kitchen table again."† She pushed gently at his head.

"Why?" he asked, standing up.

"Because right now that's the closest thing I could lie down on."

"And you said college boys were impatient," he teased.

She shoved him with both hands and then used them to turn him.† Putting her hands on his back, she pushed, guiding him to her bedroom.

Once inside, the teasing stopped and both of them started getting naked as fast as they could.

She ran past him and leapt, turning to land on her back, bouncing naked on the bed.† She flung her legs wide.

"Dessert is served," she panted.

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