Double Dating With The Parents - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

At the edge of an ice field, where land meets ocean, something happens so frequently that it has become unremarkable. A section of thick ice breaks off and slides into the sea, forming the familiar iceberg. It's magnificent to watch happen, this calving of icebergs, but it is commonplace. One can imagine the reaction of the first man to witness it. No doubt he returned to his village with tales that most disbelieved. Literal mountains of ice ... breaking with thunder ... smashing into the sea? Surely this was business of the gods!

But after time, when more people had seen it, and the phenomenon was studied, the mysticism vanished. Man no longer looks at it in wonder, eyes wide with awe. Now it is understood what causes this, and from whence the thick, blue ice comes. It is made of simple flakes of snow.

And that is the point. What triggers the birth of an iceberg is the weight of a single flake of snow.

There are "flakes" of a sort that fall into human lives too. Nature has created these flakes out of different chemicals, produced by the body, and which have a purpose that is very similar. These emotional flakes build up until they also become too immense to be held in check and at some point, a single cell causes calving of judgement to take place. And on the night of July the fourth, as hot as it was in the sward by Boggy Creek, it was "snowing" hormones that, to push this analogy to the stretching point, created a blizzard.

There is no mysticism in the fact that, as man ignores the single flakes of frozen water in the air until they become an obstacle to move through, Bob and Karen ignored the emotional and social blizzard both they and their children were caught out in.

This blizzard was made up of assumptions and hopes. The kids were only thirty feet away. It wasn't like they were in a parked car somewhere, able to do the things that Bob and Karen were so anxious they'd want to do. And it was only their third date. They'd barely even kissed! They wouldn't do anything that close to their parents, where they could get caught. They'd be terrified. At most they'd hold hands while the pyrotechnics burst overhead. They wouldn't try to get away with anything. Not tonight. Not yet. Not until later dates.

Ironically, some parts of the bill of goods they were trying to sell themselves played into their decisions about what they decided to try to get away with.

It was dark. And the kids were thirty feet away, watching the fireworks. Surely Bob and Karen may be forgiven for thinking that it was safe to roll into what became a torrid embrace, during which each tried to make up for a decade of not having this in their lives. The kiss was really one, long, passionate kiss, regardless of the fact that they pulled their lips away from each other from time to time, to breathe, or to change the style of it. For all intents and purposes it really was one extended exchange of ardor, and as that kiss extended, it was only normal that their hands became restless and ... busy ... as well.

When Bob's hand slid up her side and his thumb brushed the side of her breast, she actually rolled into the thumb, and his hand was filled with her softness. They spoke not, but communication was frantic as her own hand went to find out what the state of his penis was. She found it as rigid and hard as an iron bar, and squeezed it with appreciation. Eventually his hand found its way under her shirt, and then he pushed up her bra to finally fondle her hot, soft breast flesh. He found the nipple easily, because it now protruded half an inch from the areola on which it sat.

She moaned into his mouth, and her own hand tried to force entry into the waistband of his shorts. His belt was too tight, but her clever hand remembered he was wearing shorts, so it went to his bare thigh and then upwards, snaking through the leg of his pants until she reached her goal. Brushing over full balls, her fingers sought and then gripped his rod.

She moaned into his mouth again as she squeezed.

Finally the kiss paused.

"I want you so much," she panted. "I haven't wanted this for so long."

"You don't know the half of it," he groaned.

"If only the children weren't here," she moaned.

At the mention of the kids, Bob looked toward where they were, but it was too dark to see them. Good. That meant they couldn't see their parents either.

"We can't do what I really want to do," he panted. "But at least we don't have to go crazy."

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"I'm going to give you an orgasm, sweet thing," he whispered. "Undo your pants."

"We can't," she moaned. "The kids."

"I just looked for them and it's too dark to see anything. Don't worry. And if you're as hot as I am, it won't take long to take the edge off."

