Buck Fever

by Lubrican

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Chapter Fourteen

Randy and Sam were conflicted, something not unusual for young people their age.  They loved school, and the adventure of being off on their own.  But they were missing out on life back home.  True, they got almost daily email updates from Mallory, who also kept her Face Book page up to date with pictures and posts.  But it wasn't the same as being there, and they felt like they were losing something.

At the same time, the freedom to be lovers under conditions that seemed secret was also intoxicating.  The downside of that was that Randy missed his sister, and Sam missed her father.  

For the same reasons.

Which was why going home for the Thanksgiving holidays was something they both looked forward to eagerly.  Bob came to get them, the family finances still not up to providing them with their own car.  He got a passionate hug and kiss from Sam, and a bear hug from Randy. They peppered him with questions first and then regaled him with tales of college life.  Oddly, in the context of the rest of this story, neither of them mentioned the way in which they had engineered a way to consummate their love for each other.

Of course Bob didn't mention that, quite regularly, he got leaked all over as Mallory rode him like a cow girl.  He also didn't tell Randy he'd be glad to have the boy home so he could get a little rest.  Assuming Sam didn't drain him as often as Mal did.

He told them about the three babies they had only seen pictures of thus far.  Sam said she couldn't wait to help take care of them.  Bob suggested she'd change her mind about that after a few nights of very little sleep.

"But aren't both mothers breast feeding?"

"Yes, and they're both exhausted.  I'm the one who does most of the diaper changing at night so they can go back to sleep."

"We'll help with that," said Sam, confidently.

"Who's this 'we', Kemosabe?" joked Randy.

"I thought you were looking forward to being able to go to bed with me," said Sam, severely.  She was referring to having sex on something other than a futon or bean bag chair, but Bob misinterpreted that.

"You two can't get together?"  He was shocked.

"We do, but not on a bed," said Sam.

"Oh," said Bob.

"How's Mal doing since I left?" asked Randy.

"Why do men think we women can't live without them?"  Sam arched an eyebrow.

"Well, she had a baby, and then the doctor wouldn't let her have sex for six weeks.  But that was okay because you were gone anyway.  It was after that, that things got complicated."

"Complicated how?" asked Sam.

"I'll let her tell you that story."  He didn't think he could explain how things had evolved without it turning into something that would take the rest of the trip.  And he wasn't sure how Sam would take it if she found out Mallory had, basically, replaced her in his bed.

Then they got home and the height of the emotions the reunion generated, plus the new faces of the people who insisted on cuddling them, caused all three babies to cry until everybody's emotions were ragged.

In the end, Lucy, ever practical, made a suggestion.

"Why don't you men go hunt a deer while we women get ready for Thanksgiving."

"But we only have a week off," said Randy.

"Yes, but if you don't have two horny young women to distract you, it shouldn't take more than a day or two to bag us some meat," suggested Lucy.

"Maybe you won't get fuck fever this time," quipped Sam, looking pleased with herself.

"Not funny," said Mallory, firmly.

Bob ignored them and pondered the idea.  He'd already given up on the idea of hunting his year.  He was torn.  He knew he was needed at home.  But the lure of the hunt always grabbed him.

"We left the tree stands up," he said.  "If we each use one it doubles the chances of us seeing something.  And we won't be mucking around in the forest, so the deer won't know we're there.  It could work."

"But don't you need us here?" asked Randy.

"Sam will be here," said Lucy.  "By the time you get back, she'll be a familiar face and maybe you won't scare them so much.”

"I'm not scary!" blurted Randy.

Carly wailed anew at his outburst.

"Sorry," he winced.

"Go be men," said Lucy.

"We can't be men without women," joked Bob.

"I was only half joking," said Sam.  "Look what happened last time! As much as these precious, sweet things make me want to have one of my own, I don't need to be getting all knocked up right now."

"Me either!" chimed in Mallory, still unaware she already was.

And so it was that, later that night, the men hopped in Bob's camper and took off to hunt a deer.

They stopped at an all-night convenience store to buy a license and two tags.

Things at home calmed down relatively quickly once their mothers' emotions had calmed.  A good, old fashioned gabfest ensued, wherein Sam described in great detail what college life was like, including a lurid rendition of the love nest she had created for her and Randy.

"I'm so jealous," said Mallory.  She expressed her jealousy by reciprocating about how Lucy had decided another sister wife would be tolerable.

Sam was astonished, but Lucy just shrugged, as if to say, "Who knew?"

