Buck Fever

by Lubrican

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Sam and Randy met Cherokee when they came home for Christmas.  They had missed Thanksgiving by virtue of the fact that each had a part time job.  Sam had to work during the Thanksgiving holiday period, so Randy stayed there with her.

Cherokee was used to the musical chairs nature of the sexual relationships in the house by then, but adding two more to the game still shocked her a bit.  In later years she would marvel at the fact that she was able to accept the fact that Samantha wanted that kind of relationship with her biological father, but the circumstances of her life at that time seemed to insulate her from the shock an outsider would have felt.  She half expected Randy to approach his mother, sexually, but that never happened, and there was never any indication that either of them contemplated that.

When Cynthia was six months old, Mallory brought up joining the National Guard again.  Mallory said she was never going to college, and she needed to gain some skills that could be translated into a job, later.  After hours of argument, during which Cherokee joined in, Lucy finally had to accept that her little girl had grown up and had the right to forge her own future. When she capitulated, she said only one more thing.

"If you go off and get yourself killed I'll never speak to you again!"

Nobody laughed.

Mallory didn't waste any time.  She went back to the recruiting office and, after two hours of discussion, enlisted for the standard six year commitment.  She chose Military Police as her occupational specialty.  Later, she couldn't explain why she chose that job.  It was on the list she was looking at, and that's what she decided she wanted to try doing.

She had one month to spend with the entire family after Sam and Randy came home for the summer.  Then, right after the July 4th holiday, she reported for training that lasted sixteen weeks.  She would later say it was the hardest thing she'd ever done, not because of the difficulty of the training ... but because she was separated from her children for so long.

Randy and Sam returned to college while she was gone, and time for them settled back into the routine of their third year of college.

The difference Mallory's "adventure" made in her was obvious immediately when she got back home in November.  It was visible in her carriage, the way she walked, stood, and moved around.  Her body had been toned.  Where, before, her figure had been lush, now she was slim and curvy.  She'd always had a lot of self-confidence, but now that confidence had become more tangible.  She knew she could run, carry heavy loads, and fight, things a lot of girls her age never even thought about.

She'd also gotten the top marksmanship award on the rifle range.

"I shot perfect the very first time we qualified with the M4," she announced, proudly.  "And all thanks to Bob for teaching me how to shoot so well.  But nobody groped me while I was doing it."  She grinned.  Then she shrugged.  "Shooting the pistol was harder, but I figured it out.  I never shot expert, but I got Marksman.  I need to buy a hand gun so I can practice here, in the back yard."

The only thing she was sad about was that she missed William's first toddling steps as Cherokee, Lucy, and Bob had encouraged him to walk.

Mallory's success in basic training and AIT had fired her imagination.  Now she contemplated some kind of career in civilian law enforcement.  To that end she did some research.  Her visit to the local police station left her unimpressed, but when she investigated the state police, she got excited.  They were actively recruiting females.  There would be an extensive application procedure, and if she passed all the initial examinations, it would mean another absence from home to attend the academy, but based on what she'd learned, she felt capable of meeting the requirements.

Oddly, Lucy felt much better about this career path than the military one, and it was obvious in the discussions they had about it.

Living together at college was different than living together at home.  Randy and Samantha studied, prepared meals, went to work, and spent long hours naked in each other's arms.  They had only each other to please.  Randy didn't think much about it, but Sam wondered if this was what the average married couple lived like.

They were really still quite sheltered, but neither of them had enough life experience to realize that.

Even when they went home for Christmas that year, they were sheltered by immersion into the family unit where love, acceptance, and comfort of a kind the outside world would disapprove of was the norm.

There was only one change, and that was simply a result of the fact that Sam had matured.

This time, when she lay under her thrusting father, she whispered that he could get her pregnant after she graduated.

May arrived and, with it, Randy and Sam rejoined the family, which now included Cherokee and Jeremiah, for all intents and purposes.  Cherokee got paid, but she thought of it as more of an allowance than wages for a job.  She experienced a minor jolt when the pool was filled and the family frolicked around the back yard nude.  She was never comfortable being completely naked with them, but went topless sometimes.  She felt both relief and some anxiety about the fact that neither man ever approached her in any improper way.  Both obviously enjoyed looking at her, but that was it.

For the first time in a long time she began to imagine that she might someday find a good man to share her life with.  She was living with two men who were proof that such men existed.

Mallory had a month with Sam and Randy before she went to the academy.  She had to receive permission from the Guard to miss drills and summer camp, but her attendance at the state police academy was considered equivalent training, so she got credit for it.  The course lasted twenty-three weeks, and this time it seemed like forever to Mal.

She was in better shape than half her class, though, and already proficient with firearms.  The course was incredibly more detailed than what the Army had given her, in terms of actual law enforcement duties, and she took to that like a duck to water.  Her self-image changed in the process and she became strong in ways she hadn't anticipated.  She emerged with that presence that, if you've ever been stopped by a state trooper, makes you feel like you're in the presence of a potentially dangerous predator.

Randy would confess, years later, that he was a little afraid of her the first time he saw her after she graduated.

The only surprise for her in the whole process was that sparks flew between her and another cadet, a handsome man who made her knees feel weak when he expressed a desire to get to know her better during the first break in their training cycle.

She confided to her mother that when she went on her first real date, she felt like a fish out of water. 

All they talked about on that date was what they were experiencing, but it was the start of something that had the potential to last.  When she told him she had children, but had never been married, his only comment was, "I think it's better to date a woman who's had some experience, and understands how hard life can be."

There is, of course, much more to this story.  To tell it would require another book’s worth of writing.  Perhaps that book will be written some day, but for now, only the high points will be recorded.

Mallory did become a state trooper, and she took George Pemberton to meet her family.  She blushingly introduced him as her boyfriend and then asked Bob if they might be able to use his hunting privileges.  That agreed upon, she took him to where she’d lost her virginity.  In the process, she let George replace her brother and uncle as her lover. 

He didn’t have buck fever, as it turned out.  That he proposed while they sat in a tree stand together was just frosting on the cake.  When they got married, he adopted her children and then produced two of his own with her. When land was offered next to her parents, to build a house, he gladly accepted the offer.  That Bob and Lucy’s nanny was willing to take care of their children was an unexpected benefit.

Sam graduated and was offered a teaching position where she had done her student teaching.  That was too far away from home, though, so she decided to keep looking.  Randy got a job doing the late night weather report on Channel 13, WTAN TV, in Camdenton, which was only an hour from “home.”   Once employed, he asked Samantha to marry him and she decided to do some substitute teaching while she was finally able to abandon protection and let Randy finally get her pregnant.  She did not let her father’s sperm have access to her eggs until she was sure Randy was going to be a daddy.  When she went home for a weekend to announce their joy, she got her father alone in one of the bedrooms.

“The next one can be yours,” she said, nestled in his arms.

“That’s not necessary, silly,” he said, breathing in the scent of her hair.

“What’s necessary and what I want are sometimes two different things,” she said, reaching for the front of his pants. “Besides, it’s obvious you like the idea, too.”

“You’re married, now,” he chided. “You’re all grown up.”

“You once told me I’ll always be your little girl,” she said, squeezing his erection.  “Besides. It’s all your fault that I want to have your baby.”

“Oh?  And why is that?”

“ Because you’re the one who gave me fuck fever,” she said, stepping back to begin taking her clothes off.

The End

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