Buck Fever

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

Sam and Randy trudged through the woods. They knew to approach the tree stand from behind it, so they wouldn't be in the field of fire. Both were wearing orange hats, but that wasn't enough to satisfy Bob.

"We're coming in!" called out Randy, remembering a western he'd seen on TV one time.

"They're not up there," said Sam, who got a view of the stand through a gap in the branches around them.

They stepped out of a cluster of young hickory trees and saw Bob and Mallory standing on the ground. Both were looking their way.

"You guys quit too?" asked Randy. "We didn't see anything all morning."

"What's been going on here?" asked Sam, who reached down to pick up on corner of the blanket that was still spread out on the ground.

"Apparently the same thing that was going on over there," said Mallory, reaching to pluck at the corner of the blanket hanging out of Randy's back pack. He had stuffed it in hurriedly.

All four looked around at each other.

"Well ... this is awkward," said Mallory. "I wonder why?" She sounded genuinely curious. "I mean nothing has happened now that hasn't happened before. Why does this feel so..."

"Uncomfortable?" suggested Bob.


"Because we all know that what we're doing is taboo," said Bob.

"That sounds so terrible," said Sam.

"Other people would consider it to be terrible," said Bob.

"Well, then, other people just can't find out about it," said Mal. "Besides, it's none of their business."

"That sounds fine in theory," said Bob. "But how does that work in the real world?

"We just keep it a secret," said Mallory.

"Okay, let's run with that," said Bob. "Mallory? You feel like going at it with your brother. Where do you do that? When do you do that? How do you make sure your mother doesn't figure out what's going on?"

"We only do it when she's not there," said Mallory.

"Okay, so that's what you do. Take off your pants for me."

"What? Right now? Here?"

"Yes, just for a second. In fact, you don't even have to take them completely off. Just push them down to your knees."

"Why?" she asked, looking uncomfortable.

"You have a pretty pussy and two of us here like looking at it," he said, dryly.

"Three of us," said Sam.

Bob glanced sharply at her, but she was looking at Mallory and ignored him.

"Why?" Mallory insisted.

"I want to show you something," he said.

She undid her belt, opened her pants and pushed them down.

"The panties too," said Bob, softly.

"This is weird," she said.

"Just do it," he said.

She did and stood, hesitantly with her panties stretched from knee to knee, and her pants bunched just below them. Bob stepped closer and bent to point.

"See that stain right there? That's my semen. In your scenario, it would be Randy's semen. It makes a distinctive stain that your mother couldn't possibly miss if she washes your clothes. Does she wash your clothes?"

Mallory swallowed.


"buck fever!" said Bob.

"We could come over to your house to do it," said Mallory.

"And wash your clothes before you go back home?" Bob laughed.

"Crap!" groused Mallory.

"This is a lifestyle choice you are making," said Bob. "And lifestyle choices are generally visible to others. Your attitudes are going to change. The way you treat each other and look at each other is going to change. She'll notice all those things. You can't do this and keep it a secret from the woman you live with."

Mallory looked at Sam, who was just standing there.

"You'll have it good," she complained.

Sam looked at her father. It sounded like he was saying that Mal and Randy weren't going to be able to go on having sex. She sensed he was about to say that she and he couldn't have it either. That would ruin everything. She spoke before he could.

"Not really," she said, as casually as she could. "It's not like we're going to act like we're married. I'm still his daughter and he's still my father, and we both have to act that way."

She was relieved when Bob nodded.

"We can't just stop," moaned Mallory. "This is too much fun to just stop doing."

"I can't stop," said Randy with conviction in his voice. "Now that I know what the real thing feels like, I can't just go back to jacking off five times a day."

"Five times?!" chorused Sam and Mal together.

"Ahh, the stamina of youth," sighed Bob, remembering those days. "What I'm saying is that we have to think about this, and do things with intelligence and foresight and an understanding of the perils involved."

"You mean we have to be careful," said Mallory, sounding hopeful.

"Yes," sighed Bob. "We have to be careful."

"I can do that," said Mal, brightly. "It's time I started doing my own laundry. You too, Randy. We need to start doing more around the house to give Mom a break." She blinked. "And show her we're growing up."

"Just make sure she doesn't find out how much you've grown up," said Bob.

