Double Dating With The Parents - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

"That was fun," said Mandy as Bob steered the car toward their house.

"I agree," he said.

ĎI just bet you do,í she thought. She was horny. That was something new.† Not that sheíd never been horny before, but it was an infrequent condition and sheíd never been horny like she felt right now.† She was worried that her finger wasnít going to be enough, and she had no idea what else she could do about it.

"Are you going to procreate with Mrs. Ross?" she asked.

The car swerved, but only for a few seconds.

"Where did that come from?" he asked.

"We saw what you two were doing during the fireworks," she said.

"Crap," he said, under his voice.

"Itís none of my business," said Amanda.† "Iím just curious, thatís all."

"I donít think about it that way at all," said Bob.† "Weíre family, and what I do affects you.† It is your business. At least to a degree."

"I want you to be happy, Daddy," she said.

"Thank you," he said.

"And Mrs. Ross makes you happy, right?† You sure looked happy."

"You werenít supposed to see that," he sighed.

"Yeah, we sort of figured that.† Jack got mad."

"He did, did he."

"Yup.† He said he was jealous."

"Crap," said Bob again, this time louder.

"So are you going to procreate with her?"

"The word procreation suggests that babies will be made," he said, stiffly.† "I think itís a little early to be talking about that."

"Sex doesnít always make a baby," said his precocious daughter.† "If it did, there wouldnít be room to take a step on the whole planet."

"And just where did you learn so much about sex?" he asked, flustered.

"Oh, around.† At school.† From books.† You even taught me some of it."

"I was afraid this was going to happen," he groaned.


"That youíd turn into a teenager."

"Daddy, Iíve been a teenager for three whole years," she said, taking him literally.

"Up to now you havenít shown all that much interest in sex," he said. "Itís that kind of teenager Iím talking about."

"Oh," she said.† "Well, it had to happen sometime."

"So, I take it that letting you two date was as bad an idea as I thought it was in the beginning," said her father, darkly.

"I donít think so," she said.

"Are you thinking about procreating?" he shot back.

"No.† Not really.† Kissing is fun.† But I donít want to have sex.† Not yet."

"Thank my lucky stars," he sighed.

"But I do have a problem Iíd like to talk to you about."

"Go on."

"I have to ask you a question first," she said.

"Knock yourself out."

"Before Mrs. Ross started sucking your penis, did you masturbate?"

Karen knew that what she was thinking about was crazy.† But it was a crazy situation.† Jack was right on the cusp of becoming a young man.† Heíd be sixteen in only four months, and when a boy got to be sixteen or seventeen, things could go south in a hurry between him and his parents.† Theyíd done all right so far, had weathered every storm.† The thought that heíd become surly and uncooperative scared her.† Heíd always been a loving boy.† She couldnít bear the thought of him being angry and sullen all the time.† And if he was that way, she knew he could get out of control.

The idea she had to preserve the status quo, so to speak, was insane.† If anyone ever found out about it, it her whole world would suffer horribly.† But there was a good chance nobody ever would, and if she could get him through these tumultuous couple of years until he could express himself appropriately, then everything could go back to normal.

She stood.† He might agree it was insane and veto it himself, for all she knew.† But theyíd always been open and honest with each other, and she wasnít about to change that now.

When she got to his room he was in bed, with the sheet over him.† There was an obvious tent in that sheet.† She sat on the edge of the bed and turned toward him.

"Youíre too young to have sex with Amanda," she said.† "You do understand that, donít you?"

He nodded.

"But I understand that the feelings youíre having are frustrating.† Normally those feelings would be dealt with by having sex.† Thatís the problem.† Youíre too young to have sex with your girlfriend ... but you need to have some sexual release."

He nodded again.

She took a breath.†

"On top of that, you have feelings for me, and that could cause problems between you and Bob, or even you and Mandy.† And we donít want that either."

He looked curious.

"So I have an idea.† Itís a crazy idea, but itís an idea I think might solve both problems."

"What?" he asked, looking interested.

"What if I ... um ... helped you relieve your sexual stress?† Not by having sex, of course," she said, hurriedly, "but by helping you, sometimes, while you masturbate."

His eyes went as round as saucers.

"It would give you some attention from me, so you wouldnít be so jealous of Bob," she said. "And it would make it easier for you to survive what Mandy is doing to you."

There it was.† Sheíd put it out there, for better or for worse.† It was wrong, taboo, illegal, even.† But it was the only way she could think of to preserve the tranquility of their little family.†† He seemed frozen.

"So ... what do you think?" she asked.

"I think itís crazy," he whispered.

She slumped.

