Breeding Season at the Rocking R Ranch - Version Charlie

by Lubrican

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Author comment: You're reading a book with the author's name listed as Robert Lubrican. Years ago, back before this author thought anybody would actually read his books, his pen name was Beating Off Bob. That's because he wrote what he thought of as stroke stories. The name seemed appropriate. People did read his books, though, and while they liked the stroke in the stories, they weren't so crazy about the stroke in his pen name. So he changed it. This book was written under the original pen name, and there is a reference to that name in this chapter. I just didn't want anybody to get confused. Now I'll stop talking about myself in third person and get on with the story.

Chapter Two

The bunkhouse was closer than the big house. There wasn't anybody in there, but even if there had been it probably wouldn't have made any difference. Dee's emotions were on too high a plane. She pulled him to the shower room, which was a big tiled room with three shower heads sprouting from the walls, and started taking her soaked clothes off. First the boots, and then she got her blouse off, baring the most gorgeous set of tits Bobby had ever seen, Playboy included, and turned on one of the showers. Then she pushed her jeans and panties down and stepped out of them.

Like it was the most normal thing in the world to be naked with her nephew, his Aunt turned to him. She didn't tell him to get undressed, as if she expected him to do that anyway. But, in fact, he was just standing there as he looked at the reality of his past beat off fantasies standing in front of him, his hands hanging limply at his sides. In fact all of him was feeling a little limp.

Well, almost all of him.

There was one part of him that was as far from limp as it's possible to get. If you had looked in the dictionary to see the definition of the opposite of 'limp' there would have been a picture of his penis there as a visual aid.

Aunt Dee was making noises. They were basically ... well ... indescribable. It wasn't humming exactly, and it wasn't sentences exactly. It was sort of like 'Ummmmm ... uh ... oh, I shouldn't ... uhhhh ... oh my ... he's done it before ... yes ... yes ... ahhhhh's okay ... "

When she jerked his jeans down and the visual aid sprang forth like some too-perky cheerleader, she stopped everything and stared at it and said "Mmmmm ... Ahhhh ... oh Bobby ..."

Bobby was a big boy. He stood at six feet and an inch, and he swam a lot, so he was sort of wedge shaped, with wide shoulders and slim hips. He'd never measured his cock, mostly because he knew he'd feel stupid trying to do that. Besides, who do you tell once you've done that? It's not like you bounce into the kitchen while your Mom is fixing dinner and announce "Guess what? My prick is seven and five sixteenths inches long! Aren't you proud of me?"

And you wouldn't tell your friends either. They'd laugh at you, for one thing, and then claim they were an inch longer, whether it was true or not.

But Diedre had seen a couple of these things before, and she recognized a dyed-in-the-wool-man-sized phallus when she saw one. And she was looking at one that was bigger than any other she'd seen ... on a man, anyway.

She kept trying to get his jeans off over his tennis shoes, but that wasn't working. All he did was hop up and down on one foot as she tugged on the other pants leg. That made his artillery gun raise and depress, like it was trying to aim at a bobbing and weaving target. Dee's eyes bounced up and down in her head as she watched it.

She apparently got frustrated because she shouted, "Get the damn things off!". Bobby kicked off the shoes without untying them and then tugged the wet jeans off. His socks were wet from the water running along the floor toward the drain.

So there he was, standing there, naked, with soggy white socks on, and his thoroughly wet but astonishingly beautiful Aunt was standing about the length of, say, a horse penis away from him, totally naked.

She stared at him, wild eyed for a few seconds, and then looked around, like she was looking for something. The room was bare except for an old wooden chair that was by the door. It was probably there so you could sit down to take off your boots, or something like that.

Well, Aunt Dee grabbed that chair and put it right under the spray of water that was coming from the shower head she'd turned on. Then she grabbed Bobby's elbow. He thought he'd lose an arm; she grabbed it so hard. She pushed him down onto the chair and he looked up at her, not understanding what she was doing as warm water cascaded on his chest. Then she straddled the chair, facing him and he suddenly did know what she was going to do. She bent over and peered between her legs, reaching down there and grabbing that not-limp part of him that was mentioned earlier.