The discussion didn't end there, of course. The problem of birth control still wasn't resolved. There was argument about whether condoms alone would be sufficient to avoid a disaster. Bob felt like that would be fine, if his lover were someone other than his daughter or niece. Getting a random love interest pregnant wouldn't be the end of the world. But getting either Sam or Mal with child could lead to serious complications.

They went back up into the tree stands until noon, but did more talking than hunting. They kept an eye on the forest, and their guns ready, but they weren't worried about whether anything showed up to shoot or not.

Lunch had been packed in, and they ate it together on the blankets, which now formed someplace to sit on, rather than lie down on. After lunch Bob took them on a hike, looking for sign. They went along the game trail the two tree stands had been set up to surveille, and found fresh tracks. It was determined they'd get into the stands even earlier the next morning.

Back in camp, Bob finally announced that they'd already partaken of Mal's kill. There was only minor outrage, followed by resignation based on the fact that they all remembered it tasting really good. Bob got some more out of the cooler and they put it in the Dutch oven to roast. Cans of vegetables were opened and warmed on the corners of the grill over the fire.

None of them realized, as they saw to little domestic tasks, that something domestic was taking place inside Mallory as well. The stimulation to her body in the last 48 hours had caused her ovaries to release an egg a little early.

It was wending its way down her fallopian tube, headed for her womb.

A womb that was currently awash with wriggling little sperm cells, frantically searching for an egg.

Those with wisdom, (usually meaning older folks), often provide good advice and warnings to those who are inexperienced, (usually meaning younger folks). But youth ignores warnings. Young people don't think anything bad will happen to them. It happens to other people, but not them. It happens to the careless, but not to them. It happens to the stupid, but not to them.

Which is why, when the girls got together and decided Randy needed more lessons, such lessons were planned without giving heed to Bob's warnings about lifestyle changes, and pregnancies and the like. This was different. They were on a campout, away from prying eyes. There would be time for circumspection and additional attention to the potential foibles in their plan to keep having sex.

There were also negotiations, primarily about who would be the one to do the teaching of Randy's lessons. The undercurrent there was that whoever was doing that would not be with Bob, and Bob was high on their "to do" list ... no pun intended.

"You live with him," said Mallory. "You can sleep with him every night if you want to, back home."

"I don't think it's going to work that way," said Sam. "He tries hard to say no to both of us."

"You couldn't tell it by what he did with me," said Mal, grinning.

"You have to get him to lose control," said Sam. "Then he'll do anything you want."

"You sure think you know a lot about his sex drive, for having slept with him only one night," said Mal.

"And you know better?"

"Okay, okay. I want to sleep with him to learn more that I can teach Randy. Why do you want to sleep with him?"

"You're not the only one who's going to let Randy between your silky, soft thighs," said Sam.

"You had him last night," said Mallory.

"Please, Mal. I just know if I can break him down one more time that he'll give in for good. That would be better for both of us."


"Because if he gets used to being with me in bed, he won't think it's that much different when you want to be there."

Mallory stared at her cousin for long seconds. Finally, she nodded.

"Okay. Maybe I can find out if Randy was lying or not."

"About what?"

"Being able to get it up and squirt five times in one day."

As soon as supper was over and the dishes were washed, Sam wiped her hands on a towel and said, "If we're getting up even earlier tomorrow, then I'm going to bed now."

"It's still light," said Randy.

"I'm going to bed," said Sam, firmly.

That put Randy in a quandary. Nobody had told him what was going to happen tonight, but he hoped he'd get to sleep with somebody again. If they were taking turns, and it kind of looked like that, then that meant he'd be with Sam. That suited him fine, because he wanted to show her how much he had learned. What she had glimpsed before, out under the tree stand, had been just a sample. He could go a lot longer than that. He was sure of it. Mal had had two orgasms before he shot off in her, and then two more the next time he got hard and slid into her clasping pussy. Thinking about feeling Sam do that under him produced an instant erection.

"So ... you want me to come with you?" he asked, carefully.

"No. I'm going to sleep, not ... talk."

Everyone present understood perfectly what "talk" actually meant.

The others stayed around the campfire, but it wasn't long before Mal got up and produced a theatrical and obviously fake yawn.

"I'm going to bed too," she said. She looked at her brother. "You come with me. You were slow getting up this morning."