Then Sam was introduced to the babies by letting her feed each of them from a bottle of expressed breast milk.

"Is mommy's milk good?" she cooed to little Richard.

"Actually, I think that's mine," said Mallory, who was rocking Richard's sister in her arms.


"We sort of feed whoever is hungry with whatever breast is full," said Mallory, blushing a little bit.


"They don't seem to have a preference," said Lucy.  "They're all three greedy little things."

"Wow," sighed Sam again.  "What does it feel like?"

"To breast feed?"  Lucy sounded amused.

"It's fantastic," said Mallory.

"I am so jealous," said Sam.

"If you want to find out what it feels like, just offer a nipple to one of them," said Lucy, grinning.

"But I don't have milk," objected Sam.

"They won't know that," said Lucy, still having fun with her sister wife. "Not for the first thirty seconds or so.  Then they'll complain, but one of us can take over at that point."

"I couldn't," said Sam, her face becoming rosy.

"We share the men.  And Mal and I share the babies.  You might find it educational."

Which is how Sam ended up topless, awkwardly cuddling William against her chest.  He had been chosen because he liked to suck even after a breast was empty.  At least as long as he was full.

The sensation, as he latched on, shocked the girl to her core. She very nearly had an orgasm.

Both mothers laughed out loud at the look on her face.

Samantha joined them with a half hysterical giggle of joy.

Neither Bob nor Randy wanted to get up at the crack of dawn.  Bob had spent most of the previous day driving.  Randy wasn't used to getting up that early.  But Bob pulled the boy out of the sack and fortified him with coffee.  He sent Randy off with a rifle, a canteen, and a bag of beef jerky, and then walked as quietly as he could to the other tree stand equipped in the same manner. 

Each man also had a coil of rope with him, in case the lashing on the struts had weathered too much to be safe. 

Two hours later Bob jerked awake at the sound of a gunshot.

Randy had finally gotten himself a buck.

They didn't stay for a second deer, even though that wasted a tag.  Nor did they spend a lot of time processing the carcass, except to field dress it and quarter it.  Randy wanted the antlers, still mounted to the skull, if possible, so they kept the head.  Bob figured they could skin it at home, exposing the bone.  Then they could search the internet for instructions on how to preserve the skull.

They got back home a mere twenty-four hours after they had left, but were not welcomed as conquering heroes.  This was primarily because they were still filthy and bloody.  Mallory and Samantha took charge of the meat and sent the men off to clean up.  Lucy wrinkled her nose and suggested they just throw their clothes in the trash.

Bob put them in the tub to soak, earning himself a reprimand later, but the clothes were salvaged. Both men were exhausted, and went to bed alone.

At least initially.

Bob woke up next to the warm, naked body of his daughter, who was already awake and waiting for him to be that way too.

Similarly, Randy woke up to find his sister breast feeding William.

The only difference between the two couples for the next hour was that one of them made passionate love with a baby sleeping beside them, and the other did not.

They still had two days before Thanksgiving, and soon it seemed as if Sam and Randy had never left.  Each learned how to care for a baby, though neither of them was always welcomed by a tiny tot when they tried to provide some sort of care. 

On Thanksgiving Day, a feast was prepared.  It was a stop and go sort of procedure, because the babies weren't aware they were supposed to sleep late or be happy in a swing or crib.  The twins already seemed to know that they were connected, and were rarely happy when separated.  That meant when one had to be taken away to feed, or for a diaper change or whatever, someone else had to distract the other.   All this happened while Bob fried a turkey and Sam made a pot roast in the crock pot out of fresh venison, placed on top of potatoes and carrots, so the meat would baste them as it cooked.  Mallory prepared a green bean casserole and then, tutored by Lucy, made her first batch of homemade hot rolls.  Randy simply stood by, ready to do whatever a woman told him to.

The meal was everything anyone could have hoped for.  If you've ever been in a house with three children under six months in age, you'll understand perfectly why Bob and Randy offered to take care of the dirty dishes and leftovers, while the women took care of the babies.

It seemed like only a day or two had passed when it was time for Sam and Randy to return to their studies.  Neither wanted to leave home.  At the same time, both wanted to get back to the familiar routine of classes.  And peace and quiet.

The night before Bob was to take them back, Sam slept with him.  As he mounted her and she felt the familiar, lovely weight of his body as his hips lurched forward and she was filled, she wrapped her arms around him.

"I love you so much," she moaned, thrusting her hips up at him.

"I know, Baby.  I love you too."