Then she aimed it where she wanted it, and just sat down on him like all the bones in her legs had just dissolved.

Bobby, despite all the lies he told his friends, had never actually done this before. He really didn't know what to expect. Even so, he was surprised. All he felt was heat. She was so slick that there was almost no friction. Then he felt the tip of his cock plunge into something rubbery and her arms went around him as she started howling like a cat in heat. Her hips were jerking so hard that the chair was scraping across the floor and when he looked down he could see the corded muscles in her thighs working as she used her legs to just fuck his brains out.

And that's what happened to. He couldn't think of anything except the feeling of that hot pussy wrapped all around his prick. He was, from the very beginning, in sensory overload. Her breasts were rubbing all over his face and her mouth was right by his ear and she was gasping "so close ... so close ... awwwww so close."

She leaned back and through wet hair she looked at him. It was her face, but when Bobby looked at it she seemed ... not quite there, like some alternate personality had taken over her body. There was a hunger in her green eyes that he'd never forget. Then she leaned forward to kissed him and he thought he might lose a tooth. Her kiss was as violent as the fucking motions she was making.

He didn't know why he did what he did next. He's thought about it a hundred times since, and he can't tell you how he knew to do what he did. But, for whatever reason, he put his arms around her and stood up. Aunt Dee was shorter than Bobby by a good four inches, and her feet didn't come anywhere near touching the floor. He had his hands on her ass, but she was wet and slippery and hard to hold on to. He didn't know it then, but what he ended up doing was suspending her on his prick. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth opened too, but nothing came out right then. He staggered as she wiggled, and he kept taking steps until he put her back up against the wall.

Then it was Bobby who was straining his thigh muscles as he humped upward, eerily like the stallions he'd watched had done ... humping upward, with straining legs. He was crushing her clit and cramming his cock just as deep in her as it was possible to cram. That rubbery thing he'd been prodding sort of slid all around the tip of his dick, like two lips kissing it, and sucking the tip a little.

That was it for Bobby. Stick a fork in him ... he was done! His balls gave a lurch and his prick started belching cum. It wasn't quite a fire-hose situation ... not like that horse anyway, but he felt like his whole body was going to be compressed and spurted out through his own dick. He gave her two more humps as his cock sprayed its last and then he felt her stiffen up.

There was the most pitiful sound that came out of her mouth, like you'd expect somebody to make who was telling a ghost story or something ... a yowl that made his spine tingle and the hair on the back of his neck struggle to stand up even though it was soaked. Her pussy fluttered and then squeezed his cock so hard he thought she had teeth down there.

Then, just like in the breeding pen, she went limp. If he hadn't been pressing her against the wall she'd have dropped like a sack of cement.

Folks, I know this is a bad place to interrupt, right in the middle of a description of hot sex, but I just have to. this is a good place to put in a plug for your local fireman. Limp, wet woman is a pure bitch to try to carry anywhere. For that matter limp wet anybody is a trial to move. But your local firemen do it on a regular basis, and they do it quite well. So, next time you're out and about, stop by the local fire house and drop off some chocolate chip cookies and tell them you're just amazed that they do all the things they do. And tell them thanks. But don't tell them that Beating Off Bob sent you. They'll look at you funny.

Anyway, back to the story.

Bobby struggled with the woman who had been skewered on his hard prick, which wasn't hard any more, and about dropped her before he got her over his shoulder. He took her into the bunkhouse and laid her down on the first bed he came to. He was leaned over her, dripping on her face when her eyes opened. They were dreamy looking and she smiled.

"We shouldn't have done that Bobby," she said, sounding just as happy as a lark.

"Oh," said Bobby. What else do you say when you've lost your virginity in a whirlwind of violent, mindless, but amazingly, satisfying, hot sex?

"Your mother will just horsewhip me if she finds out." She didn't sound so happy now. "And Tom ... Oh boy ... Tom would be pissed as hell."

