Buck Fever

by Lubrican

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Chapter Thirteen

It was a beginning, more than it was a continuance of anything. Everything seemed new to them all.

Initially, it was decided to keep living in their present homes, while something else was searched for. There was some debate about doing that until Sam and Randy went to college, at which time either house would be fine, in terms of just the three of them who were left. A year after that, Mal would go to college, too, leaving Bob and Lucy living alone.

That changed when Lucy took Mallory to the doctor to get her a prescription for the pill and the doctor informed her he couldn't write one.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because I think she's already pregnant," said the doctor. He'd seen this before, and delivered the news with something less than compassion.


"I always run tests in cases like this," he said. "There's always the chance that a girl has been sexually active before this kind of appointment is made. That test was positive. It's a weak positive, meaning her hCG levels are barely above normal. But anything above normal for a girl this age is considered positive. The low levels suggest this is a fairly recent development, but we won't know how far along she is until I ask her some questions. I need your permission to do that. Barring that, I can wait a while and test her again in a few weeks."

Lucy frowned.

"I think I know when this happened," she said. "It was recently."

The doctor refrained from quipping, "She go on a hot date?" and simply said, "Maybe we should ask her."

Mallory actually took it pretty well, so well, in fact, that it surprised the doctor.

"About two weeks ago," she said, putting on a tragic mope. "We only did it that one time."

"Contrary to popular belief, once is all it takes," said the doctor, dryly.

Lucy had to do some acting as well, though it was easier for her. She blew up and ranted until the doctor interrupted her and said she could have that conversation later, outside his office.

"Right now, you need to decide how to proceed," he said.

Lucy's decision on that came at lightning speed.

"She decided to act like an adult. That is going to continue." She looked daggers at her daughter. "You will have this baby, and you will do everything the doctor says to make sure it's a healthy one!"

"I'll set her up for a schedule of visits," said the doctor, and left the room.

Lucy didn't have to act on the way home. She was unhappy, and she didn't hide it.

Among other things, she said, "I'm much too young to become a grandmother, young lady!"

Another was her complete lack of empathy when Mallory said, "I've never had a physical like that before. I feel like he practically crawled inside me!"

"Get used to it," snorted her mother.

This news proved uproarious at home too, in no small part because it was impossible to determine, at that point, who had "blessed" Mallory in this way.

Lucy expressed concern about birth defects, should Randy have been the donor of the sperm that won the race. There was more concern about asking the doctor about that, lest he be required to report such information to law enforcement. A search of the internet revealed conflicting data on mandatory reporting requirements.

Tears were cried, but in one sense, Mallory's earlier weeping confession had ensured that this new knowledge hadn't hit the family in a completely unexpected way, and Lucy had had time to work through some of the issues that, otherwise, might have destroyed any chance of an outcome that could be even vaguely characterized as positive.

In the end, Lucy was faced with having to tiptoe through a potential minefield with the doctor, or just "hope" that the baby would be healthy. The decision was up to her. Everybody knew that, including Mallory. But everyone got to voice their opinion about what to do.

An outsider might have found it astonishing that, at last, there was consensus that the doctor had to be involved, if possible, in planning on what to do.

Lucy decided that at her next appointment, which the doctor had scheduled for two weeks after her first visit instead of the usual four, Mallory would face this music as well.

There were two issues. First and foremost was the health of the baby. Secondary to that was what the doctor would have to do once he found out that the baby might be the product of incest.

Those issues were handled in reverse order.

Lucy asked to speak with the doctor first.

"I need to ask you a question," she said, nervously. "I want you to know that the health of my daughter and the baby have first priority, but I also need to know how private her information as your patient is if I were to suggest - and I'm not suggesting it yet - that this might be an incest baby?"

She held her breath.

The previous semi-callousness of the physician vanished.

"Was she raped?"


"You're sure?"


"May I talk to her?"

"Of course."

"And your husband?"

"He's not in the picture," said Lucy. "He left when she was six."

"How do you feel about this?" he asked.

"She entered into the relationship voluntarily," said Lucy. "I'm not happy about that, of course, but I would be even more unhappy if what's left of our family was torn apart."

"You have my sympathies," said the doctor.