"How can I love both you and Randy so much?" she panted.

"The same way I can love both you and Lucy," he responded.

Then neither of them talked as he worked at making her squeal.

She didn't squeal, though.  Instead, as she felt her own orgasm approaching, she whispered in his ear.

"I stopped taking my pills, Daddy.  If you cum in me you could get me pregnant too."

He stopped, frozen.

"Don't stop!" she whined. "I'm almost there!"

"Baby ..." he groaned.

"Don't stop!" she insisted, raising her voice.  Her fingernails also dug into the tender skin of his ass cheeks.

"Oh, Baby," he groaned.  He couldn't resist.  He knew he should, but he just couldn't.

He shoved hard and, as he felt her pussy begin to flutter around his erection, he let loose, hosing her as full of his essence as he possibly could.

They both collapsed, gasping for air.  He managed to roll them sideways, and her leg came over his hip to keep him next to her ... in her.

"You shouldn't have done that," he chastised her.

"I was lying," she said.  "Teasing. I didn't stop taking my pills."

"Why did you say that?" he groaned.

"Because I wish it was true," she breathed.

A week later things were back to normal, both at home and at school.  There was some melancholy attached to that, but not a lot.  Everyone knew that Christmas was coming, and that Sam and Randy would have three weeks at home, then.

One night Bob entered the master bedroom to find Lucy and Mallory both topless, feeding babies.

"Anybody need any help?" he asked, smiling.

"They're hungry tonight," said Mallory, who currently had a baby at each breast.  Lucy was cuddling William as he sucked and kneaded a breast. Bob knew that, later in the night, Lucy would feed both twins.  William's sleep cycle was beginning to be different from his aunt and uncle.  He was sleeping longer and had correspondingly longer periods of wakefulness.  It was fascinating to watch them develop as the days and weeks passed.

"What are we going to do when I have to go back to work?" asked Lucy.

"We'll figure something out," said Bob.

"I'll be the nanny," said Mallory.

"It isn't fair to ask that kind of commitment from you," said Lucy.  "You're not even eighteen, yet."

"I don't mind," said Mallory.  I was afraid about becoming a mother, and it's a pain sometimes, but I like it most of the time."

"That's normal," said Lucy.

"You need to think about the future," said Lucy.  "And I don't mean as a nanny."

"Actually, I have been thinking about that," said Mal.


"I've been thinking about joining the National Guard," she said, her voice calm.

Bob had to help calm down babies, all of whom were unhappy with the sudden change of the emotions in the room.

Over the next two weeks, while Lucy and Mallory argued about the National Guard, Bob went out and searched for a bigger car.  He chose a Honda Oddysey, which would seat everyone in the family at the same time.  Even with his trade-in, the cost was more than he thought they could afford.  While discussing this problem, he learned that the dealership had been experiencing vandalism and thefts during times when they were closed.  Since his business consisted of consulting in security, he worked out a deal wherein he designed and installed a package of motion detectors, lights, and cameras he felt would deter criminals and be useful in identifying and documenting the behavior of those who were not deterred. 

It took him two weeks to install the system, at which time he was given title to the car.  By then he and the owner of the dealership had chatted a lot, and the man told him to keep his old car and give it to the kids in college.

The serendipity of that situation affected the future in ways nobody could have anticipated.  Losses at the dealership fell to almost nothing and the owner was so happy with his new system that he bragged about it to friends and associates.  By Christmas, Bob was booked solid with contracts that would take him into March or April of the coming year.

He hired Randy to work for him during the holiday break.  He tried to hire Sam too, but she wanted to stay home and take care of babies.

That holiday break was nothing like the Thanksgiving visit had been.  Bob and Randy worked each day. The women did what women have done for thousands of years, chatting, taking care of children, and holding down the fort.

It was during one of these chats that Mallory mentioned she must be coming down with something, because she'd begun to wake up feeling nauseous, with no appetite.  She had suffered no morning sickness while she was carrying William, and didn't recognize the symptoms.  Lucy, however, did.

A trip to the doctor debunked the common "wisdom" that a breastfeeding woman isn't fertile, and that not having periods while breast feeding is completely normal.  The doctor's announcement began with, "Here we go again, Mallory."  He asked her some more questions, but this time there was no doubt as to who the father was, and since it wasn't her brother again, he stopped worrying.