"Um ... how 'bout we don't tell anybody it happened," Bobby suggested.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye. "I couldn't help myself" she moaned.

Bobby did not want his Aunt to start bawling. They were both naked, still wet, and the only clothing they had was wet, too, and lying all over the floor of the shower room. If anybody came in now, and she was crying, Bobby was quite sure there would be an old time Western necktie party before he could explain what had happened. If he could explain what had happened.

"Hey" he said soothingly and touched her cheek. "It will be fine. Everything's going to be okay. Let's just find something to wear and get cleaned up. We can talk about it later. Are you okay?" He peered at her, beginning to think maybe she had hit her head or something. She was acting very strangely, after all.

The honest care in his voice convinced Diedre that she hadn't warped her nephew, and that he didn't hate her. She felt a rush of emotion for him and giggled, seeing as how it was a little late to be feeling this particular emotion. She reached up and pulled his face to hers for a kiss on the lips.

"Thank you" she said when the kiss was over. "Thank you for what you did in there" her eyes darted toward the shower room, "and for caring about me. You're a good boy Bobby." A mild wince creased her face. "No, you're a good man Bobby. I'm sorry. I'm still a little shaky."

She got up and, together, they raided footlockers and hooks on the walls to get clothing enough to wear back to the house. They went barefoot, and Aunt Dee made them stop at the breeding pen long enough to put the mare and stallion away.

Then they limped through the dust to the house.

"What in the world happened to you two?" came Cathy's voice as they entered the back door of the kitchen. "Your hair is all wet! And where in the world did you get those clothes?" She had been making dough for hot rolls and her hands were white with flour. She dusted them off and grabbed a towel. "Are you both all right? What happened?"

Dee raised a hand. "There was an accident in the breeding pen. The ... um ... disinfectant got all over us. It can ... um ... burn if you leave it on, so I made Bobby take a shower in the bunkhouse. Our clothes got splashed too, so we borrowed some of the men's things to wear back here. Really, Cathy, it's fine. We'll just get cleaned up and everything will be okay."

Cathy looked at her son to make sure he wasn't injured. He had an odd look on his face, but he smiled and said, "I'm fine mom."

Lunch was quiet. Aunt Dee had changed into her own clothing, as had Bobby, and both had difficulty deciding whether to look at each other ... or not look at each other. As a result, there were furtive glances shared between them fairly frequently. It didn't help that Molly and Megan were there. They had come back from town, the truck bed full, and were going to have to make another trip that afternoon.

Neither Molly nor Megan noticed those darting glances.

But Cathy did. She knew her sister, and those glances told her that something had happened between the two of them. She didn't know what it was, but curiosity about it niggled at her.

"So how did the breeding go?" she asked.

Bobby's head shot up and there was a fleeting look of horror on his face. He naturally assumed his mother was talking about his ... breeding ... of his aunt.

Dee too was upset and she blushed. "Fine!" she barked. "It went fine. Other than that one ... incident, everything was just great." She stuffed a forkful of salad in her mouth.

Cathy's eyes narrowed. "So tell me about this accident," she said, as if it were just normal chatter. "How can you use this stuff around the horses if it's so dangerous?" Cathy did not know exactly what went on in the breeding pen. As far as she knew, you put two horses together and nature would take over.

Dee covered her mouth with her hand and made exaggerated chewing motions, pantomiming that she couldn't talk just then. Bobby looked blankly between his mother and his aunt. He didn't know what to expect and was still a little in shock from the stress of losing his virginity in such an unplanned and violent manner. Most guys dream and plan and finagle about which girl will be their first. And, while Bobby had spurted quite a bit of semen into tissues and his underwear thinking about his lovely aunt, he hadn't really thought anything would come of it. Nor was he prepared for the overwhelming rush of emotions he was still feeling.

Cathy looked at his blank face and the unused fork in his hand. Then she began eating, as if her question had, in fact, been answered. She kept that up, along with some small talk, primarily with the two girls, until they took their plates to the counter and wiggled out of the room.

"Okay, the girls are gone. What happened?" asked Cathy in a voice that said she wanted answers.