An emotional calving took place as the weight of hormones demanded movement. Her lust won out over common sense. Neither of them noticed that, while they were whispering, the bursts of fireworks overhead lit them up briefly. They were too preoccupied with sating their craving.

Soon she was on her back, with him lying beside her. His right hand was in her shorts, his middle finger plugged firmly into her slippery pussy. He had pushed her shirt up enough to get to her breasts with his mouth, and she writhed, biting the heel of her hand to keep from making too much noise as she got closer and closer to something she'd almost forgotten about.

And then she was there and she rolled to bury her face in his shoulder as she wailed softly, shaking like a dog just out of the water. He stopped moving his fingers in her, and hugged her with the arm she was lying on. When she finally rolled away from him, she lay limply, taking deep breaths, her white breasts moving in the darkness, grinning like she'd just won the lottery. Dave would never have done that. He would never have put her needs ahead of his own. The rush of emotion she felt was dangerous. She knew that. She knew she shouldn't feel this strongly about a man she hardly knew ... had only been out with three times. And those weren't even real dates!

She turned her head. He was just lying there, up on one elbow, looking at her as the fireworks burst overhead. He wasn't trying to crawl on top of her. He must be in pain by now, having waited so long. She rolled and lifted her head. Like him, she looked toward where the kids were. She could see their shapes, but not what they were doing. She saw an arm point upwards and a firework went off, lighting the area briefly. But then it was dark again. They were watching the fireworks.

Bob had been good to her. Now she was going to repay him. And she was going to do it in a way she had refused to ever do to Dave.

"Lie down," she whispered, pushing at his chest.

He did and she got to her knees to work at his belt. He sucked in his stomach and she got it undone. Then she fumbled with the button and zipper and tugged the waistband.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"You'll see," she said. "Help me!"

He raised his hips and she got his shorts and underwear down, just below his balls. She wished she could see, but then decided it was better if she did this in the dark. She'd only done it once before in her whole life when her cousin had talked her into it at a family reunion. She reached and found his stiff manhood. Her hand stroked it several times, feeling the skin on the shaft move in ways that felt odd. It was loose! Dave's skin hadn't been loose like that. Her other hand went to feel the tip, and the realization hit here. He wasn't circumcised! She'd never seen one like that. Now, even more she wished she had enough light to see it. An explosion overhead granted her wish, but only for a second or two.

She needed to get this done. Who knew when the show would end?

Crawling forward, she searched for the tip with her lips.

And swallowed him whole.

The first kiss the kids shared was as close to the last one as they could make it. They weren't in a hurry, and they didn't move their heads much. Instead, they just paid attention to trying to feel the other's lips. That was easiest when their own were loose. They'd seen movie kisses, where it looked like the actors were trying to eat each other's faces off. Amanda tried that once, but it felt stupid, so she went back to moving her lips against his.

They broke, just breathing into each other's mouths.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"I think we should do that some more," she said.

So they did. After four or five more of those, each was breathing hard. They were between kisses when the sky lit up and they could see each other's faces plainly. Both jerked, thinking at the same time that their parents might be able to see them. They looked, as one, waiting for the next volley, pulling apart, just in case. When the light came, though, it was clear that the adults were paying no attention to them.

That's because Amanda's dad was half lying on top of Jack's mother and they were doing exactly the same thing the kids had been doing.

"Look at that!" said Amanda.

Jack waited for the next burst, and when it came he clearly saw Bob's hand on his mother's breast. The hand squeezed, just as it went dark again. He felt something twist inside him. That was the breast that only a short time ago had been pressed against him! It had felt hot and soft. He wondered if it felt hot and soft now.

"He's touching her boob," he hissed.

"I saw that," said Mandy.

"That makes me feel funny," he said.

"You want to touch mine?"

His head snapped around.

"You'd let me?"

"I guess so. I never thought about it before. Now I wonder what it would be like. Do you want to?"

"Yeah," he sighed. "I sure do. But it's weird. I want to see what they're doing too. I think I'm jealous!"

"Of my dad?"