Naturally, Bob got yelled at, back home.  But these circumstances were different than the previous uproar.  It hadn't been intentional.  They had all thought the two were engaging in what amounted to "safe sex" in their minds.  Eventually, the Daoist mentality that had been the primary philosophy in this little family kicked in.  It didn't hurt that Mallory had loved being pregnant and loved being a mother, even with the hardships involved.  The only real fly in this particular ointment was that it made Sam even more jealous. 

But her jealousy was ephemeral in the sense that she still recognized that she had vastly more options for her future than Mallory did.   

The upshot was that, at night, there was still an intricate dance of sorts, as the women decided who would assume nanny duties for the night, and who would sleep with one of the available men.  There didn't seem to be a system involved, as far as the men could see, except for the fact that the master bedroom was temporarily converted into the nursery.  Bob and Randy slept in the other bedrooms.  Who came to join them was usually a surprise.

This complicated seeming arrangement was a product of the chatting that went on among the women during the day.  The division of work in the house was fluid.  As the day progressed, each woman communicated what she wanted, was worried about , or was interested in.  Consensus was used to determine who would sleep with who.  The men weren't there, so they weren't consulted.

As odd as that sounds to those of us who live a more conventional life, it worked very well for this group of unusual people.  But we shouldn't be surprised.  We all have to deal with what life serves up to us.  This was how they dealt with what life had served up to them.  The alternative was to break apart and go their separate ways.  That's what a lot of people do when things get tough.

But not this polyamorous group.

Which is the long-winded way of explaining that, when Sam and Randy drove their "new" car back to school in January, and the nursery was moved back into one of the smaller bedrooms, the sleeping arrangements of the remaining adults changed too.

That was an accident, of sorts.  Bob and Lucy were relaxing in bed one night, reading, when Mallory came in and simply lay down with them.

"Finally, they're asleep," she sighed.  She moved over to cuddle with Bob.  "I'm tired.  Can I just stay here?"

Everyone present, including Mallory, understood that she meant staying there just to sleep.

But wants and needs change as time goes by.

Mallory had to get up to deal with a crying baby.  When she went back to bed she shed her clothes.  That was understandable.  She always slept nude these days. 

But so did Bob and her mother.

Which put three naked people in bed together.  And when she cuddled up to Bob again, her hand fell on his penis.  It was flaccid which, not so oddly, was a condition she wasn't all that familiar with.  So her hand explored and touched, feeling his balls.  His penis responded.  Maybe she was befuddled by sleepiness.  Maybe he was too.  But he had been called on to service a willing woman every night for weeks, and he rose to the challenge anew.

Their ardent lovemaking woke Lucy, who could see them clearly because of the night light that was constantly on to aid whoever had to get up to deal with a baby.

She'd never seen her husband making love to one of the other women.  It was fascinating to see Mallory in that role too.  Most mothers never see whether their daughters are happy in bed or not.  Most never even talk about whether she is happy in bed or not.

But it was obvious to Lucy that Mallory was very happy.  The two of them worked together as a team to produce ecstasy.  She knew what that was like because the same man worked with her to produce that ecstasy too.

What surprised her the most was that, rather than being repelled by what she was seeing ... it made her horny.

She didn't speak, or interfere with them in any way.  He'd already gotten her pregnant again, after all.  And she wanted her daughter to be happy.

She simply masturbated as she watched them both reach the pinnacle of euphoria that only loving intercourse can bring.

And when she woke again, hours later, to take her own turn at calming a baby, when she got back, she took her turn with the man they shared.

The only difference was that Mallory slept through it, rather than watching.

They say time flies when you're having fun.  Parents will tell you time flies as they watch their children grow and their personalities begin to become more visible.  In college, time flies as finals approach and you realize you have to put up or shut up.

In this case, time flew for everyone.  Part of that was because Lucy lobbied her boss to become an estimator for new contracts.  That kind of work still involved site visits, but they were usually of short duration, usually only one day.  The rest of her work she could do at home.   She still showed her face in the office, but only once or twice a week and usually for only a few hours each visit.  This gave her more time to be a mom, but her daily life was pretty full and never boring.

Bob continued to get new contracts too, and eventually had to hire someone to help him do the installs and maintenance of previously installed systems.

Both Randy and Sam helped with that when they came home for spring break.  Both of them spent time with Mallory, feeling her swollen belly.  Some of that time was spent in one of the bedrooms, with the door closed.  That was when they found out that now, Mallory, Bob, and Lucy all slept together regularly in the master bedroom.  Since both remembered the time Randy had sexed both girls at the same time, neither was as shocked as you or I would have been. 