"Understanding that she's not a child, and that she wasn't abused in the classical sense of the word ... what would you have to do ... assuming this information becomes official?"

The doctor steepled his fingers, resting his elbows on the desk.

"First I'd have to interview her. Extensively. That's to determine if I think she's at risk for any danger or injury. That's not negotiable. You could always remove her from my care, but even then, if I thought she was in danger, I'd have to report it."

"And if you don't think she's in danger?"

"If she's not in danger, or mentally ill, or disabled in some way that would prevent her from truly giving her consent, then I have a little more latitude," he said. "That's kind of up in the air right now, but nothing is set in stone. Not in this state."

"Oh," said Lucy, feeling a little better.

"There are other problems, though," he went on.

She waited.

"With the advent of more and more of the medical record being digitized, it is becoming more and more difficult for physicians to guard a patient's private, medical information."

"You mean hackers?" Lucy imagined some hacker splaying her daughter's situation on Facebook.

"Not so much hackers," said the doctor. "Insurance companies send inspectors out, occasionally, who want to look at records to determine if a patient is fully eligible for the care they're getting. They're very good at searching through digital records, sometimes for information that has nothing to do with what they came to inspect."

"You're kidding," said Lucy.

"I'm not," he said."I have several patients who have needed specialized care, and one of them was audited just last week. Officially, of course, the insurance inspector is sworn to secrecy, but they write reports and those reports aren't private within the company. What I'm saying is that, even if I feel a report isn't mandatory, that doesn't mean that the information is secure. And if I don't report it, and that information gets out somehow, it could cause me real grief."

"What can I do, then?" moaned Lucy.

"Since your demeanor agrees with your verbal assertion that ... if this was incest ... it was voluntary and consensual, then I presume your primary concerns are about the genetic health of the baby."

"Yes," she said.

"In that case I think the normal course of pre-natal care is still in order. Problems like you're imagining are a lot less common than the public believes. The normal ratio for problems like that is about two percent of the population. It rises only to about four percent in cases of first relation incest. By first relation incest, since the father isn't in the picture, I mean a brother. Cousins aren't considered first relations. Not medically. If there are problems, I can probably detect them while there's still time to take measures."

"Measures," said Lucy.

"Termination," he said, tersely.

"We don't want to do that," said Lucy.

"Then let's hope that isn't indicated," he replied.

"I feel much better," she said.

"It's important for you to understand that I'll only do this if I have unfettered access to her. And you also need to understand that I'm going to make my decisions based on what I think is best for her health. If that means I think I should report this, then I will. I want to be very clear about that."

"I understand," said Lucy. "She's here today for her first visit."

"I'm glad," said the doctor. "Your trust and cooperation are duly noted."

The doctor spent a full thirty minutes with Mallory, something rare in this day and age. When he was finished, he took another minute with Lucy.

"I feel confident that she's in no danger," he said. "We talked confidentially, and she agreed that I can tell you there is one other possible male who could be the father. As best I can determine, when she says there are only two, that's true. She told me she's going to talk to you about that and I told her I was going to tell you about it too. She's done a lot of growing up in the last month."

Lucy had been fretting in the waiting room, nervously waiting to see what happened. This emotion masked the fact that she already knew about the "other possible donor."

"Thank you," she said, feeling relief that left her a little weak. That too was misinterpreted by the physician.

"When I say we talked confidentially, I mean that the normal protocol for this kind of visit can be pursued." He smiled a tight smile. "Normally we don't ask a lot of questions about the father, so it won't look odd for that information to be missing from the record."

"Thank you so much," said Lucy.

"That doesn't mean I approve," he warned. "Only that my examination of her contraindicated that she's in any imminent danger."

"I understand," said Lucy.

"Good. Have a good day."

The immediate danger to their near term happiness removed, or at least mitigated, the vast quantity of minutiae related to marriage and the melding of two families into one proceeded.

Mallory's status as an expectant mother, however, caused other changes in the complicated multi-person relationship.

One was that Samantha was a little jealous of the fact that Mallory was going to have a baby and she wasn't. She knew this by virtue of the fact that she had a period within days of Mallory finding out she wasn't going to have any more for quite some time.

Bob took her to a different doctor and got her on the pill, which involved some grumbling on her part. That melted away when he said she could stay off the pill as long as she didn't have sex with anybody, particularly him or Randy.

