Double Dating With The Parents - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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There's an old saying in the military that goes something like this: No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Basically, what that means is that, no matter how well you plan something, unforeseen circumstances will rear their heads and fuck things up.

The first evidence of this in this little family's new arrangement can't honestly be called a "fuck up", in that it didn't require any changes to the formula to be made. On the other hand, it was the very definition of "fuck up".

It happened when Karen went to the doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills. The doctor said he couldn't prescribe them to her, because she was already pregnant. The subsequent discussion, plus tests he ran, established that her probable date of conception was late July, earlier that year. Her due date was set in April of the following year.

While this did not require modification of "the plan" as it was referred to, it did speed up the wedding a bit, and it brought a whole new significance to the dating other people thing. Now that was very serious, and had to be done in a convincing manner, because the wedding was going to take place the day before school started.

Basically, Mandy and Jack were going to return to school as step-siblings.

In one sense, though, it made it easier to get the whole scam off to a great start. Mandy was able to deliver the news to her friends that her father had "saddled her" with Jack Ross as her new step brother, and commiserate with them about her misfortune. When one of the girls said, "I think he's kind of cute," that allowed Mandy to say, "Well, you can have him. He farts and eats all our food and leaves his stinky shoes lying around."

Likewise, when Jack got back with his friends, he was able to say, "I thought having Mandy for a sister would be cool. You know, like I might get to see her running around in her underwear or something? But man, what a bitch she turned out to be! Everything is hers, and she thinks she can order me around."

Gradually, as a few weeks passed, and then a month, and then two months, they found it was easy to act like step-siblings at school, calling each other brother and sister and achieving a sort of public level of peaceful coexistence with each other. People expected them to learn to get along, so they gradually did that. But it was clear to their friends that their relationship was based on the tolerance required of two young people who had been forced into close contact. They were, as things turned out, both good actors.

And then, when they got home, behind closed doors, Jack mounted his lover and rodded her long, deep, and continuous, as they reaffirmed their undying love for each other.

Both Bob's and Karen's parents had passed on, so there was a small, hastily thrown together wedding to which some teachers, some auto parts store employees, and some volunteers of the Boggy Creek Restoration Project were invited. Karen and Bob settled into married life with very few bumps. Their primary concern was that there wasn't enough room in either house for both teens to have their own room, much less have a room to use as a nursery for the baby. To that end, they worked with a realtor in town, putting both their houses on the market, and looking for something bigger. There were a number of suitable properties on the market that would fill their needs nicely, but the economy in that part of the world was depressed. While that meant it was a buyer's market for them, not many people were interested in buying either Bob's or Karen's homes for their full worth. Taking a leap of faith, they decided to rent out their old houses and buy a new one, a bank foreclosure, which they got for a song.

As things turned out, they were able to charge rent that was almost double what their old mortgages were, and that paid for the new one. It meant they were landlords, but that was manageable because the new house, while just outside of town, was close enough they could keep a close eye on the rental properties. Bob was handy, and thought he could take care of most upkeep issues in the rental properties.

For Jack and Amanda, the subterfuge of being lovers privately, while pretending to have no interest in each other publicly, became a game that was great fun. That first year, while they were juniors, their dating patterns were those of kids who want to have fun, but not get tied down. Because of that it seemed normal to their peers that they went on a lot of group dates. Twice they were on a group date in each other's company, though ostensibly with other partners. But that was the thing about group dating. Unless couples were already formally going together, the group was usually comprised of kids who just wanted to hang out and have fun together. There were a lot of kids, as it turned out, who didn't want the drama of a "real" boyfriend or girlfriend. There were some individual dates, primarily to school dances that year. Prior to going on those dates, the young couple would lie in bed, either making love or after finishing that pursuit, and talk about what was going to be okay and not allowed when they went out with other people. Both trusted each other enough to allow more latitude than their parents would ever have believed.