"I think so! This feels like what I felt like when I saw Jennifer Simpkins kissing Jerry Abernathy at the spring dance, earlier this year."

"You were jealous then?"

"I asked Jennifer to dance that night, but she said no. Then she danced with him and let him kiss her. I got mad and my stomach hurt. When I told my mom about it later that night she said I was probably just jealous."

"So you're mad at my dad?"

"No. Not really. I mean I know she probably needs a man in her life. I guess I just never thought it would actually happen."

"It's like that with my dad too," whispered Mandy.

"Do you think they'll have sex?"

"Procreate? I don't know. Maybe. He did have an erection for her."

"I don't think I could watch that," moaned Jack.

"Well, he won't do it right now. I'm amazed they're even doing that much."

"Why? We are."

"You are not lying on top of me feeling my boob," said Amanda.

"Of course not. You'd kill me if I tried to do that."

"I would have," said Mandy.

Another firework went off. Now Bob's hand was under Karen's shirt! And both kids saw that clearly.

Amanda turned to Jack.

"They're not paying any attention to us. We may never get another chance like this. Do you really want to touch my boob?"

He nodded.

She pushed him back down and lay down beside him. Reaching for his hand she brought it to where her shirt didn't quite make it to the top of her shorts. She pushed it upwards, taking the hem of her shirt with it.

"Kiss me again," she whispered.

This kiss was electric in a way none of the others had been. Her bra was new, and had been purchased with her growing breasts in mind, so she'd gotten it a little large. It was easy for him to push it up and expose her conical breasts.

As his lips slid over hers, his hand slid across her mounds. The skin on his hands was tough from working outside, and scraped her tender nipples delightfully. She moaned and pushed her breast into his hand.

It was a product of that moan that caused her to open her mouth, and her tongue slipped forward enough to touch his lips. Both had heard of French kissing, but neither had thought to try it up until then.

That, it turned out, was an even better way to kiss!

Bob choked in what would have been a groan loud enough to have been heard by the kids. He hadn't been expecting this. But then, of course, he hadn't been expecting anything else that had happened, with the possible exception of a kiss or two. Trudy had done this for him a couple of times, but hadn't liked it.

Her mouth felt like a furnace, and the way her cheeks caved in and she sucked, made it clear that this was not something she was doing reluctantly.

"Fuck, Karen," he groaned.

She pulled off and he heard her smack her lips.

"Not tonight, lover," she said. And then she went back to her work.

He'd been right. She'd gone off after only a few minutes of digital manipulation, and he was already close. One reason Trudy had been averse to sucking his cock was because the first time she did it, he'd cum in her mouth. She had run for the bathroom, but hadn't made it, puking in the hallway.

He lifted his head, holding his breath, waiting until the last second to warn her, to make sure he didn't screw this up like he'd screwed things up with Trudy.

"I'm close," he whispered harshly.

Her head bobbed up and down, and her fingers found his balls, squeezing them gently.

"I mean it," he rasped." I'm gonna cum any second, Karen!"

She hummed. And kept going.

For Karen, once she had the thing in her mouth she realized she liked it much more than she had expected to. When she'd done it so long ago for her cousin, she'd been scared and felt guilty. But this wasn't like that at all. And his reaction made her feel wonderful. He'd made her feel fantastic, and she was happy she could return the favor.

When he warned her, she thought about it, but only for a few seconds. Her cousin had jerked it out of her mouth and spurted on the forest floor. That had been interesting. Now, she had the chance to do something for Bob she'd never done for any other man. She'd heard a lot about the concept from her girlfriends. When she was young, her friends had said you had to swallow it, or the boy would make fun of you. Of those, several had said it wasn't so bad. One had said she loved it. Later, when her friends were older, their counsel was that it was the best way to enslave a man and, by the way, render him harmless if you didn't want that thing in your pussy. Some of those girls had said they loved it, too.

Karen hoped she loved it, as well. She made up her mind to make the best of it, whatever happened. She wanted to please him, and if that got a little icky, then that was something she'd just have to live with.