Another factor in this issue was that Lucy no longer expected Mallory to plan on college, at least not at a four year institution away from home.

"If you think I'm going to raise my granddaughter while you're off having fun in college, you're sadly mistaken," she said. "This is one of the consequences of making decisions without talking to me about it first."

Mallory knew how good she had it, and didn't argue. She had no idea what was actually going to happen to her in the next few years, but she knew instinctively that being able to lean on her mother while it all happened was a lot better than the alternative. She was actually on the same level of education as Randy and Sam, it having been easier to teach them all the same things than to try to tailor something to Mallory on a lower level. That she was smart as a whip helped. It wasn't lost on either Lucy or Randy that Mallory sometimes had to help him with his homework.

She did grouse a little bit at the idea that Randy still had the option to go to college, leaving her to raise their child - assuming it was his child - alone for most of four years. But when he offered to stay home too, and just get a job, she yelled at him, saying he was an idiot for even thinking about that instead of getting an education that could get him a better job for later.

"You have Sam to think about too," she carped. "And I don't want her having to support you!"

Those decisions were still most of a year away, though, and all of them had to pass their final exams, which were administered by the state, and not the people who had been doing the home teaching. They needed to be serious about their studies so those tests weren't a problem. After that, they could plan more of the future.

They also needed to take the S.A.T.s, because without official transcripts, that was about all prospective colleges would have to judge on, concerning admittance for any of them. And, even if Mallory didn't go to a four year institution, she might want to enroll in classes somewhere on a part time basis, or have something to apply with later.

And so the next four months passed hectically, with close attention centered on lessons and S.A.T. preparation. That paid off when they all got high scores on the standardized test.

A lot happened during that time, and it would be tedious to present it all in chronological order, so things may seem to jump around for a bit as this tale continues.

For example, two months into that process Lucy and Bob got married in a small ceremony, to which only a few friends and family were invited. Both of Lucy's brothers came, and made it obvious they were examining Bob, whose brother had already broken their baby sister's heart. She was ruthless with them when they got too blatant about passing judgment on him. Nobody seemed to notice that Mallory had gained a little weight.

It was decided that it made the most sense, economically, to all move into one house so they could sell the other. That would give them the down payment on the new house, whenever they found one. Bob and Sam lived in a three bedroom house, one bedroom of which had been made into his office. But that could be undone, giving the girls a room to share and Randy his own room. It wasn't discussed, but the logic in that was obvious. Either girl could go sleep with Randy that way. Whenever Sam slept with her father, Mallory slept with Randy, leaving the girls' room for Lucy to have some peace and quiet in.

That Lucy's house sold almost as soon as it was on the market forced the move a little bit sooner than anticipated, but they only lived next door, so it wasn't such a burden. A combined yard sale got rid of most of what they either didn't want, or wouldn't fit. The rest went to The Salvation Army.

Mallory's belly grew larger, but she seemed to be made for carrying a child, and had none of the pains or problems the doctor said she might experience. Tests the doctor ran, a few of which Bob simply paid for in cash so that no bill would be submitted to the insurance company, indicated no problems with the fetus.

Lucy, despite getting her own prescription for the pill, missed two periods and, somewhat sheepishly, went to the same doctor who was caring for Mallory, and asked for a pregnancy test.

"Do I need to ask you any of the questions I asked your daughter?" he asked, a gleam in his eye.

"I have a new husband," she said, smiling.

"That is a relief," joked the doctor.

The test revealed she was, in fact, pregnant.

There were jokes at the table that night that Bob was probably the father of Mal's baby too, seeing as how he was apparently potent enough to foil pharmaceuticals.

Sam had already been scheduled to sleep with Bob that night. She offered to defer to Lucy, so they could celebrate.

"I'm not all that sure I want to celebrate," sighed Lucy. "I hadn't really planned on whelping again. I thought two was enough."

"I want to celebrate," said Bob, grinning.

"You can celebrate with Sam," said Lucy, putting on a mock frown.

"Need I remind you that Sam is taking the same brand of pill you were?"

"You better hope you're not that virile," said Lucy, dryly. "You were spoiled, having only Sam. Trust me when I tell you, you wouldn't enjoy being in a house with three babies."