Randy perked up. It was fun being with Mal too. She was very energetic, and he already knew what she liked him to do.

"Sure," he said.

Bob mused as he watched the two enter the camper. He wasn't sure what was going on. Ostensibly, Sam had taken his talk to heart, and was going to avoid compromising her safety. He felt an ache in his balls, which seemed to be unhappy with that choice. Mal? He wasn't so sure about Mal. He decided that wondering about it would do no good. He'd find out soon enough when he went in. Either the middle bed would be made up, with somebody in it ... or it wouldn't.

He thought briefly about rigging a tarp and sleeping under that. But he had no sleeping bag, and no mat. Sleeping on the hard, cold ground didn't appeal to him.

If Sam was in his bed, he'd just have to play it by ear. Maybe she'd be asleep already.

His balls ached again, and he sighed.

She wasn't asleep. He knew that as soon as he climbed up into the sleeper. Her breathing was that of a person awake.

But her back was to him, and she did not turn over when he lay down beside her.

It was dark, and his eyes hadn't adjusted yet. Behind the curtain of the single window in the front of the sleeper, he could tell the sun was just setting, but that minimal light was behind her, so all he could see was her silhouette.

He reached, tentatively, and felt a bare shoulder. She didn't move or give any indication she felt that. He moved his hand to her waist, and then thigh, feeling only bare, warm skin. She still feigned sleep.

She hadn't acted like she was angry with him, hadn't shot him any dark looks. And he was pretty sure he hadn't said or done anything to hurt her feelings. Sure, he'd had sex with Mal again, but he got the distinct impression that, as far as Sam was concerned, what was Sam's was Mal's, and what was Mal's was Sam's ... including him.

He shifted closer to her, putting his front against her back. It wasn't spooning, but it was close.

Slowly, he slid his hand under her arm to cup one soft, round breast.

She not only let him, she lifted her arm a little so he could get his hand where he wanted it.

Where she wanted it.

He'd been half hard ever since determining Sam was in his bed again tonight. Now his erection completed. He could feel it move between her butt cheeks.

That's all he did for a while, just fondle her breast gently. He waited ten minutes to let his fingers steal to the nipple, and begin to tease it. It was already hard.

She shifted, as if moving during sleep. What was this game she was playing?

A sudden sharp scent reached his nose. He hadn't smelled that scent in a long, long time. It was the scent of a woman deep into sexual arousal.

He thought to tease her some more and slid his hand down across her belly, intending to just barely invade her slit and toy with her clit.

She shifted again, rolling slightly toward him, again giving him room.

She was so wet when he got there that his finger slipped a little too far. The tip went around a corner of sorts and slipped into her vaginal mouth.

Suddenly she turned completely, to face him.

"I don't want your finger in me," she whispered.

Her hand found his raging hard on.

"I want this," she finished.

Everything he'd warned her about fled his mind as the opportunity to be that happy again was presented to him. He would, in fact, think about those things in the next few hours, but what would be uppermost in his mind was that Mel's and Sam's periods seemed to be synced. He'd heard of that before, best friends being on the same sexual schedule. The point was that if Mel was safe - and the odds were in favor of her being safe - then Sam was probably safe too.

That was the primary thought process that convinced him to give her what she wanted ... his long, stiff, spurting prick, in her velvety, nubile, teenage pussy.

If you've ever watched a movie where there was a scene in the jungle at night, and somebody was hiding from someone or something, you might have heard a sound track of what the jungle sounds like at night. It's a noisy place, with hoots and shrieks and howls and mating calls. Predators grunt as they jump their prey, or snarl a warning to others to leave them alone. There are clicks, and drips and the sound of vegetation rubbing against other vegetation in the wind. The point is, the jungle is a very noisy place at night.

The interior of that camper, that night, might have resembled an odd kind of jungle. There were fewer inhabitants, and vastly fewer types of life forms present, but it was still a noisy place, with many of the same sounds one might hear in that jungle setting. From the soft slap-slap-slap of bare skin impacting other bare skin rhythmically, to the moans, squeals and loud mating calls of what was clearly some kind of primate species, the noise was pervasive and relatively unceasing for the first two hours of full dark.

There was a lull, then, a period of silence as if prey were being consumed, or actual sleeping might be going on.