Dee looked stricken. "Nothing" she said. Gone was the confident woman of the world, the ranch matron who put terror into the hearts of big strong men when they screwed something up. Dee reacted like the little sister she was.

Cathy's head swiveled to her son. "Bobby?"

He ducked his head and suddenly was very hungry.

"Somebody's going to tell me what's going on," said Cathy.

Actually it was Bobby who staved her off. He had been thinking about what happened, and was smart enough to realize that things had gotten out of control because of his aunt's passion. He suddenly visualized his mother, sitting on the stool, her wet hands wrapped firmly around a two foot penis.

"Mom," he said firmly.

She had been trying to stare at Dee, but Dee was interested in her plate too. She turned her head once more to her son.

"After lunch ... when we start again." He took a breath. "You need to be there to help us."

Dee's head snapped up, hurt evident on her face. She assumed he wanted a chaperone, so that nothing could happen again ... that he felt victimized by what had happened.

Bobby went on. "I think you'll understand why we're acting ... different. I mean if you help us you'll understand. Really Mom, I think you need to help us this afternoon. You'll have to see it to get it." He felt the insane urge to giggle as his mind supplied a different meaning to "get it" than he intended. Then the idea of his mother "getting it" like Aunt Dee had "gotten it" made him freeze as he felt his penis react. Was the whole world going crazy?

He looked at his aunt, his eyes pleading. Understanding blossomed in her eyes and she relaxed. Yes, that would be the best way to explain what had happened. Once Cathy saw what was went on during the breeding, then they could explain that things had gotten carried away and she might actually understand. She's probably still be mad about it, but at least she'd understand.

Cathy looked at each of them. "Okay. I'll do that. I was going to bake some pies, but I want to know what's gotten you two all ... weird."

After that the mood lightened and Dee actually smiled several times. Cathy kept a close eye on both of them as they ate dessert, but the tension that had been evident between them was gone.

On the way to the barn Dee explained to Cathy how things would be working. "Okay, We bring in the mare and hobble her so she can't run. Then somebody controls the stallion - I used to do that all the time while Tom did the ... other part. I'll get to that. Anyway, once the Stallion is ready, we lead him to her and then, if we're lucky, she's receptive and he mounts her. Once he's done - that happens quickly - then we separate them. He goes back to the stud barn, and she goes to her stall in the mare barn. We want her to remain calm and still. It helps the ... process.

"I still don't understand what got you two all riled up," said Cathy.

"You will," said Dee under her breath. "What I want you to do is help prep the stallion. Bobby, go get Bruiser. He's the big Arabian in stall seven."

While Bobby was gone Dee took her sister to the mare barn and brought out a beautiful gray Arabian mare. They took her to the breeding pen and hobbled her.

Bobby came leading Bruiser and told Cathy to get the little three legged stool that was lying on its side on the ground. Then Dee filled the bucket with water and squirted disinfectant in it from a plastic bottle.

"Hold him tight," said Dee as Bruiser smelled the female horse and tried to prance. "Now, Cathy, you're going to sit there" she pointed to the stool, "and disinfect Bruiser's penis. That gets rid of bacteria and helps Bruiser get ... ready. You just wash him off and then kind of squeegee off the excess fluid with your hands. Tom has always been the one to do this in the past. I did it this morning, though, and it's not hard."

She blushed as she said "not hard."

Cathy took the rag out of the bucket. It was dripping.

"Is this the disinfectant you said was dangerous?" she asked.

"I might have overstated that," admitted Dee.

"What is going on here?" yipped Cathy. The stallion pranced at her sharp tone of voice.

"Just sit down and do what I told you to!" said Dee, her voice tense.

Cathy bent over to look under Bruiser.

"Oh my word," she said. She stood back up and looked at Dee, her eyes round. "You've got to be joking."

"I did six of them this morning," said Dee simply. Bruiser started trying to prance again. "You need to hurry," she urged her sister down.

Cathy sat on the stool and reached under the horse.