When Lucy went to ask them to come help get dinner ready, she found Mallory impaled on Randy's prick, demonstrating to Sam how to have sex while pregnant.

Mallory was beginning to wean William off the breast.  She still offered them to the twins, but Lucy's breasts were generally up to the task of filling them up, so Randy helped with her problem, happily sucking on his sister's tender, filled mounds and relieving the pressure.

When he went back to school, Bob took his place.

When, a couple of months later Lucy did the same thing with the twins, he also helped ease her pain in the same way.

Bob and Lucy finally found a house that they felt would meet their needs for the foreseeable future.  It was an old two story farm house, but it was in good shape and a lot of work had been done to it by the previous owners.  That included blowing in insulation in the walls and attic and replacing most of the windows.  They had also put in a small swimming pool behind the house, which was situated on about five acres of the old farm, surrounded by tilled fields that belonged to other people now.

The current owners were moving to California and nobody else had shown any interest in the house at all.  They made Bob and Lucy a deal to move the property quickly and be unencumbered after they left.  Due to the process involved, they couldn't close on it until June, but that was fine.  Bob and Lucy had a place to live until then and neither had the time to organize a move.  Sam and Randy would be home by then, and somewhat amorphous plans were made that assumed their help would be enough to resolve that issue.  In the meantime other people would do paperwork and create the ream of forms that would have to be signed.  A down payment was made, using some of what Lucy had gotten in the sale of her house.  The rest was earmarked to hire professional movers to get them from the old house to the new one.  They'd already been approved for a loan and their intent was to use the proceeds from the sale of Bob's house to retire that loan, if possible.  That, of course, would depend on how well they did on that sale.  And the fact that Lucy's house had sold quickly didn't mean Bob's would, so that part of their thinking was "what if?" kind of planning. 

As it turned out, their payments for the new house were actually less than what Bob was still paying on his mortgage.

When Sam and Randy came home for the summer, they were amazed at the change they saw in the children.   William was eight months old and was now sitting up by himself.  He didn't crawl yet, but scooted towards objects he was interested in.  His head would turn and his eyes tracked people as they moved.  He loved to be bounced, and would sit in the battery operated swing for half an hour or more without complaining.  The twins weren't far behind, and all of them demanded to be entertained most of the time.

Thankfully, all three took naps.  Carly resisted going to sleep the most, but she always caved in eventually.

The new house was announced and the collegians were taken out to see it. Both were enthralled.  The acreage surrounding the house was heavily wooded.  The nearest neighbor was three quarters of a mile down the road.  It was quiet.

"Maybe they have deer here," suggested Sam.  "You might not have to drive so far to go hunting."

"We already have enough fuck fever around here," said Lucy, with a straight face. "We don't need more."

There were laughs, but the kids were shocked that she remembered that so clearly.

"Your mother and I are both pretty busy at work," said Bob.  "We were hoping the two of you could handle finding a moving company and dealing with all that."

"I was going to help take care of the kids," said Sam.  "Mal's getting kind of top heavy."

"I am not!" groused Mallory, cupping her protruding belly.

"And all three of the little ones are getting heavy," Sam went on.  "The last thing you need to do is strain your back trying to carry around two babies at once."

"I never pick up two of them at once anymore," snorted Mal.

"I was talking about this one," said Sam, reaching out to slide her hand over Mal's tightly stretched T shirt, "and any of the others."

"I can handle moving," said Randy, confidently.  "How hard could it be?  You hire a mover and they come pack everything up and bring it here, right?"

"Never having been moved by professional movers, I really don't know," said Bob.  "That's what I want you to find out."

"Got it," said Randy.  "When can we see the inside?"

"I'll arrange with the owners to let you in," said Bob.

Once they got home, Sam asked if she could talk to her father in private, in one of the bedrooms.  Lucy raised an eyebrow and Mallory snickered.

"Sure, Honey," said Bob.

Once behind closed doors, Sam hugged him writhing against him.  She rubbed her breasts against his chest and straddled one of his legs, pressing her crotch against his thigh.

"Seeing Mallory like that makes me want to have a baby, Daddy," she whined.

"You can't do that, Sweetheart," he said, rubbing his hands across her back.  He could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I knooooow," she complained.  "But I'm so jealous!  Make love to me.  Pretend you're getting me pregnant."

"Must I remind you how the twins were conceived?" he asked, gently.

"I know, but seeing Mallory like that made me so horny."

"Isn't Randy taking care of you?"