"I know how to change a diaper," said Bob, smirking.

"Do you know how to feed one at two in the morning, too? 'Cause I plan on using a breast pump so you can do just that!"

"How about I transfer it from your breast to the baby with my mouth?" quipped Bob. "You know, like some birds do."

"Ewwwww," groaned both Mallory and Randy, in tandem.

"You have no idea what you're ewwing about, Randy," said Bob.

"I know if I was a baby I wouldn't want to get milk from anything except a nice, soft, warm breast," he said.

"Is this really appropriate material for conversation at dinner?" complained Lucy.

"No, it's not," said Sam, firmly.

That night, as she wiggled her nude body up against her father's hairy nakedness, reaching for what she knew would be his already stiff penis, she nuzzled his neck and kissed his cheek.

"I'm jealous. I want your baby too," she whispered.

"I don't think so, Pumpkin," he said, squeezing her with the arm that was under her.

"Mallory looks like she swallowed a pumpkin," said Sam. "I want to look like I swallowed a pumpkin too. Your pumpkin."

"Damn, girl," he groaned.

When he was on top of her, after she'd had an orgasm, she pushed at his chest until he raised up enough that she could see his face. In that position he went in deep and rotated, knowing that would please her.

"Can I stop taking the pill, Daddy?" she asked.

"You know you can't," he panted.

"The thought of you spurting in me, and making a baby is driving me crazy," she moaned. "Mal is so lucky."

"It might not be my baby," he huffed.

"I know it is. You got in her first, and filled her up with all that daddy sperm. And Randy doesn't shoot as much as you do either. And you know you got Aunt Lucy pregnant."

"She's not Aunt Lucy anymore," he said, still grinding.

"Ohhhh, I love it when you do that," moaned Sam, who then proceeded to have an orgasm. "Fuck me, Daddy," she gasped. "Knock me up. Pulverize my pill. I wanna have a baby too!"

The concept appealed to Bob, despite his counsel (and intent) to do no such thing. It jerked his balls dry, to the point that there was an ache in them, as if they were on emergency overdrive, trying to make enough more for just one additional spurt.

Sam didn't stop taking her pills, but she used that line on him most nights they slept together, and marveled at how powerful those words could be, in terms of getting him to spurt ... almost on command!

Mallory also teased Bob, in much the same way she had before she seduced him into taking her virginity. She'd sit on his lap and lean back, pulling his hands to her distended belly, under whatever top she was wearing. It was just natural for him to smooth his fingers and palms over her stretched skin, stroking her as she sighed and relaxed against his chest.

"See what you did to me?" she'd say, in a high pitched, complaining voice.

"Randy could have done that to you," he'd say.

"See what you probably did to me?"

It was a game she loved playing. Next she'd get him fired up.

"You stuck your big, nasty old penis in my poor pussy and filled me up with sperm. I thought it would come out of my nose sometimes!"

"I did," he usually confessed.

"And you did it again and again and again!

Then she'd move his hands to her breasts. This usually being a bedtime ritual, by then she had taken off her bra, in preparation for going to bed, so they were bare.

"See what you did to them?" she complained. "You made them get all big and ugly!"

"They don't feel ugly." His fingers would find her nipples and toy with them.

"Careful," she'd say. "My baby is going to need those to suck on. Like you sucked on them."

"Want me to suck on them right now?" he might ask.

"You know you can't. That's against the rules."

Eventually she'd turn on his lap and give him five minutes of passionate kisses before saying she needed her beauty sleep and getting up. She always managed to put her hand in his lap during this process to ensure she'd given him a boner.

She didn't think she was being mean. She knew either her mother or Sam would make good use of that erection.

And they always did.

While that was happening Mallory was doing the same thing to Randy as she had just done to Bob, the main difference being that when she got to the part about his big, nasty penis going in her she'd climb up on him and demonstrate.

He loved playing that game too and insisted that her nipples needed to be toughened up for the baby.

That, of course, required him sucking on them a lot.

He learned that trick from Bob.