"Oh my word!" she moaned. "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

Dee continued her tutorial. "Now, once you've gotten it all wet, wrap your hands around it at the base and slide them toward the tip. That will sluice all the disinfectant off of it. Then we can let him mount Daisy.

Cathy's upturned face stared at Dee. "Wrap my hands ... around it?" she said, her mouth going slack.

"And use them to slide and get it more or less ... dry," said Dee. "That will also make sure Bruiser is ... fully erect.

There was movement that could be seen in Cathy's shoulders and she made a sound in her throat. Then she stood up and stepped back, holding her hands out away from her.

"Let him go," said Dee to Bobby.

Bruiser knew exactly what to do, and Daisy was more than ready to let him. His front hooves landed lightly on her back and he hopped forward on his hind legs.

Cathy made another sound in her throat as two feet of rock solid horse penis slid endlessly into wet-sounding horse vagina. Once it was all the way in Bruiser humped three times, tensed and then fell backwards. He hadn't gotten all his semen in her, and one long shot of it splatted in the dust under his belly. His penis hung down, almost to the ground.

Bobby and Dee turned to look at Cathy. One hand was over her right breast, squeezing. Her mouth was open and her eyes were a little glazed.

Dee said "You ready to do another one Cathy?"

Cathy's eyes cleared. "Oh my word," she said softly. She looked at Dee. "You did six this morning?"

"Six," said Dee. "And on the last one I sort of ... forgot to stop. I mean I don't remember all of it, but something happened and he ejaculated and it got all over us and all I could think of was getting it off of us, and the shower was there and we were both naked and ..." She had to take a breath.

Cathy looked at her son. At this point he was no longer inhibited by what had happened. He had seen what this did to his mother too, and now he knew that what had happened had been because of something bigger than all of them. He stood tall, his head up.

Cathy pointed at the stallion, standing docile, now that he had satisfied his lust. "And Bobby did ... that ... to you!?"

Dee blushed. "Well ... yes, I guess he did. I mean he's not quite that big of course, but ... we just got carried away Cathy."

Cathy shuddered as she thought about her son's long, hard prick sliding into this woman's body and going off. She felt an insane urge to let him do that to her too. She turned and stalked out of the pen.

"I've heard enough. I don't want to hear any more. I have to go do something," she announced as she left. What she had to go do was find something wide and long to stick in her pussy so she could cum and get rid of these alien feelings that had suddenly washed over her.

Dee turned back to Bobby. "Well, I suppose that went better than could be expected. But we have to get these mares mated Bobby. What are we going to do?"

Bobby didn't know quite what to say. "I guess we'll just have to try it again. You know ... just do it." He didn't catch the double entendre ... but Dee did.

Dee took a deep breath, which didn't do Bobby any good as her breasts filled her blouse out nicely. "Okay, we can do this. I know we can. I don't suppose you could sterilize the studs this afternoon?" She looked at her tall nephew.

Bobby shook his head. "No way Aunt Dee." He felt bad that he couldn't bring himself to stroke a horses cock for his aunt. "But I'll try to talk to you and keep your mind off of what you're doing, okay?"

She nodded tersely and told him to go get the next stallion.

This time, when Dee washed the long hard cock in her hands, Bobby talked to her like he was teaching her how to do it. He told her just how long to wash it, and then to put the rag back in the bucket. He told her to let go and he led the stud to the mare. The stallion mounted the mare and filled her with his cock, inseminating her and falling back. Dee was panting again as she led the mare to her stall.

The next time Bobby had to pull Dee off the stallion's cock. The only way he could do that was to reach through her arm pits and pull her back. There was just no way he could do that without ending up with his hands full of her breasts. She stumbled to her feet and pressed back against him, grinding her butt into his hardon. The stallion found his way to the mare and bred her. Bobby held his aunt, his hands still covering her breasts as they watched the mare get bred.

The next time Bobby barely got Dee off the horses two foot cock before it exploded. Again he had to pull her off and again, he cupped her full braless tits to do it. She turned in his arms and her eyes were wild again.

"I have to have you," she panted. "I know it's wrong, but I have to. Do you understand?"