He made a strangled sound and his hips lurched up off the blanket. A rush of warmth filled her mouth and she prepared to swallow automatically. As she did so, the taste finally registered. There were the strong tastes of salt and caraway, something she'd taken in a homeopathic, bitter tea one time. Underlying that was a hint of sweetness. Not only wasn't it bad ... she thought it was delicious!

She kneaded his balls, sucking strongly, trying to pull as much of that yummy taste from him as possible, while he flopped on the blanket beneath her.

"What are they doing now?" asked Amanda, who felt like her nipples might actually burst from the joy of being squeezed. It was completely different when he squeezed them, as she had found out when she whispered for him to do that. They had kissed some more and then, because she was curious, she put her hand in the exact same place Karen had touched her father, though of course she did not know that then.

She'd felt Jack's hardness and been thrilled. She didn't want to have sex, but there was no stronger compliment in her mind than that he liked her that much. She couldn't know at that point in her life that his boner had less to do with whether he liked her or not, than with how nature had designed his body to work.

It had all been amazing and fun and exciting. Then he had lifted his head and looked toward their parents.

"Shit!" he gasped, as a firework went off and a blue ball filled the sky.

"What?" she asked, jerking her own eyes toward the adults. She had visions of seeing them stalking angrily toward the kids.

"He's ... he's ... he's ..." Jack spluttered. He didn't seem to be able to finish.

Two flower like rockets went off in a row and she saw what "he" was doing.

Her father was sucking the tip of one of Mrs. Ross's naked breasts.

She perceived this in a completely different way than Jack did. When Jack saw it, his stomach churned. He was definitely jealous! But to Amanda, this indicated a closeness that she had wished her father could find for many years.

Suddenly Karen sat up. The fireworks were coming more closely together now, which gave more frequent light. But she didn't look toward the kids. Instead, Mandy saw her push her father down onto his back. Amanda stared, knowing that Jack was staring too. Both could see clearly, in the intermittent bursts of light, that Karen was pulling at Bob's shorts, baring something that, in those frequent bursts of light, stood up slim and tall. Both knew what that was.

And both saw her mouth move to engulf it.

A strangled moan ripped from Jack's throat and he went tense all over. Mandy was afraid he was going to jump up and attack her father. She didn't want that. Her mind was awhirl with what she'd seen, but something deep inside her demanded that Jack control himself.

She thought about doing the same thing to Jack that his mother was doing to her father, but that thought only lasted a few seconds. There was no way she could do that. Not now, and maybe not ever!

But she could distract Jack from doing something rash.

She pulled hard at his arm, turning her toward him. Lying down, she pulled her shirt up to bare both breasts.

"Suck them!" she hissed.

She reached to grip Jack's face with both hands and pulled, to make him do as she had ordered. Anticipation burst in her belly as she realized she was about to find out what that was like.

It worked. Jack's jealousy vanished like smoke on the wind.

Within seconds, he was sucking avidly at a tender nipple.

And within seconds, Mandy wished she could push her finger deep in her pussy while he did it.

Karen dragged her lips lovingly up and off his shrinking penis one last time. She smacked her lips. The finale was going on now and she had plenty of light to see his face by. His eyes were closed and his face slack. She leaned down to kiss him, forgetting completely that she probably had his taste in her mouth, still. When she pulled back, she asked, "Is that better?"

"I'm not sure I've ever been better," he sighed.

The fireworks finale lit up the area they were all in and Amanda pushed Jack's face away from her chest. She wanted him to keep doing that for hours, but there was too much light, now, and if her dad caught him doing this she was pretty sure her dating life would be over.

That was the last thing she wanted.

"There's too much light," she whispered, pulling her shirt down and sitting up. She looked quickly at the parents, and saw Karen now kneeling over her dad's face, kissing him.

"I don't want to stop," complained Jack.