But then, later, the sounds started up again. It happened all night long. One would have thought there was a stiff wind gusting outside the vehicle. It swayed for a while, and then settled, only to sway again.

When the alarm went off, the denizens of that tiny jungle made other noises. The alarm clock was attacked. The nocturnal beasts inside prepared for the sleep cycle that was daytime.

There was more rocking, more moans, more sloshing sounds and the predators grunted one more time before retreating into daytime sleep.

It was their bladders that drove them to abandon peaceful repose.

Bob, being the eldest, had to give in first. He happened to be on the outside, so his leaving didn't require that he crawl over Sam. He did, however, put his hand in a wet spot between them. It was clammy and cold. It was where her hips had been for most of the night while he rutted in her.

He admitted to himself that that's what it had been, as he climbed down. They had made love, yes, but once he had simply fucked her, rolling on top of her just for the joy of being able to empty his balls into her wet heat. It hadn't been a zipless fuck, because they weren't strangers, but the simple joy and lack of concern or guilt implicit to the concept was there.

On another occasion, she was the aggressor, crawling on top of him and kissing him while she rubbed her breasts on his chest, until he was hard. She slid down onto him, leaning forward, not able to sit up, but obviously riding him.

"Mal told me about doing it this way," she whispered.

That time he was simply her stud horse, letting her have her fun for as long as she wanted to. He thought about teaching her how to do it doggy style, but didn't think there was enough head room in the sleeper to pull that off. There was always later, when they were back home.

Such was the completion of the change in his whole outlook on what had befallen him on the trip. His resistance was gone. Now he looked forward to having a rich and steady sexual relationship with at least one teenage girl, and the fact she was his daughter no longer made him uneasy.

Mallory was next to arise and she met Bob as he came out of the toilet.

"Morning," she muttered. Her hair was a mess. Even so, she was beautiful in that way only well-fucked women can be. And she was deliciously naked. Bob knew she'd been bred by her own stallion - multiple times. That was part of why he had been so insatiable. Listening to Randy be a young man, a young man who could fuck long, deep and continuous, had stung his ego a little bit. To compensate for that, he tried to keep up with the young buck.

Plus he simply loved being inside Sam, working toward that point where he could push deep and give her the most special thing he had to offer her.

Soon naked bodies were bumping into each other all over the place. It was almost ten, the morning hunt missed completely. They were all hungry. Beans and weenies was easy and quick, along with a can of beets and a can of carrots.

They decided that, since they had missed hunting that morning, they'd go for a long hike and try to find more sign, or a possible better place to hide and wait for deer the next morning, which would be their last before they returned to the city, and their normal lives.

The girls packed the blankets in their back packs again, along with lunch, which would be eaten whenever they felt like it, rather than at a particular time.

That time happened to be three-thirty, and they found a huge oak tree that had shade so deep under it that little grew there except long grass. That grass made a good foundation to sit on.

And lie on, as it turned out.

Bob ate and then lay back, contented.

Mallory crawled over to him and stopped with her face over his.

"I missed you last night," she said.

He laughed. "You couldn't tell by what I heard."

"Oh, I had a wonderful time, but I still missed you."

"It sounds like you're suggesting we have an orgy," he said, teasing her.

She leaned down to kiss him. It was a long, sensual kiss. When she pulled back, she reached to pull her shirt up, exposing her naked breasts. Then she leaned back over and pressed on to Bob's face.

Sam was already sitting by Randy.

"She really is a slut," said Randy.

"Not really," said Sam. "I wouldn't mind being where she is.

"Are you mad at me?" asked Randy.

"Of course not," she said, looking at him. "Why?"

"You didn't want to sleep with me last night," he said.

"It isn't that I didn't want to sleep with you," she said. "I just wanted to sleep with him a little more. Don't take that personally."

"I'll try not to," he said. "Actually, it should seem weird that you want to have sex with two guys, not to mention one of them being your dad, but somehow it doesn't seem weird at all."

"That's because you want to have sex with two girls. You understand how that feels."

He brightened. "Yeah! Maybe that's it. So you'll sleep with me again sometime?"

"Many times, you goose. I'm not letting you off the hook about that marriage thing."

"I was just a kid when I said that stuff," he said.

"So ... you don't want to marry me anymore?"