Mandy, for example, spent ten minutes kissing her date good night on the front porch after the Winter Wonderland dance that year. Karen "saved" her by turning on the porch light and opening the door. That young man went home with blue balls for sure. Jack also kissed some girls good night, but not with the interest Mandy did. She was intent on getting a few rumors started by the boys she kissed, and it worked. She never allowed anything more than kissing, though. And when the rumors included a little more than that, she didn't complain. One boy said he'd gotten in her panties, though, and she scorned him in public during lunch, yelling at him for being a liar. He didn't get any dates for two months after that.

Also to advance the theory that her brother was a pain in the ass, whenever Mandy had a sleepover, and there were half a dozen nubile young women cavorting about the house, Jack made a pest of himself. One time he knocked on her door and, when it was answered by a girl dressed in pajamas, Jack leered at her, before saying, "Tell Mandy she needs to do her chores, because I'm not going to do them for her." Mandy had reacted by yelling, "Go away, you dick, and leave my friends alone!" Bob showed up eventually and sternly reminded her that she would still be held accountable for her chores, before he ordered Jack to leave the girls alone.

They played their parts superbly, and no one in school believed there was any interest between them of an even faintly romantic nature.

Karen was one of those women who carry a baby easily, and even up into the eighth month she had relatively little discomfort. At home, her belly was a popular place for one or the other family members to rest their heads, talking to the baby in there, or resting a hand on her stretched skin to await movement. Only when her due date was two weeks away did she feel like a beached whale who had to waddle everywhere she went.

Her due date came and passed, but only by two days, before she gave birth to her second child, a girl, who they named Jennifer Lynne. Jennifer's presence altered things subtly, at first, primarily because of the noise she made in the middle of the night. But during the day she had lots of caregivers. Amanda in particular spent hours learning how to take care of her baby sister, thinking of it as practice for when she would get to let Jack make one of these precious things inside her.

Jack and Bob, for reasons unknown, both had the knack of rocking little Jennifer to sleep, even when she fought it.

That summer, after taking driver's ed, Jack got his license, and a job at the auto parts store, delivering parts to the various mechanics and garages in town.

During their senior year, after a year had passed while the marriage settled into something that could be defined as bliss, and the teens began to begin to truly understand what a marriage involved, the normal changes in any relationship resulted in things that were different from the previous year. As seniors, the kids felt like the future loomed a bit. Having something at home that very few teens get to have, the thought of all the changes that would result when they left home for college was a little worrisome. So, too, was the pressure for their relationships in public to become more serious.

After talking about this, Jack and Mandy agreed that something more than kissing might be required on dates during their senior year. That said, neither wanted to do more than was necessary to keep the fraud going. But even that ended up causing some difficulties. On one date with a boy named Reggie Cooper, Mandy's bullshit meter malfunctioned. She thought she liked the boy he pretended to be and his slick technique caused Mandy to find herself with his hand under her shirt and her own hand gripping the erection in his pants. It was clear Reggie was going for the gold, but she managed to extricate herself from that by telling him she wasn't on the pill and was terrified of becoming pregnant. He tried everything, from telling her he'd pull out, to swearing he could get her the morning after pill, but she insisted he had to take her home. He wasn't happy, but he didn't push it, no doubt thinking that he'd have better luck in the future, when he would be sure to have a condom with him. She didn't go out with him again, though, and told him point blank that the reason she was turning him down was because she wasn't sure she couldn't stop herself again.

With Jack, the problem wasn't what he wanted to do. It was what the girl who was trying to ensnare him wanted. And she wanted it all. He managed to resist her attempts to get him to fuck her by getting her off with his fingers and then taking her home. Later was it revealed she was already pregnant, and wanted someone to blame it on other than the boy who had actually gotten her that way.

He was sobered by what had almost happened to him. In a burst of what can only be called panic, he told some people at school that he was thinking about becoming a priest. The non-Catholic girls in school assumed he was Catholic and the Catholic girls lost interest in him completely, even though they never saw him at mass.