"I know. I don't either. We have to find a way to do this some more. But not now. If we get caught they won't let us see each other again, maybe ever!"

That sobered Jack, who looked at the adults again.

"I can't believe she did that," he sighed.

"She must like him a heck of a lot," said Mandy.

His head turned toward her. The last few booms faded and it went dark again.

"Would you ever do that to me?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Why not?"

"I don't know. Ewwww. Just think about it. You pee out of that thing!"

"Your dad does too," he said.

"How about I just touch it a little bit first," she negotiated.

"It felt really good when you squeezed it," he sighed.

"What you were doing felt fantastic," she agreed.

"Does this mean you're my girlfriend?" he asked, suddenly.

She thought only a few seconds, and her decision was firm.

"Definitely," she said.

"Really?" He sounded elated.

"Jack, don't be dumb. You're the first boy to kiss me. You're the first boy to touch my boobs. You're the first boy to suck them! You're the first boy who I ever touched down there. If that doesn't make me your girlfriend, I don't know what does."

He jumped up as if there were springs in his legs.

"Yipeeeee!" he yelled.

"Don't tell them!" whispered Mandy, harshly.

"Don't tell us what?" asked her father, whose bulk loomed out of the darkness.

"Amanda just said she's my girlfriend!" gasped Jack.

"I told you not to tell them that," groaned Mandy. "Now they won't let us go on any more dates."

"I don't know about that," said Bob. "Karen just told me she's my girlfriend, too."

"Really?" Jack's voice rose an octave.

"Boys are so dumb," groaned Mandy. After what they'd seen, she'd just taken it for granted that her dad now had a girlfriend.

"Yes, Amanda," agreed Karen, who had no idea what the girl's reasoning was. "They are. But they're the only game in town, so we have to like them anyway."

"Well," said Bob. "I guess we all had fun then. We'll have to lay down a few rules, though, if you two are going to start going together." He felt silly, saying that out loud. The concept of his daughter "going with" some boy, even Jack, just seemed ludicrous to him.

If he'd known just what his little girl had already experienced, he would have looked at things from an entirely different perspective.

The good night kiss on this night took place just inside Karen's door. The two couples stood side by side. The adults, having established their new relationship, decided that kissing each other in front of the kids was no longer something they needed to hide. It was a warm kiss, though Bob kept his hands in appropriate places.

Jack was still feeling a multitude of things. He could not get the image of his mother going down on Bob out of his mind. His own cock, unsatisfied, was still rock hard in his pants and his energy levels were appropriate to support emotions other than positive ones. Like anger. He knew he shouldn't feel that way, though. Like Mandy felt about her dad, he'd wished his mother could be happy for many years. And to his young mind that meant having a boyfriend. He was puzzled that the reality of it wasn't at all like what he'd expected. He liked Bob. But he was still jealous.

When he kissed his new girlfriend good night his right hand went to fondle her left breast. She batted it away and then poked him, but didn't take her lips away from his.

Though the adults didn't know it, they had set up conditions in which their children were sexually frustrated, and that can often have a tendency to lead to things that most parents don't want to happen. Already Jack was feeling aggressive, and Mandy had adopted an acceptance of things that only a week ago she would have wrinkled her nose at. Even worse, both kids were looking forward to finding ways to take their exploration even farther. They had no concrete plans to do that, but the tendency to go forward rather than put on the brakes was clearly established.

As can be seen by this date, which started so innocently, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

And if the adults couldn't control their impulses ... what chance did the kids have?

But, perhaps even more important, for the first time in their lives, the kids didn't feel like they could talk to their parents about what was going on in their turbulent, adolescent minds.

The goodnight kisses over, Bob and Amanda left, each giving a last, lingering look at their romantic interests. They went back to the car, and Karen closed the door.

She turned to find her son staring at her, a truculent look on his face.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

He had a good relationship with his mother, but not the kind where he could approach the fact that he'd just seen her give a man a blow job.

"Nothing," he said.