"I know," she sighed.† "I shouldnít have thought of it, but it was the only thing I could think of that I thought would keep you from getting mad when things keep going between me and Bob."


She looked at him.

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"No, Baby," she said, her heart going out to him.† "Itís just very hard growing up sometimes."

"So itís okay if I want to do that?"

"What?† You want to?"

"Yeah. I do.† I think it would help."

She stared at him.† She really hadnít expected to get to this point.

"You understand that Iím only going to help you a little bit, and not all the time.† Bob and I like each other a lot, and we may do things that you and I can never do."

"I know," he said.† "But the thought of you giving me just a little bit of that kind of attention has already made my stomach feel better.† I told you, I like Bob.† And I want you to be happy.† And yes, Iíll admit that Iíll probably always be a little jealous of him because I love you so much.† But if I can have a little bit of you ... like that ... I think Iíll feel a lot better."

"Okay," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.† "You want to give it a try tonight?"

"Desperately," he said, his voice breaking.

"Iím not going to discuss this," said Bob sternly.† Heíd had to pull over after her question, and he stayed parked, just in case she hit him with anything else.

"Okay," said Amanda, "but I thought you were all big on honesty and us talking about stuff."

"I am, but that has nothing to do with what Karen may or may not have done, and whether or not I masturbate," he said.

"I guess youíre right.† Maybe Mrs. Ross is the best person to answer my question anyway."

"What question?" he asked, suddenly alert.

"Never mind."


"Well, youíre the one who doesnít want to talk about it."

"I didnít say I donít want to talk about whatever is bothering you.† I said I didnít want to talk about masturbation."

"Well, thatís what I wanted to talk about, so I guess we donít have anything to say to each other.† But itís okay.† Iíll just talk to her.† Sheís a woman and sheíd probably understand better anyway."

"Why are you doing this to me, Mandy?" he groaned.

"Because you donít want to talk about it," she said, innocently.

He turned sideways in his seat.† He had to undo his seat belt first.

"I donít want to play games with you, Amanda.† I love you.† You know that.† And I care about any problems you have.† But Iím not going to let you blackmail me into something just because you saw two consenting adults who discovered we feel a great deal of affection for each other.† Now, I canít keep you from going to see Karen.† But I can forbid you from having anything to do with her son.† And if you want to play hard ball, thatís exactly what Iíll do.† We werenít having this problem before you bullied me into letting you go on dates which I did not think you were ready for.† And before you threaten me, let me tell you Iím aware youíll be miserable and that youíll feel like your life is ending and youíll tell all your friends what a beast I am.† But Iíll have my dignity, and youíll get over it ... someday.† It might not be until youíre in college, but youíll get over it."

He turned back to face the front and fastened his seat belt again.† Heíd put the car in gear and pulled back into traffic before she caved.

"Okay, Daddy.† Iím sorry."

"You should be," he said, grumpily.

"Itís just that Iím so horny and Iíve been masturbating for a long time, now, except I got so excited during the fireworks that I donít think what Iíve been doing is going to work, tonight, and I really need some help or I might start thinking about procreating."

He pulled over again.† This time he shut the engine off.

"Okay," he said.† "You have my undivided attention."

"Thank you," she said.

"May I ask you some questions?" he posed.

"Will it help with my problem?"

"I sure hope so," he sighed.

"Okay, then."

"Why did you get so excited tonight?" he asked.

"I thought youíd want to know how long Iíve been masturbating," she said.

"That was going to be my second question," he said, darkly.

"Oh.† Anyway, I think most of the reason I got so excited tonight was because we watched what you and Karen were doing."

"What happened to all that ĎMrs. Rossí stuff?" he asked.

"If youíre good enough friends with her that sheís willing to suck your penis, I figured I could call her Karen."

He winced.

"Okay, so you two spied on us," he said.

"We didnít spy.† You did it right out in the open.† Anybody could have seen it."

"Why did you watch us?"

"Because it was really interesting," she said.† "And because if weíd done all that stuff ourselves, youíd have been really, really mad."

"Point taken," he said, completely taken in by her omission. She hadnít exactly lied.† Sheíd just framed it so he would assume they hadnít done any of those things.† And they really hadnít done the most important thing theyíd seen.† That was the penis sucking part.† Compared to that, leaving out that Jack had sucked her tender teenage nipples, and that sheíd felt up his boner, seemed inconsequential by comparison.

"And watching got us both really excited," she said.† "I mean Iíve been excited before, but not like tonight.† And I know what itís like to do what I do, and tonight it just feels like thatís not going to work."

"What do you do?" he asked.

"I donít think itís fair that you wonít talk about what you do, but you want me to talk about what I do," she said.