Mallory's baby refused to leave the warm comfort of the womb before Samantha and Randy had to leave for their first semester of college. Both were accepted into Crenshaw College as the son and daughter of Crenshaw alumni. Sam entered the program for elementary education and Randy decided on a major in radio and television studies. He wanted to be a meteorologist. They had to spend their first year in a dormitory room, but after that they would have the option of renting a house and being roommates.

Bob drove them to college on the last day of August.

Twelve days later Mallory's water broke and she went into labor. Her mother was her coach. Eighteen hours later, at two-thirty in the afternoon, William Michael Jenkins came squalling into the world measuring eighteen inches long exactly, and weighing seven pounds, two ounces.

After Mal was cleaned up and moved to a room, while she was resting, her doctor popped in to visit and see how she was doing. He also delivered some news.

"How are my girls?" he asked. He was a lot friendlier now than when they had first met him. The fact that they were keeping him in business might have had something to do with that.

"Tired," said Mallory. "When can I see my baby?"

"Patience," said the doctor. "There are all sorts of things they have to do to get him ready. He'll be here soon."

"Okaay." Mallory drew it out.

"Remember when I did a blood test on you to determine your Rh status?"

Mallory shook her head.

"Well, I did. You were Rh positive, by the way. You need to remember that for the future, in case you have another baby. I just had little William's blood tested to determine his Rh status as well. It's positive, too, and that's good. In the process, we determined his blood type is A. Yours is B. I thought you'd want to know that."

Mallory said, "Okay," but it was clear she was confused. After he left she asked her mother what that was all about.

"Your brother's blood type is also B," said Lucy. Bob's is A. The baby couldn't have type A blood if both parents had B.

"How do you know that?" asked Mal.

"I had both Bob's and Randy's blood tested."

Mallory thought about that for a few seconds, and then smiled.

"So Uncle Bob is his father!"

"Exactly," said Lucy.

"Well how about that?" sighed Mallory. "And we did all that worrying for nothing."

"All that worrying was your punishment for wanting the things you wanted," said her mother.

"Don't be mean to me," said Mal, but with little real complaint. "I just worked hard to have a baby."

"Oh, sweetheart, the hard part is all ahead of you. Trust me on that."

"We'll see," said Mallory.

"Are you going to try to breast feed?"

"Absolutely," said Mallory.

"Good girl, but don't get your hopes up just yet."


"Some babies just don't take to the breast," said Lucy.

"Mine will," said Mallory firmly.

"And you know this how?"

"Because Bob loves to suck my nipples," said Mallory, completely unembarrassed.

It was her mother who blushed.

College was a jubilant time for Sam and Randy. They missed Mallory, but there were so many new and interesting things to investigate, and so many new and interesting people to become acquainted with, that it took them two months before they got so horny that they had to find a place to slake their lust. Sam's roommate was a farm girl from Ohio, and would gladly have given Sam some privacy in the room for what she called "barnyard exercises", except that Randy and Sam had the same last name, and everybody assumed they were brother and sister. That they were technically step-brother and sister didn't matter. It was all the same to outsiders.

Freshmen weren't allowed to have jobs during the first semester. But they were allowed to do volunteer work. The college library operated what they called a book pantry, that name taken from the familiar food pantry. The idea was to seek donations in the form of books, and then distribute those to poor families. The space used for that had been a boiler room at one time, but with the advent of modern energy sources the boiler had lain unused for many years until it was removed so the space could be utilized in some other way. The book pantry was what got the nod.

Sam was a regular volunteer and, as such, had been issued a key. The relatively large space was warm, being in the middle of the building. There were futons of various colors and styles (also donated) strategically placed around the tall bookcases that split the room into sections.

By day, patrons of the book pantry relaxed on those futons as they sampled a book and filled their minds with words and images. By night Sam spread a sheet over one and lay back so Randy could mount her, sample her pussy, and fill it with his virile semen. One of her favorite positions was to have Randy wiggle his butt into a bean bag chair, making a saddle for her to sink into. She could thrust her hips violently without making him move much at all, and that caused his penis to dig into her in a most delightful way.

He regularly filled her coed pussy with his youthful spunk, but in her case, the pill worked to foil his little wigglers from finding an egg to fertilize.