"Yes," he husked. He needed her too.

They didn't go anywhere outside the barn this time. She dragged him to a stall that was full of hay bales and spread out a tarp on the loose hay that was on the floor. Both of them stripped naked in almost no time and, accompanied by the whinny of a mare being bred, Dee accepted Bobby's cock into her body again. He covered her, pressing her down, pinning her to the ground with his spike and she loved it. She made noises ... happy demanding noises ... telling him to go deeper, then harder as she neared her apex, then crying out for his seed to be delivered to her womb.

It was as his prick gushed Dee full to overflowing with his hot virile seed that Molly and Megan walked onto the scene. They had been about ready to go into town again, but needed to ask a question. When they went to ask Cathy, she was locked in the bathroom, moaning. When they knocked the moaning stopped and she yelled that she was okay, and that Dee was down in the breeding pen. So they went there to get the answer about whether or not oats needed to be picked up.

The first thing they saw was the stallion, who had gone back for seconds and was just finishing in the mare. He backed up and dropped to the ground, at which time his enormous cock drooped down, dripping, almost touching the ground while the mare stood contentedly. Megan froze at the shock of seeing that impressive penis. Molly had seen them before, but never dripping semen.

Hearing more moaning and now being more curious than ever, they located the source of the sounds and peered into the stall.

Both girls knew exactly what they were looking at. They didn't know, at first, who the man was who was lying on top of Dee, but they could clearly see his thick prick sawing in and out of her and her voice and the things she was saying made it crystal clear that she was doing this not only voluntarily, but with great appreciation for the man's efforts.

Their first clue that the man on top was actually Bobby was when he grunted, "Ohhh aunt Dee, I've gotta cum," and they recognized his voice.

Dee's ecstatic squeal of "Yessssss! Oooo it's sooo hot", along with the way she humped her hips up off the ground, made it quite clear that the mare in the stall wasn't the only one that was getting a vagina full of sperm this day. Both girls felt their pussies clench as a ring of white built up around Bobby's cock as his cum leaked out of his aunt's pussy and coated his cock.

"Mom!" squealed Molly.

"Bobby!" yelped Megan.

Diedre looked up in horror and shame at the astonished face of her daughter and niece.

Bobby craned his head around to look at his sister and cousin.

"What are you doing?!" yelled Molly.

Bobby leapt to his feet and turned to face the girls. They both stared as they were treated to the sight of a second sperm-covered, dripping penis, still half hard, long and drooping as it waved in the air. In the minds of both girls they compared it to the drooping dripping penis they'd just seen on the stallion as it had been pulled from the mare. Their eyes then snapped automatically to the open legs of the woman lying on the tarp, and to the gaping wet vaginal opening that was gushing Bobby's white cum as she struggled to sit up and her muscles tightened, forcing that viscous spermy fluid out of her pussy.

Molly's hand went out in a warding posture, as if she could push the sight or the boy away from her. She took a step backward.

Megan yelled again, parroting Molly. "Bobby! What are you doing?"

Bobby raised his hands. "I ... I ... the horses ... we couldn't help it."

Megan had seen the lump in her brother's pants on numerous occasions, and had even taken great glee in making that lump grow. Now she suddenly saw the logical conclusion to her play and it shook her to her core. Emotions of varying kinds flashed through her as she gasped for air. There was shock, and dismay, and longing, followed quickly by anger, which was replaced with strange streaks of lust. To her astonishment she settled finally on jealousy that her beautiful aunt got to feel that lump inside her. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind.

Diedre struggled to her feet and immediately began to dress. She threw Bobby's shirt at him and he caught it automatically. Then he too began to dress. The girls milled around outside the stall, bumping into each other, but, for some reason, not leaving the barn.

Finally Dee was decent and, head held high she walked out of the stall. She grabbed her daughter's arm. Molly tried to pull away, but Dee barked.

"Go get Dunbar 409 and bring him here on a halter," she ordered. Dunbar 409 was one of their prize Arabian stallions. "Go on. Do it!" she ordered again. Molly stumbled off to the stud barn.