Okay!" he groaned. "Yes, Iíve masturbated ever since puberty.† And I kept doing it after your mother died.† I do the pretty standard guy stuff.† I stroke it until I ejaculate, and then I go to sleep."

"And that always works?† Why doesnít that work for me sometimes?"

"With a guy, itís a little different.† What masturbation does ... what having intercourse does as well ... is irritate the lining of the urethra. Thatís the tube that connects the bladder to the end of the penis."

"I know what a urethra is, Dad," she said.

"Okay, good.† The urethra gets irritated and that causes the testes and prostate to work together to deliver semen through it.† The semen soothes the irritation and the erection goes away.† Once the erection goes away, the man is satisfied."

"Thatís not what happens with a girl," she sighed.

"No.† At least not in the same sense."† He was thinking about "squirters" but he decided he didnít want to get into that.† Besides, it wasnít the same process. "A womanís orgasm is more designed to make her tired, so she doesnít want to get up and move."

"What good does that do?" she asked.

"If she gets up, the manís sperm will drain out of her and she is less likely to get pregnant.† So Mother Nature designed things so that she doesnít want to get up."

"Oh.† I guess that makes sense."† She frowned.† "But what if sheís still horny after she has an orgasm?"

"Women are capable of having multiple orgasms," he said. "One right after the other."

"We are?"† Her voice went up.


"So if we have enough, then eventually we wonít want to get up and we can go to sleep," she said.


"That wonít work for me," she sighed.

He winced, but asked the question anyway.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because last time it took me so long that if I have to do that three or four times, I wonít have time to sleep at all."

"Last time?"

"After Miniature Golf."

"What was so exciting about miniature golf?" he asked, puzzled.

"It wasnít so much golf as it was seeing your erection," she answered, truthfully.† "When I saw it, it looked kind of big, and I wondered what Jackís would look like, and that got me all excited."

"Great," he sighed. "My daughter got excited by my erection."

"Why wouldnít I?" she asked. "It looked like a really good one."

There was an almost sixty second awkward silence after Jack lifted his hips and pushed his underwear down around his thighs.† He did, in fact, have an erection.† Not only that, it was a very handsome one.† Karenís mind was taken back to Bobís penis.† Over the years she had forgotten that she and Dave hadnít had Jack circumcised, and she hadnít seen it since he was potty trained.† That had been over a decade ago.†

"Mom?"† His strained comment brought her out of her reverie.

"Itís all right," she said, guessing that he was afraid sheíd changed her mind.† "I was just thinking of something else."


"It doesnít matter," she said.† "Are you sure youíre comfortable with me doing this?"

His eyes darted away, but then came back to hers.

"I really want you to.† I feel like that makes me a pervert, but itís the truth."

"Youíre not a pervert," she said.† "An argument could be made that I am, but hopefully that argument will never surface."

She reached for him.

"Just lie there and think about ..." She had started to say, "Amanda" but she changed her mind.† He didnít need to be thinking about Mandy doing this.† That was the whole point of her doing it.† Well ... one very important point, anyway.† "Think about your favorite movie star," she said.

"Okay," he said.

She knew almost immediately that he wouldnít last more than a minute.† As her cool hand gripped his thick shaft, and she moved it down, baring his knob, and then back up to bunch the loose hood together again, he groaned pitifully and his hips jerked upwards.† No more than ten strokes later, he gasped and grabbed her hand.† She assumed that was the result of habit, the habit of gripping himself when he ejaculated.† That he then did so gave weight to her theory.† His hand made hers go down and up rapidly several times, and he went off like a fast food ketchup packet thatís stomped on by a 200 pound man.† She watched, astonished as his semen rocketed at least two and a half feet into the air before it made a graceful arc and fell to land in a line across his chest.† A second spurt only went a foot up as his hand left hers and pounded the sheet beside his hip.† A third and fourth spasm merely coated her hand with his warm spend.

He was breathing as if heíd run a mile sprint, and moaned like he had broken bones.† She realized her hand was still milking him, and she removed it, trying to hold it so that his spunk didnít drip all over the place.

"That should take care of it for tonight," she said, her voice shaky.

"Thanks, Mom," he panted.† "I love you."

"I love you too, Honey," she said, standing.

Then she fled.

She had just finished washing her hands when the phone in her purse rang.† She hurried to get it and saw Bobís name and number on the screen.

Hello?" she answered, breathing hard.

"Iím sorry to call this late, but I think we have a problem.† Well ... I have a problem."

Her first thought was that this was going to be his attempt to have phone sex with her.† If she hadnít just done what sheíd just done, she might have even welcomed that, but right now she was feeling guilty, rather than sexy.