He tried hard. The concept that he had been a day late and a dollar short when it came to knocking up his sister didn't cause him any relief. Rather, it made him feel competitive towards Bob. He couldn't wait to get Bob's daughter pregnant. He knew this was an unwise time for that to happen, and his desire to impregnate Sam every time he slid his penis into her was more fantasy than real intent, but it always fired him up to think that he might get to her first. His penis had been the first to enter her, and he wanted his penis to be the first to fertilize her egg too.

To that end, he also helped Sam "prepare" her nipples for when a baby might need them for sustenance.

While Randy was doing his best to duplicate in Samantha what had happened to his sister, Bob was having a rough time. That resulted from the fact that he had overdone things with Lucy just a tad. A routine ultrasound in her twentieth week had disclosed two fetuses, hugging each other in her womb. She told Bob it was her punishment for allowing Randy and Mallory unfettered access to each other. He joked about the twins in her belly emulating their older brother and sister.

The problem was that, by October, her seventh month of pregnancy, she was grossly gravid. While her daughter seemed to be built to have babies, and had carried William with grace and little discomfort, that wasn't true of Lucy. Her ankles swelled and her back hurt. She had to take leave from her job because the doctor wanted her to rest more and stand less.

It was also uncomfortable for her to have sex in any position other than being taken from behind. Truthfully, even that was only marginally fun for her, at this point.

Meanwhile, Mallory had regained her youthful figure, enhanced by hips that stayed spread to some degree, and breasts that were still full of milk. She took William out in a three-wheeled stroller, bundled up, while she jogged, pushing him. She was the picture of health and vitality, a sexy young MILF who drew glances from a lot of men. None of them would have believed she was only seventeen.

She was also a little frustrated. What lay behind that was the fact that her doctor had forbidden her to engage in intercourse for six weeks after William was born. That wouldn't be until late October.

And in any case, she had no lover to allow between her legs when that time came.

She complained about that, of course, not with any intent for her complaints to produce a solution, but more just to blow off a little steam.

What she didn't do was tease Bob anymore. That got her just as hot as it got him.

The resolution to Mal's problem was also a resolution to Lucy's problem, in a strange, unexpected way.

It was the run up to Halloween, a holiday Lucy had always enjoyed a great deal. As a seamstress of sorts (and a single mom whose income never really made up for the loss of her ex-husband's second one), she had traditionally made costumes for her children to go trick or treating in. When they got too big to do that, she had fun hosting other people's little gremlins.

But this year that wasn't going to happen. She was mostly comfortable in bed, lying in various positions that eased the strain on her body and let the twins move around, making them happier too. But she was also bored to tears because getting up never seemed to work out well. Her doctor had told her that would happen, but she kept trying to believe he was wrong, and finding out he wasn't.

On the twenty-sixth of the month, Mallory went into the bedroom to be with her mother while she fed William. It was comfortable for both of them to lie down and, if Mallory just went topless, the baby could get to both breasts and still lie down on her body, something he loved to do while falling asleep.

That's how Bob found them when he decided to go to bed himself.

"Wow," he said from the bedroom door. "What a beautiful picture."

"Before and after," quipped Lucy.

"Looks yummy," said Bob.

"I told you he loves sucking my nipples," said Mallory, smugly.

"Of course he does," said Bob, who was not privy to Mal's earlier comment about that in the hospital. William, as it turned out, did have his father's attraction to Mallory's nipples. Granted, that was mostly because of the sweet, warm milk that issued from them, but why quibble?

"She was talking to me," muttered Lucy.

"Doesn't render my comment inaccurate," said Bob, folding his arms and leaning against the door.

"About you," added Lucy.

"Oh," said Bob. "Like father, like son, huh?"

"Today is the twenty-sixth," said Mallory, seeming to go off on a tangent.

"Happy twenty-sixth of October," said Bob, grinning.

"It's not happy," groused Mallory.

"Why not?"

Lucy looked over at him from the book she'd been reading.

"It's the six week mark since your greedy little son forced his way out of her body."

"Okay," said Bob. "Happy six week anniversary to my son."

"She can have sex again," said Lucy.

"No I can't," complained Mallory.

"It isn't my fault you decided to get pregnant, thereby pulling your ticket to go to college with the others," said Lucy.

"I didn't decide to get pregnant," argued Mal.

"You decided to start having sex," said Lucy, frostily. "Unprotected sex, I might add. That's the same thing."