"Yes, but it's not the same.  And besides, think of all the times we made love and you didn't get me pregnant."

She had a point.  At least Bob saw it that way. 

And he had always loved the sexual component of their relationship.

Half an hour later she got her wish, straining up against him, urging him to inseminate her, wrapping her legs around his naked backside.

He jetted into her and only briefly felt guilty for wishing that he could, in fact, impregnate his daughter.

Randy established his maturity in the eyes of both his mother and Bob by doing a great job of supervising the move.  He talked the old owners into giving him a key so that some small renovations could be accomplished before closing, which was scheduled to take place one week after the move.  What would become the nursery was painted by him and Samantha, who took the opportunity to be the first to "anoint" the new house by making herself available to Randy in it.  She did that by the simple expedient of stripping naked while he was cleaning brushes and rollers outside, and making a bed for them with folded up drop cloths.  That she chose the nursery for this was no accident.

Randy could never resist her when she was horny, much less horny and naked, and the house was, at least in their minds, properly claimed.  That remained their personal secret for years.

There was a brief period of confusion as they lived in a house filled with packed boxes, and then moved into a house that had nothing in it for two days until that house was suddenly filed with the same boxes.  Randy had identified certain boxes to be opened and unpacked first, and worked tirelessly to get those boxes opened and their immediate needs seen to.  He put together beds, and Sam, when she wasn't taking care of children, helped with things like getting box springs and mattresses installed.  Lucy had thought to supervise, but she ended up spending most of her time with the children, who were unsure about these new surroundings.   Mallory helped her, and accepted as her personal task to get the kitchen functional, with as much put in the cupboards as she could immediately find.

By the end of the first week, other than about half of their belongings still being in boxes, the new house was beginning to feel like home.

A month later, while Mallory was enjoying the feeling of Randy pushing gently into her swollen pussy from behind, her water broke.  It freaked Randy out, but Mallory wasn't fazed at all.

"Time to go," she said.

"Go where?" asked Randy, looking at the soaked bed sheets.

"To the hospital, silly.  It's time to have my baby."

"Crap!" he groaned, scrambling off the bed.  His erection was already wilting.

Sam finally got to see what labor was like, and was there for the delivery.  Suffice it to say it cooled her ardor about getting pregnant.  But only for a little while.  When, later, she held brand new, eight and a half pound Cynthia Jeanette Jenkins in her arms and watched the little girl's mouth opening and closing, seeking a nipple by instinct, she felt a familiar tightening inside her, behind her belly button.

She dragged her father into her new bedroom when she got home, but slept with Randy that night in his.

Mallory was picked up and driven home by her mother.  When they got home, their calls were met with silence.  They found everyone out back.  A play pen had been set up under a pop-up canopy on the grass next to the cement that surrounded the pool.  The twins were playing with each other.  William was standing up, making ineffectual efforts to get out of the pen, making noises, and looking toward the pool, where Bob and Randy were sitting on the side, their legs dangling in the clear water.

Both were naked.  Sam, who was at least topless, was between her father's spread knees, casually sucking his cock.  As Lucy and Mallory stared, unbelieving, Sam moved over to take Randy's straining boner into her mouth.  She sucked it briefly, and then stood up.

"I don't know.  I can't decide which one is better.  I like them both."

"And who's watching the children?" called Lucy, sharply.

"I'm keeping an eye on them," said Bob.

"Who's keeping an eye on you?" asked Lucy, darkly.

"That would be her," said Randy, pointing at Sam.

"Could we get one of you strapping naked men to go get things out of the car?"

"I'll do it," said Sam.  "They wanted to know whose penis I liked sucking more, so I was comparing."

"Let me guess, this was Bob's idea," said Lucy.

"No, actually, it was Randy's," said Sam.

"Not fair," complained Mallory.  "I can't go skinny dipping for ... I don't even know how long.  It didn't occur to me to ask the doctor when I can get in the pool at all, much less get in the pool naked."

"You don't have to be in the pool naked to compare sucking our dicks," suggested Randy.

He ended up jumping in the pool to escape when his mother ran around the end closest to the canopy yelling at him and making dire threats.

For the rest of July and August, Randy worked with Bob.  Even with the extra man he'd hired, they were still beginning to get behind on contracts.  When Randy caught them up, Bob realized he might need to hire another helper when Randy went back to school.

In the evenings the pool was a popular place to gather.  Randy and Bob's work was almost always outside, at least in part, and they came home hot and tired.  The women spent the heat of the day inside in the AC with the children, but enjoyed the cooler evenings out in the fresh air.