When Mandy heard about how her brother was going to become a priest, she teased him by using her rabbit right in front of him one night. It was the first time she'd ever done that. Nor had he seen her vibrator in action, though he knew where it was stored.

"If you're going to be a priest, then we can't have sex," she said, arching her hips as the rabbit buzzed inside her. "I'll have to resort to this from now on, I suppose."

When she confided in Karen how he had reacted, Karen got her own vibrator out one night before Bob came to bed. She was using it when he came into the bedroom from putting Jennifer down to sleep. He stopped and stared, his jaw slack.

"We haven't had a real fight yet," she said, sliding the buzzing thing in and out of her pussy. "When we do, I just want you to know I have other options."

Then she laughed so hard that her internal muscles fairly squirted the vibrator out onto the sheet, where it happily whirred in a circle before she could reach it to turn it off.

Another reason dating began to get less frequent was both kids' stated intent to win scholarships. To mesh with his story about the priesthood, which he was beginning to wish he hadn't come up with, Jack said he wanted to get a degree in accounting before he went to the priesthood, so that he could work in the financial hierarchy of the church. Amanda simply said she had to have a scholarship or she wouldn't be able to go to college at all.

Bob contacted the university his teaching degree had come from. They had an alumni program that gave preferential admittance to the children of alumni, as long as they had a 3.2 GPA or above. Upon graduation Amanda had a 3.3 GPA and Jack had a 3.6, so they were in. That this school was in a different region of the country only ensured that they were unlikely to meet anyone they had known in high school when they went there. It also meant a drive of ten hours to get home for holidays, but two college kids, sharing the driving time, can drive double that, without blinking an eye.

College was a challenge, especially that first year, because university policy required that they live in the dorm for their freshman year. For the first time since becoming lovers, they were separated. It wasn't easy. Coming home became precious time to them, because while home they could revert to sleeping together. The first time they came home, for Thanksgiving, they didn't come out of their room until noon the next day.

So distracted were they that it wasn't until they did appear, after a marathon night of sexual satisfaction, that they noticed the gentle swell that was Bob's second successful impregnation of his wife. This time it was planned.

The kids weathered the remainder of that year, in part because Bob gave them tips on how to find places to be alone together outside the dorms. One of those was the suggestion that Jack join a fraternity. Sorority houses were still closed to men guests, for the most part, but frat guys had been sneaking women into their houses for decades. And, of course, there was Christmas break, and then Spring Break, with only a couple of months before they were back home for the summer and living together again.

"The new baby" as Amanda called it, was born in June, and Karen insisted Mandy be with her in labor and delivery. Bob was there too, but Karen wanted Mandy to know what to expect. It sobered the young woman, but did not quash her desire to have Jack's baby some day.

Their sophomore year allowed them to live out of the dorms. Jack had, in fact, joined a frat, and lived in the frat house. Mandy found three roommates, two girls and a guy, and they rented a house that had seen better years when Bob was going there. But, finally, they could manage a night together two or three times a week. By this time Jack had settled on elementary education as his major. Amanda had become fascinated with computers and graphic arts, and was aiming in that direction.

By all counts, this unusual romance, on the part of both of the original double daters, had been a storybook success. But with each passing year the odds that something would fuck things up got greater and greater.

That unforeseen fuckup happened during their junior year in college. In October Mandy ran out of birth control pills and, because she was so busy with classes, she didn't get to the school clinic to get a refill for a week. That was enough. By then Jack had moved out of the frat house and was one of Mandy's roommates. They slept together every night, and everybody they knew were well aware they were a couple. When, by Thanksgiving, Mandy hadn't had a period, she confided that fact to Karen when they got home.

A home pregnancy test announced the bad news.

There was some crying, but by Thanksgiving Day this unplanned addition to the human race was given thanks for while Jack squeezed her hand.

Finishing school that year was no problem, because the baby wasn't due until July. The issue would be how to complete her senior year.

When they got back after Thanksgiving break, Mandy made some inquiries and learned that, for married students, there was daycare available.