He closed his mouth, and then opened it.

"Would it be crazy if I said I want to marry both of you?"

"You want to have two wives?"

"Only if it's you and Mal," he said.

"I think you're stuck with just me," said Sam. "I don't think they let you marry your sister."

"Yeah," he said. "I keep forgetting about that."

"You forget she's your sister?"

"To me she's just Mal. And you're just Sam. I love you both. That's all I really think about."

"Take off your clothes," said Sam.


"Take off your clothes. Do you want to make love or not?"

"Here? In front of your dad?"

"He's busy," said Sam.

Randy looked at Bob for the first time in quite a while. Bob was getting his dick sucked good and proper. His pants were down around his thighs and Mallory was half naked.

It was the first time he'd seen his sister providing that service to another male, and what seemed astonishing to him was that he wasn't jealous in the slightest.

It merely fired him up.

Ten minutes later both girls had mounted their studs, side by side, and the sounds of the human jungle had been moved outside, into a more natural setting.

And each predator could see the other ... over in his own territory ... with his own breeding female.

It was only natural that each male think about stealing the other's mate, if possible.

Except, of course, there would be no theft required.

It just so happened that Mallory's egg was surrounded ... and penetrated ... by one of the new batch of wriggling sperm that had navigated its way into her womb, and up into the fallopian tube the egg was descending through.

The egg didn't know which donor the fertilizing sperm came from.

Actually, it didn't care.

It just started dividing, making a new member of the human race.

It sounds like that orgiastic free-for-all was evidence of the final breakdown of societal pressure and control over the lovers. Everything that came before this had been unconventional, so this additional step into the world of taboo would seem a logical, or at least reasonable furtherance of the carnal desires that were unleashed on this trip.

But in one sense, making love right next to each other did not, other than for Randy, produce overwhelming lust. The acts were completed, to be sure, but it was sobering for the girls to realize how far things had gone.

In a strange way, it applied the brakes to their otherwise runaway train. Perhaps some dim ancestral sense in them recognized that this kind of behavior might generate competition between the males. And competition sometimes drives one male away.

Nothing was said about it, but when the lovers were sated, they dressed quickly. Having seen nothing of note on the hike, they decided to return to camp. The girls wanted another bath, but this time that's all anyone did - bathe in the pond - before putting clothes on wet bodies and walking back to camp with little conversation.

Around the fire that night, it was Mallory, of all people, who suggested that the next morning, their last on this trip, they should make another attempt at getting up early and actually going hunting.

"Nobody will believe I'm the only one who got a deer," she said.

"And we need another one," said Sam. "We've already eaten a lot of the one you got."

That didn't mean everyone slept alone, though. This night Mallory got her chance to sleep with Bob again, and Sam willingly crawled in bed with Randy. But it was a much quieter night.

Sam let Randy mount her but, perhaps because she was so sperm soaked already, she whispered in his ear that he had to pull out when he came. He did so and reared back on his knees while she scrambled around to suck the tip of his cock as he slowly stroked it.

"Man, that feels good," he sighed, as his balls jumped and delivered a mouthful to Sam's sucking cheeks. She swallowed it happily.

In the cab-over sleeper things were slightly different. Mal was happy to let Bob press her to the mattress.

"Be nice to me tonight," she whispered.

His lovemaking was appropriately slow and he brought her to a bone wrenching pinnacle with the same technique he'd used before. When he sensed she was close, he sealed his lips to hers and took her whines of completion into his mouth.

Without any feeling of guilt, then, he intentionally jetted in her.

It was much too late, though, for his millions of wriggling little swimmers.

She was already pregnant.

The next morning was almost anticlimactic. They had been in their stands only twenty minutes when Samantha got a perfect shot in on a big doe. She dropped like a stone, and they later found the bullet had passed through the middle of her heart.

She was bigger and heavier than the Buck her cousin had shot, and it was even harder to get her hung up so she could be cleaned and butchered. They finished that task, missing lunch by only an hour. Then there was another delay as they went back to the pond to clean the blood and gore off their arms and hands, before they could eat.

On this occasion, they washed each other, but that was as far as it went.

Back in camp, the discussion turned to whether they should leave as soon as possible, or stay one last night and leave early in the morning.

The girls opted for one more night in the camper.