Mallory could swim again, having gotten her doctor's permission.  It was common now for skinny dipping to be the norm.  That included all but the youngest Jenkinses.  William and the twins loved the water and exhibited an instinct for dog paddling whenever they were submerged to the neck in someone's hands.  Generally, not counting the babies, when someone got out to relax on a chaise lounge, or diaper a young one, they stayed naked.  Twice Randy and Sam were chided for having sex in front of the rest of them, once in the pool, and once out on the grass.  Neither seemed to think the chider was serious.

It was one night late in August, just before Sam and Randy were due to go back to school, when Mallory brought up a subject that was on everyone's mind.

"I don't know what we're going to do when you two aren't here to help anymore," she said.  She was nursing Cynthia under the canopy.  Mallory was naked.  Cynthia had on only a diaper.

"We have to go back," said Sam.

"You want to go back," shot back Mallory.

"Why do you say that?" asked Sam, sounding hurt.

"Because now you get to live together," muttered Mallory.

"You want us to live separate?"  Sam sounded confused.

"No," sighed Mal.  "I'm just jealous, that's all."

"You're jealous of me?" Sam's voice rose an octave.  "If anybody's jealous, it's me!"

"Why on Earth would you be jealous of me?" asked Mal.

"Because of what you're holding, for one thing," said Sam.

"You want her?  Take her with you."

"Mallory!" gasped Sam.

"I'm kidding," said Mal.  "I'm just tired, that's all."

"Maybe there's a girl around here who would be interested in some part time work," said Lucy.  "Like babysitting, except we'd all be here."

"Is it really that bad?" asked Bob.

"You're not here all day," said Lucy.  "These kids are a handful, especially for an old woman like me."

"You're not old!" scoffed Randy.

"I feel pretty old sometimes," said Lucy, darkly.  "I hadn't planned on taking care of twins at this point in my life."

"My fault," said Bob.  "I admit it."

"They're all your fault, you old goat," said Lucy.

"In my defense, I had a little help," said Bob, smiling.

"It would be nice if there were somebody else around to help," said Lucy. She blinked.  "Not to help with you.  Mallory and I can take care of you."

"How about that?" grinned Bob.  "I'm easier to take care of than a bunch of kids."

"You're a lot more fun to take care of than it is to take care of them," said Mallory, boldly.

"Well, I'm not going to feel guilty about going to college," said Sam, frowning.

"Nobody's asking you to feel guilty," said Lucy. 

"I might be," said Mallory, but then she giggled.

The night before they left, Sam slept with Bob and Mallory slept with her brother.  It was only five weeks since she had given birth, but Mallory decided to chance having sex anyway.  She wasn't disappointed. 

And, happily, she didn't get pregnant this time.

As she came, thrusting under him, her milk let down and soon the two were sliding against each other on a slippery layer of warm milk.

After he came in her, Randy sucked her breasts until she made him stop, to ensure there was still enough left to satisfy Cynthia.

The search for a part time helper for Mallory and Lucy, to help take care of the children and give Lucy some time for her work, went much better than anyone would have dreamed.  Additionally, it resulted in a situation none of them would have contemplated seeking.  It also enhanced the home life of this odd family beyond anyone's hopes.

Lucy placed an ad in the local community paper.  Among the replies she got was one from a young woman with the unlikely name of Cherokee Anderson.  She was of mixed ethnicity, her mother being white and her father being a full blood Native American.  Their love affair had not been popular with either set of parents, but they'd run away and gotten married anyway.  He had joined the Navy and become a S.E.A.L.  He was killed on a secret mission of some kind, but not before impregnating his young bride.  She named the baby in his honor. 

Cherokee had never been accepted by either set of grandparents, either.  Her mother existed well enough on her job as a waitress and what the government offered the spouse of the dead S.E.A.L. but life was still hard for them.  Cherokee was an unhappy girl first, and teenager later.  She had made some bad decisions, one of which included having unprotected sex at a party where alcohol was being served to minors.  Her son Jeremiah had resulted.  He was now one year old.  She was barely eighteen.

While her mother could get by on the resources available, those resources wouldn't support a "grown" daughter and baby, too.  So Cherokee needed a job.

Mallory liked her from the beginning. They were the same age, and their children were roughly the same age as well.  Both were boys and Mal felt it would be good for her son to have another boy his own age to play with.