"You stay right here," she told Bobby and Megan. "Don't either of you go anywhere! I'll be right back." She left, her long stride showing she was agitated.

Bobby and Megan stood uncertainly, looking at each other, but neither one wanted to try to start a conversation.

Dee got back first. She had a beautiful gray horse with her. She was a mare and was almost dainty, with slim hocks and legs and an arching neck. While the quarter horses were chunky and muscular, this horse was streamlined and slim.

"This is Gray Lady. We're boarding her while she gets with foal. She belongs to the wife of a mining manager over in Montana. You, Megan, are going to learn how to breed horses."

"But I don't know anything!" whined Megan. "I don't know what to do!"

"Neither does my daughter," said Dee. "But you're both going to learn. Right now. Today."

Just then Molly showed back up with a larger, but similarly proportioned stallion that was prancing around like it was trying to show off. Dee took the mare into the breeding pen and hobbled her. Then she told Molly to bring Dunbar 409 into the pen.

"Bobby, you hold his halter, like before. Girls, you are going to prep this stallion."

"I've never done this mom," complained Molly.

"I know that. That's why you have to do it right now. Now, both of you, squat down here. Molly, hand me that bucket. Megan, you kneel right here. Okay, girls, here's what you have to do."

With that she launched into instructions, telling both girls to perform each part of the prepping process. Bobby stood, his muscles needed to hold the horse steady. He was either unhappy about what was happening under him, or enjoying it immensely, but in either case, he wanted at that mare.

Bobby heard gasps from the two girls as they performed their tasks, and a number of words that neither girl would be allowed to say in public, but at this particular time Dee didn't correct either of them. Bobby realized she wanted both girls to get the full effect of stoking a two foot long rock hard penis. He began to think it was taking a long time when suddenly there were squeals and shrieks from under the horse. Dunbar 409 sighed and relaxed. Molly and Megan both appeared, one on each side of the excited stallion. Both were holding their hands out to their sides and moaning.

And both were wet.

Diedre had allowed the horse to finish on them. Bobby found out later that, when she knew he was about to ejaculate, Dee had grabbed his penis and aimed it first at her own daughter, and then at Megan. But for now Bobby led the now sedate horse away from the three women. He heard Dee's harsh voice ring out.

"And that's why you saw us doing what we were doing. Now, both of you, go get cleaned up. We'll talk about this more at supper. Go on ... Git!"

Both girls ran from the barn, still squealing.

But their squeals sounded more like excitement than anything else.

Somehow, Diedre and Bobby managed to get through four more breedings that afternoon. They managed to do it without stripping their clothes off and breeding themselves. Twice Dee clasped her tall, strong nephew to her and kissed him hotly, pushing him away to go get the next mare. And somehow, he seemed to know that she didn't want to lose control again, so he clamped down on his own passions.

By suppertime they were both so emotionally drained that their feet dragged as they went up to the house to clean up for supper.

Molly and Megan, always fast friends, had run squealing and then giggling to the house, slamming through the door and down the hall to the bathroom door, which was now open. Cathy, back in the kitchen, but still barely settled after masturbating for the better part of half an hour in the bathroom, heard their noisy entry, but didn't look up from her work to see what all the uproar was about. She had a lot o her mind.

The girls were at once horrified to be covered with horse spunk, and turned on more than either of them had ever been before. The memory of that iron-hard velvety thing, and their hands sliding along it over and over again had made sure that, even if nothing else had gotten wet, their pussies had. And, in a strange kind of way, the horse semen made their pussies even wetter. Still, they both wanted to get their wet blouses off and they did so at the same time. Molly reached into the shower and turned it on. By the time they'd been in the bathroom exactly two minutes, both girls stood naked, their nipples spiked and the insides of their thighs shiny and wet. Both felt ... soiled in some way and itched to get into the water.

"You go first," said Molly, her training about how to treat guests even stronger than her own feelings at the moment.

"No, you go first," came back Megan, who wanted to rub her pussy and couldn't if Molly was watching her, waiting for the shower.