And so it was that, in June of that year, in a private ceremony in the back yard of Bob and Karen's home, a marriage license issued in one state was honored by the minister of another state, who joined Jack P. Ross and a very gravid Amanda S. Thurlow in matrimony. Jack had to bend forward at the waist, as if he was formally bowing to his bride, to be able to kiss her lips.

Though the wedding was private, Mandy's swollen belly could not be kept that way, and they all knew it. But years had passed and so, with great courage, Amanda went to see one of her high school friends who was also married and had three children by now. She had, in fact, married her high school sweetheart, who worked for his father in the family business.

"When did this happen?" said Claudia.

"Pretty close to eight months ago," said Mandy, easing down onto Claudia's couch.

"Are you married?"

"Yes, and you won't guess in a million years who to," said Mandy easily.


"Remember Jack?"

"No way!" gasped Claudia. "I thought he was going to be a priest. Wait! He's your brother!"

"Step-brother," said Mandy. "Last year he decided maybe the priesthood wasn't for him."

"But you? And him? You guys fought like cats and dogs!"

"I know, I know," said Mandy. "Who knew? Inside that complete dickhead there was actually a nice guy. It took two years of college to bring it out, but there you go."

"I have to hear the story of how that happened," said Claudia, her eyes sparkling.

"For the first two years we hardly saw each other. His major and mine are different. But then, last year, we decided to room together, to save money," said Mandy. "And I realized that in the two years we had nothing to do with each other he'd turned into a decent kind of guy. Or maybe he was all along. It was hard on us when our parents got married. We were used to being only children, I think."

"I get that," said Claudia, nodding in sympathy.

"Anyway, one night some people were over and we got drunk and the next thing I knew we were waking up in the same bed the next morning."

"What a shocker!" gasped Claudia.

"You're telling me? Especially since I wasn't on the pill." Amanda patted her pregnant belly and put a sad face on, but then brightened. "Of course we didn't know about this then. I mean I knew something had happened, and we were both naked, so we had to deal with that. Anyway, we started talking and found out we have a lot more in common than we thought. And we already knew each other. Or at least we did, back then. And things just kind of clicked."

"But ... can you actually marry your step-brother?" Claudia's brow wrinkled.

"Actually, you can," said Amanda. "We were raised separate except for two years, and there was never any romantic interest back then. Or even when we first got to college. So the clerk of the county we live in said it was no problem and issued us a license."

"Well how about that," sighed Claudia. "When are you due?"

"July the fourth," said Amanda. "Can you believe that? I can't wait."

"You don't have to tell me," said Claudia, who had been dealing with three little ones while this entire conversation had gone on. "Can you stay for dinner? I know Reggie would love to see you. Didn't you go out with him in school?"

"Once," said Mandy. "But I have to go. I just wanted to stop in and say hi. It's been so long. There are a couple of other people I want to see too. It's so good to see you again. You've been very busy," she said, motioning at the children.

"Reggie's such a horn dog, even now," she said. "He was that way in high school too. But then you went out with him, so you probably know."

"It's why I only went out with him once," said Mandy, grinning.

"He'd be so jealous if he saw you now. I swear, he tried to knock up every girl he ever conned into going out with him."

"Including you, apparently," said Amanda, grinning. "Which is a good reason for him not to see me," she added, firmly. "He's your man now. I don't want him getting jealous over me."

"You always did have scruples," said Claudia.

"I didn't want to end up like this," said Mandy, patting her belly again. "Not back then. As you can see, if you don't stay right on top of those scruples, then things happen." She smiled and rubbed her pregnant belly.

She left, knowing that, in Claudia's circle, the news she had delivered would circulate with lightning speed. She did not, in fact, go see any of her other old friends.

And, by the time Jack drove her back to school for their last year, transporting one-month-old Craig Emerson Ross in Jennifer's hand-me-down infant car seat, in the back, a significant number of people Jack and Mandy had gone to high school with did, in fact, know that she had married her step-brother.

But nobody really cared.

The End

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