That left Karen to try to figure it out, because something was obviously bothering him. It was only natural that she jump to the most obvious conclusion, at least from her perspective.

"The emotions you're experiencing are normal," she guessed, thinking that the date hadn't been as ... fulfilling ... as something in him wanted it to have been.

"Are they?" He was thinking of something entirely different than she was.

"Of course," she said. "This is why dating can be such a double edged sword. When you like a girl, you want to experience things sooner rather than later. Taking things slowly means that you feel unsatisfied, sometimes."

That was when he realized she was talking about something entirely different than he was.

"Do you feel unsatisfied?" he asked.

"Well, it's different with adults," she said.

"Yeah. I know that," he muttered.

"You'll get used to it," she said. "Take your time. Let things unfold slowly. Your day will come."

What Jack Ross was thinking about at that moment was that she certainly hadn't taken her time.

He also wondered how long he'd have to wait to feel a girl's mouth on his boner.

Half an hour later, they were both ready for bed. She'd been thinking about the frustration he might have been suffering. She wasn't happy about what she felt compelled to discuss with him, but she felt like it was her job as a parent to approach the subject. She went to find him, because he hadn't come to get his good night hug and kiss. He was in bed, with the covers pulled up to his waist.

"No good night hug and kiss?" she asked.

"I guess I forgot," he said.

She sat on the edge of his bed.

"Honey, I need to ask you a question."


"Last time, after the golf game, you were ... um ... excited," she said.

"You said that was normal," he responded immediately.

"I did. I just wondered if the same thing happened to you tonight?"

He'd been thinking about things too, and had come to the conclusion that he shouldn't feel the way he did about what he'd see her do to Mr. Thurlow. She was an adult, and he had known for years that she was probably lonely. He recognized that he was jealous, but rationalized that as coming from also feeling protective of his mom. The only thing that still bothered him was that seeing her do that had given him a boner. True, the reason for that boner had been transferred to Mandy almost immediately, but it still made him feel weird that his mother and one of his boners had been connected, however briefly. He had decided that she was being normal, and that, therefore, his reactions were normal too.

"Yes," he said.

"I didn't ask you last time, but ... uh ... do you know what to do about that?"

The urge to say, "Have a girl suck it until it gets soft?" was strong, but he didn't. That was probably because he was pretty sure most guys didn't talk to their moms about either that or jerking off.

"Yeah," he said, feeling himself blush.

"Okay," she said. "I just didn't want you to be frustrated and not able to sleep."

"I've done that ... before," he said.

"That's normal too," she said, seeing him blush.

"Good," he said.

"Okay. Good night, then."

She leaned down to kiss his forehead. She didn't think about the fact that she dragged her heavy, warm breasts across his chest in the process.

Ten minutes later Jack's problem was that, while he stroked his meat, the images in his mind kept flickering between what he had seen his mother doing, and what he had felt with Mandy.

He had to make himself concentrate on remembering what Mandy's lips and breast had felt like. It was the memory of sucking her nipples, and the sounds she had made while he did that, that finally made him feel good enough to shoot.

In another room, his mother had no such problem. It was easy for her to fantasize that the vibrator plunging in and out of her pussy was Bob Thurlow's penis.

"That was fun," said Mandy as Bob steered the car toward their house.

"I agree," he said.

'I just bet you do,' she thought. She was horny. That was something new. Not that she'd never been horny before, but it was an infrequent condition and she'd never been as horny as she felt right now. She was worried that her finger wasn't going to be enough, and she had no idea what else she could do about it.

For the first time in her young life, Amanda could think of no way to talk about something with her father.

So she said nothing as he drove placidly home.

Their good night to each other was just as distant as that between Jack and his mother. Bob wasn't in the same condition as he had been after the previous date. After all, he'd gotten satisfied during the date.

So when he gave his daughter a quick hug and a kiss, also on her forehead, he was calm, and ready for bed.

Mandy, however, was not.

It took her almost forty-five minutes to coax a small and less than satisfactory orgasm from her young pussy.

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