"As did you," said Mallory, saucily.

"I did not. I was on the pill."

"Which never works a hundred percent of the time," needled her daughter. "You taught me that, which means you already knew it."

"Girls, girls," chided Bob. "How about you argue tomorrow. I'd like to go to bed."

"So would I," grumbled Mal.

"You want to borrow my husband!" snapped Lucy. "Don't you. Go ahead. Admit it."

"Do you blame me?" Mallory sounded hurt, but it didn't sound genuine.

"I remember one night when I was eavesdropping on you and your partners in crime," said Lucy. "Samantha called you a slut. Could it be she wasn't kidding?"

"I can't help it. I'm just so horny!"

"Well find a boyfriend."

"I can't. I'm too busy being a mommy."

"Which was caused by you being so all fired horny."

"Maybe I'll just go sleep in another room," said Bob.

"You can sleep in mine," said Mallory, hopefully.

"You really are shameless," said Lucy.

"I know."

"You admit it?"

"I guess." There was a short pause and then she said, "Crap!"

"Let me guess," said Lucy. "He fell asleep without emptying both breasts."

"How'd you know?"

"Because you used to do that to me all the time," said Lucy, smiling.

"I really don't feel like expressing right now," groaned Mallory. "It's so nice and comfortable right here beside you."

"Obviously I'm going to spend the night in another room," said Bob.

"Wait," said Lucy. "Help her out before you go."

"Say what?"

"She's always going on about how much you love sucking her nipples. Take over where your lazy son left off, so she doesn't have to get up."

"Really? Can I?"

"Spoken like a man," snorted Lucy. "I bet you have a boner too, or at least the beginnings of one. If men could be whores, Bob, you'd be a whore."

"They call them gigolos," said Mallory.

"I wouldn't dignify his lusts with such a genteel name," said Lucy, but she didn't sound angry. "Go ahead, Bob. I know you love me. And I'm going to request the same service from you some day, assuming your twins don't drink me dry as a bone."

Bob looked at Mallory. Her breasts looked luscious.

"You want me to?" he asked.

"No," she said.

"You don't?"

"If you touch me I'll go crazy. If you suck my nipples I'll want more. You know me, Daddy."

It was the first time she'd ever called him by that name. He felt a peculiar mixture of pride and shame. He already committed incest with one daughter whenever he got the chance. Now he was thinking of doing it with a second. And even though she wasn't his biological daughter, he thought of her almost as one.

"Oh good grief!" snapped Lucy. "Just satisfy her, Bob. She'll whine like another baby until somebody does and you're the only acceptable man around!"

"I know better than to fall into that trap," said Bob.

"Can I, Mom? Please? I promise it will only be once. Honest!"

"Don't lie," said Lucy. "You and I both know you'll need him as often as you needed your brother. And I can't satisfy him anymore. I won't be able to for months more, yet. As long as you don't steal him from me completely, then that will solve two problems at once."

"If you're teasing me I'll ... I'll ... I'll ... scream!" yipped Mallory. William jumped on her stomach and she patted his diaper-clad bottom until he settled down again.

"I'm not teasing you," said Lucy, gently.

"I love you, Mom."

"I know that. I know you love him too. And I found out from sharing him with Sam that he has an unending supply of love to give us all back. I never thought I'd be a sister wife, or want to be one either. But it's not so bad. Not with these particular sisters, and this particular husband."

Which is how it evolved that Bob got to climb between Mallory's welcoming, open thighs again.

Where he promptly reenacted his previous impregnation of the young girl. Not only did not the pill protect the mother ... lactation didn't protect the daughter either.

Honestly, though, it probably wouldn't have mattered. Mallory was insatiable after her months long sexual fast. She wanted to be bred three times a day.

That role reversal continued as the twins, like many others of their ilk, decided to come early. On the eighth day of November, Lucy went into labor and Mallory was her coach, at least until it was determined a Cesarean Section needed to be performed, for the health of both the mother and the babies.

After only three hours of labor, Carly Leanne and Richard Patrick Jenkins entered the cold, cruel world. They were smaller than their nephew, William, when he was born, but just as healthy.

The fact that their nephew was two months older than they were would be a joke (and party story), for the rest of their lives.

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