Lucy was less enthralled, but more because she knew she couldn't pay this girl a living wage. And that might eventually mean she got disenchanted with the job in the future, something that could bleed over into the quality of care she provided.  Still, she recognized in the girl a level of maturity of the kind hard won, by facing adversity with courage and determination.

A possible solution came to her like the smell of a good meal on an evening breeze.  It was enticing.  She hoped it would work.

"We can't afford to pay you a lot in money," she said.  "But we have lots of room.  What if you lived in?  Would you still be interested if the job was full time, but included room and board?"

Cherokee blinked.  A tear formed in the corner of one eye and she reached to wipe at it impatiently.  It was impossible to tell if she was blushing because her skin was so naturally dark.

"That would be wonderful," she said, softly.  "I'd be very interested in that kind of arrangement."

Lucy glanced at Mallory, who seemed to be holding her breath.  Another thought came to her.

"I must warn you that things in this house are ... unconventional."

"What do you mean?"  Wariness crept into the girl's eyes.  She'd been offered other work ... work that involved taking her clothes off in front of a camera, and letting men do things to her while the camera ran.

"Mallory and I share an interest in the same man," said Lucy, carefully.

Cherokee blinked.

"I thought you said you were married."

Lucy froze, suddenly worried about being too forthright.

"He's the man," said Mallory.  "He's my step-father, sort of, except he's my uncle too.  His brother was my father.  Is my father.  He took off and I haven't seen him for over ten years."

"And you ... um ... with him?" Cherokee's vague sounding question was understood by all present with crystal clarity.

"It's a long story," said Mallory, who wasn't embarrassed at all.  "We're a different kind of family, but everybody's happy about it.  Do you think that would weird you out?"

"I don't know," said Cherokee.

"Let's not jump into anything that might not work out," cautioned Lucy.

"I need this job," said Cherokee, her voice urgent.  "Can we try it?"

"You might see some odd things," warned Lucy again.

"That's okay," said Cherokee.  "As long as I don't have to do any weird things."

Mallory heard something she interpreted from her own unique set of experiences.

"Oh, you won't have to worry about that. He won't bother you. We keep him pretty worn out."

Cherokee's mouth formed an O and she looked startled.

"That's not what I meant, but I'm glad to hear it."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" asked Lucy, suddenly.  She wasn't sure she wanted some strange boy coming and going.

"No!” said Cherokee firmly.  “I’ve had enough to do with boys for a while.”

Lucy bit her lip.

“Okay, then.  Let’s give it a week or two and see how we feel about it after that.”

Bob was a little concerned when he got home and found two new people had moved in without his knowledge or consent.  Lucy apologized and said she was used to making decisions, so she'd done that.  She agreed that she should at least have called him and told him what she was doing.

When he met Cherokee, though, and chatted with her, he felt much better.  She exhibited a level of politeness and maturity that eased his fears.  Seeing how she interacted with the children went even farther to make him realize he should have trusted Lucy in the first place.

As for Cherokee, she found herself in an environment she was unfamiliar with.  One component of that was the fact that she'd never had a really positive male role model in her life before, at least not one she could spend a lot of time around.  Another was seeing the unadulterated love that was displayed, both among the adults themselves and what those adults showed towards their children.  She was used to being yelled at for making mistakes.  In this house mistakes might be pointed out, but usually only as a means to bring about discussion about what might work better.

That her son was welcomed into this atmosphere too meant a lot to her.  Most places, people ignored him.  Here, he was treated like one of the family.

Her two week trial was abandoned a week into things.  Everyone concerned was pleased with her contribution. And she was happy with the environment. 

Within a month she felt like family herself.

There was one difference, though.  She watched, mystified at first, as she witnessed Bob, his wife, and Mallory all go into the master bedroom and stay there all night.  Lucy had said the two of them competed for his attention ... at least that's how she'd understood it ... but there didn't seem to be any competition involved.  As the days and then weeks progressed, she finally figured out that it was more of a harem system.

Cherokee, of course, wasn't in the harem.  That was the only difference in how she was treated, as far as she could discern.

It was a completely different kind of life, a different way of living, than the girl had ever experienced before.  She was ill at ease, initially, because no matter how you looked at it, Mallory was Bob's daughter, and that just seemed icky.

A month later she didn't even notice when Bob expressed his affection for one or the other woman right out in the open.  The unconventional aspects of this family just seemed kinky to her, now. And not kinky in a bad way.

She just wondered what it must be like behind the closed master bedroom door.

She'd find out the next summer, at least partially, when the pool was filled and the skinny dipping resumed.

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