"What kind of problem?" she asked, carefully.

"Actually, itís Amanda that has the problem."

"Well make up your mind, Bob," she said.† "Is it we, or you, or Amanda who has the problem?"

"Itís Amanda, but it affects me, and I need your help with it."

"Okay. Whatís the problem?"

It was silent on the phone for so long that she thought the line had dropped.


"Iím here.† Iím just trying to work up the courage to tell you."

"Just spit it out, Bob.† Iím tired, and I just did something Iím not proud of, and all I want to do is go to sleep and wake up hoping it was all just a bad dream."

"I thought you were in a great mood when I left," he said, sounding puzzled.

"I was.† But something happened with Jack and everything went all wonky."

"Thatís my problem with Amanda.† Everything went wonky with her too."

"So tell me," she sighed.

"She wants me to help her masturbate," said Bob.

This time it was Bob who had to say, "Karen?"

"Iím here."

"Please donít be mad.† I just didnít know what to do.† All I could think of was calling you."

"Youíre not going to believe this," she said.


"Jack wanted me to help him do the same thing."

"Youíre shitting me," he gasped.

"I am not shitting you," she assured him.

"Wait.† Is that what you meant when you said you just did something youíre not proud of?"

"It was either that or try to physically stop him from trying to come murder you."

"Me? He wanted to murder me?"

"He saw what we did tonight."

"I know that.† Mandy told me."

"He got jealous, Bob."

"Oh.† Shit.† Iím really sorry, Karen."

"Itís not your fault.† I decided to do that and I knew they were right over there.† I should have known better than to do it with them anywhere around."

"I could have stopped you," he said.

"If you would have Iíd have been crushed," she said. "I wanted to do that for you, Bob."

"Well, I have to admit I loved it.† I loved helping you too."

"Letís get back to Mandy."

"You really did that for Jack?"

"He lasted maybe fifteen seconds.† Heís a boy, Bob.† Premature ejaculation is almost a certainty.† I canít believe youíre not screaming at me, though."

"No, no.† I get it.† I mean I understand how he could be jealous.† And I understand how that could put you between a rock and a hard spot.† Was he really going to come after me?"

"I donít know. Probably not.† But he was angry, and I was afraid heíd stay angry and take it out on somebody.† Whether that was you, or me, or Amanda didnít matter.† I had to do something to calm him down.† So I told him you couldnít take me away from him because Iíd always love him.† I hate to admit this, but it was actually me who thought up a way to mollify him.† But I made it clear that was all Iíd ever do for him, and not very often."

"Youíre something," said Bob. "Most women would have given up and sent the boy away."

"I donít have anywhere to send him," she said.† "My mother is too old to deal with an angry teenager and I already asked too much of her years ago."

"Well, just for the record, that doesnít change the way I feel about you."

"Thank you," she said. "Thatís the best news Iíve had all year.† Now. What about Mandy?"

"All this came out on the ride home.† Sheís been masturbating with her fingers for several years now, apparently.† I didnít know that, but she has."

"Iím not surprised," said Karen.

"But I guess after we went miniature golfing, she was so excited that it took her a really long time to have an orgasm, and tonight sheís even more fired up, because of what they saw us doing.† And sheís crying because she says if she has to pursue multiple orgasms - I told her women can do that - that it will take all night long and she wonít get any sleep.† She thinks that if I help her, it will happen sooner."

"We have created two monsters," sighed Karen.

"Youíre telling me."

"So, how do you feel about helping her?"

"Well gee, letís just reflect on that.† If I was willing to do that, would I have called you?"

"Now Iím feeling guilty again," she sighed.

"Donít.† Just tell me what to do."

"I hate to say this, but she needs a toy."


"A sex toy.† A dildo.† Vibrator.† Something that can make her orgasm better."

"Where am I supposed to get something like that at eleven-thirty on a Friday night?"

"My house," said Karen. "Iíll loan her mine."


"Wait.† Iíd better bring it over.† Sheís going to need some beginner's instruction.† And batteries.† Do you have any double Aís?"

"I think so.† How many?

"Four," she said. "The ones in it got ... um ... worn out."


"No, not tonight, you dope.† After we went miniature golfing."


"Donít get a big head," she muttered.

"Come on.† Donít be like that," he begged.

"Iíll be over as soon as I can get there.† I need to tell Jack Iím leaving.† Tell Mandy to be in bed when I get there."

"Yes, maíam," said Bob. "Thank you.† I really mean that."

"Oh, youíll pay, my friend," she said.† "Youíll pay."

"Anything you want," he promised.

Iíll remember that," she said, and punched the disconnect button.

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