Molly solved the problem by grabbing Megan's hand and pulling her into the shower with her. Molly grabbed the soap and tried to break it in half, but it didn't work. Instead it slipped out of her hands and fell with a thump to the floor of the shower.

"Damn!" she said, trying to squat down to find it. It was too crowded though, and her face ended up right by Megan's pussy. Molly had the strangest urge to lick that pussy, but fought it down. She was astonished at the urge. She got out of the shower and reached in to retrieve the soap.

"We'll have to share" she said, getting back in. She handed the soap to Megan.

Megan, not understanding exactly, assumed she was supposed to soap up Molly's back, which was now turned toward her. She ran the soap over Molly's shoulders and back, then worked it in with her free hand while she handed the soap to Molly over her shoulder. Molly tensed up at the feel of her cousin's hand at first, then relaxed as she was handed the soap. She soaped up her breasts and stomach while Megan washed her back. When she turned around, Megan did too, and the process was repeated. Megan, though, was too horny to wait any longer and after a cursory washing of her breasts, she got her hand soapy and slid it between her legs. Her finger entered her pussy and she pulled upward to put pressure on her clit. Then she began fingerfucking herself with a vengeance.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned as she began feeling the pleasure.

"What?" asked Molly.

Megan bent forward so she could reach her pussy better and Molly saw what she was doing.

"Megan!" gasped Molly.

"I can't help it!" moaned Megan. "I feel so horny!"

Molly did too, but had tried to push it back. Now that her friend was rubbing off though, she let go of her control and grabbed the soap. Soon both girls were almost squatting as the water cascaded over them and they fingerfucked themselves.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Molly as she felt herself getting close.

"Ahhhhhhh," chimed in Megan as she felt the first twinges of what she knew would make her pussy squirt.

Then, like they had done everything together all day, the two girls orgasmed at almost the same time. Each cried out as the water pelted down on them and their pussies squelched, their juices running out of them to be washed down the drain. They ended up leaned toward each other and then, suddenly they were hugging. And then, to the astonishment of both, their lips touched and they kissed a long, wet, slippery kiss that took both girls breath away.

Almost as one they pushed away from each other. Wide eyes stared into each other's and they panted, trying to understand the feelings they were having. Finally Molly pushed the curtain back and stepped out. Megan turned off the water and, as she got out of the cubicle, Molly tossed her a towel.

The girls dried themselves off first, then wrapped towels around their wet hair. Finally Molly spoke.

"What do you suppose that was?" she asked

"I don't know" admitted Megan. "Nothing like that has ever happened to me."

"Me either" agreed Molly. "What do you think about it?"

"I don't know," said Megan. "Do you think we're ... lesbians?"

"I don't feel like a lesbian," said Molly.

"I don't know what a lesbian feels like, so how do you know you don't feel like one?" asked Megan.

Molly felt a surge of panic. She didn't want to be a lesbian, but that kiss had sure been interesting. Suddenly she smiled. "Remember what Bobby was doing to Mom in the barn? I know I'm not a lesbian because I wouldn't mind it one little bit if he did that to me," she announced with pleasure.

"Oh!" yipped Megan, who also didn't want to be a lesbian, but who had also enjoyed that kiss a great deal. "Okay, I understand. That means I'm not a lesbian either!" The thought of her brother's penis entering her body wasn't horrifying at all, and she just knew it would be if she were a lesbian.

Molly, however, assumed that Megan felt about Bobby like she did. "You'd let your own brother do it to you?" she asked, her voice displaying her disapproval of that idea.

"Well no! I mean that's not what I meant. It's just that the idea of a boy doing that to me is kind of exciting. But not my brother." Megan said the words, but she wasn't sure she meant them. If she were alone in the bathroom right now, and Bobby came in, and started kissing her and touching her, she didn't think she'd fight too much. But she couldn't admit that to her cousin.

"Oh," said Molly, relieved. "Okay then."

The girls left the bathroom, still naked, and went to Molly's room, where they put on fresh clothes. They no longer felt awkward about what had happened and chatted as they combed out their wet hair.

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