That night, with Randy and Mal in the back, and Bob and Sam in the front, the jungle erupted into nocturnal clamor again.

Even though they slept late, they were tired as the camper bumped slowly along the trail back to the highway. Once on the black top, Sam, sitting shotgun this time, leaned her head against the window and dozed. Bob looked over his shoulder to see brother and sister lying together, but they appeared to just be sleeping.

He played games to keep himself awake. They pulled into his driveway at three in the afternoon. Lucy was still at work, but Bob knew her children could get into the house. He didn't worry about them. Instead, he fell onto his bed, still dressed, and took a nap.

He woke to the delicious smell of Sam preparing something to eat. It was almost dark, based on the light coming through the bedroom windows. With a jolt he sat up, remembering the meat in the coolers. He'd completely forgotten about it. It probably wouldn't hurt it to have sit there for a few more hours. It needed to age a little bit. But it didn't need to sit there all night.

He got up and winced at the taste of his mouth. He ducked into his bathroom to brush his teeth, and then navigated to the kitchen, where Sam stood, dressed only in a T shirt and panties. She looked very normal, except that everything had changed. The days of her dressing like that in innocence were past. Now that getup could be interpreted in more than one way.

"Hey," he said.

She looked over her shoulder.

"Well, look who's finally alive again."

"I have to go get the meat out of the coolers."

"You're too late. Already done."

"What? When?"

"You've been asleep for hours, Daddy. Randy and Mal came over and we wrapped it and put it in the freezer. Actually, they took half back to their house."

"Really?" He was impressed.

"Aunt Lucy wants you to call her."


"Or, we could just go over and see her."

Bob thought about that.

"I'm not sure I could bring off being plain old Uncle Bob right now. And Mallory might say or do something to give us away."

"Daddy, we've been keeping what the three of us did together secret for years. Don't make this into a big deal."

"It will be with Lucy. She knows me. We went through college together and she's always been able to read me like a book. And since then we've spent hours talking about you kids. She'll be able to look at me and know something happened just by my body language."

"You talked about us? What about?"

"All sorts of things, among them what to do about the fact that you were all three growing up, and were going to get interested in the opposite sex pretty soon."

"Well, that happened," said Sam, laughing.

He sat down. She was acting so normal, as if nothing had changed.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She turned. Her nipples made dents in the shirt.

"You mean about what happened on the hunting trip?"

"Yeah," he said.

"I could not be happier."

"Is that true?"

She moved the pan she was cooking in to an unlit burner and turned off the stove. She came to sit on his lap. She usually sat sideways. Not this time. This time she straddled him, putting the gusset of her panties on display and opening her legs to him in what felt like an incredibly intimate way. She put her wrists on his shoulders.

"Ever since mom left, I've tried to be the woman of the house. Now I finally feel like the woman of the house."

He reached for her hips.

"I'm glad ... I think."

"I know you have reservations, but we can make it work. I'll keep my room the way it is. I'll keep my clothes in there and all my stuff. I just won't sleep there."

"You'll be pregnant within weeks," he sighed.

She giggled.

"Not if you get me on the pill. And you can use condoms too, if that will make you feel better."

He thought about condoms. She'd never experienced them. He wondered how she'd like them. Or not like them. Her mother had hated them.

"We'll see," he said.

"The only thing I can think of that could mess this up is if you start dating and fall in love with some woman," she said.

"I have no plans to start dating," he said.

"Good. I'm going to have some boyfriends, but I'm not going to have sex with them. From what I hear, they break up with you if you won't have sex with them, and that will be fine with me."

He felt something release inside him, the last twinges of responsibility trying to assert itself.

"Okay," he said.

She leaned forward to give him an almost chaste kiss on the lips. Then she sat back and lifted her shirt to flash him.

"There's more where that came from," she said, covering them back up with her shirt. "But not until you take a shower. You stink."

"Of course I stink," he said. "The only bathing I've done in a week was in a pond."

"Go take a shower. Then get dressed and eat. Then we'll go see what Aunt Lucy wants. It will be fine."

"I'm sure they've been telling her heroic tales of the saga and she probably wants to know what really happened."

"Well, we can't tell her that," said Sam.

"Of course not," said Bob. "We'll skip some parts of it."

"We're going to skip a heck of a lot of it," said his daughter.

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